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  1. Thanks a lot for the info, Zeus! In the meantime, I will download the DCS World Open Beta version. I've heard so many great things about the Mig-19, really looking forward to trying the Farmer out! :thumbup: MJ
  2. When will the Mig-19 be available on the Release Version of DCS World? Thank you for your consideration of my question. :thumbup: MJ
  3. Oh yeah! What an excellent idea. I like ebooks and all, but I am kind of old school about training manuals. I would like a physical copy to use when I am learning how to simfly the Hornet. Getting together, so we can get a bulk discount, that is a really great suggestion, too!
  4. +1 This quote sums up my first impressions and experiences, nicely! :thumbup:
  5. +1 Wag's Hornet videos are incredibly well done, exceptionally detailed. His F-18C start up video will surely be his latest must watch DCS Hornet video.
  6. Nice Home Fries! I really need to learn to use Search! :D
  7. Kewl, the Harrier operates kind of like a spaceship, at least while in V/STOL! That is really neat. When I watch the Harrier take off vertically and transition into forward flight, it reminds me of the way ships take off and transition into forward flight in the Star Wars Fantasy Surrealist Movies. :)
  8. VFA-81 Sunliners Skin I don't know it this was requested yet, but how about the inclusion of a VFA-81 Sunliners skin?
  9. I'm currently using this great Hornet wallpaper, by Cato! I really appreciate all of the videos and mini updates for the Hornet. I especially like Wag's videos on the Hornet. They are extremely informative and helpful. I will definitely refer to Wag's videos when learning the DCS Hornet, much appreciated! :thumbup: MJ
  10. That would be epic. Maybe Sir Peter Jackson and his crew would be interested in joining up with ED, creating simulated versions of the WW1 planes that are part of the Vintage Aviator LTD Collection? It would be awesome to have a DCS World S.E.5.a study sim add-on.
  11. Thank you for mentioning that, Greekbull! I totally missed that! The KC-130 and KC-135 will both be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to see all the new DCS addons waiting for those tankers, the F18c's, AV-8B's, the F14A & B's! Good times ahead! :thumbup:
  12. Wow! The new Caucasus map will look beautiful and very real looking, too.
  13. Yes! The Razbam KC-130 is going to be a great addition. We can use that to refuel the F-18C, the AV-8B, the future Sea Stallion, and more. That KC-130 is going to see a lot of single player and multiplayer action! :thumbup: MJ
  14. This is a very useful guide. Thanks for providing us with an early draft of the guide, so we can learn about the AV-8B before that wonderful ride is released for early access! :)
  15. Yeah, it would be great if Razbam could make the EA-6B, sometime after the A6. That would be a very unique plane, our first and only electronic warfare plane, and it would be a great complement for the AV-8B and F18C. :thumbup:
  16. I am pretty sure that it will be GR7, not the FA2. :thumbup:
  17. To the folks requesting British skins, if it is any consolation, the Razbam team intends to make a British Harrier in the future.
  18. Oh my! I am so happy that the Mig-19/ Shenyang J-6 is in development! Thanks for sharing the screenshots!
  19. If you are below 40 kilometers per hour, don't descend with a vertical speed exceeding 3 meters per second or there is a good chance you will fall like a rock. I know, because I mastered falling like a rock with the MI-8 long before learning how to land it. :prop:
  20. Oh, yeah! I would love a P-38 Lightning in DCS World, only one of the coolest rides ever. :thumbup: MJ
  21. As far as which ride comes first, assuming all of the projects under consideration started around the same time, I guess it all comes down to which project has the shortest of all the various projects longest poles, in the proverbial tent. ;)
  22. Thank you and your team for making the Mig-19 that is currently in development, a really nice surprise. :thumbup: MJ
  23. Kewl! I didn't know this was in development. This is very exciting news. I can't wait to try this one out in DCS.
  24. Just a couple suggestions for F-86 skins, in case F86 skin makers are looking for new paint scheme ideas. :thumbup: MJ 94th_Fighter_Squadron: Arizona National Guard Air Refueling Wing:
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