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  1. The screenshot is actually from DCS, using a very early build. I'm sure we have the the same information. We're not going to just model something without research. To include NARA documents, Ordnance Pamphlets, etc The Essex variant under construction will be a Short Haul, with late-war modifications. May 1944-1945 SK-2 long range air search antenna (pending) Mk 12 and 22 Fire Control Antennas on Mk 37 Directors Extended flag bridge (one 40mm Bofors quad mount removed) Dazzle paint scheme
  2. All Long and Short Hull Essex class carriers utilized 4 x Twin 40mm mounts. Attached are some bogus images.
  3. We're making an Essex Class carrier. That doesn't mean specifically the Bunker Hill. What's pictured above is just a placeholder.
  4. Max 2021 is now supported gents.
  5. 2.5.6.xxxxxx - 2021 January xx Adjusted cockpit gauges’ glass reflections
  6. - 2020 December 23 Fixed the radar code that caused a FPS drop when turned on.
  7. RoughMet support for the Decal layer is not possible yet. For now, the only option is to paint numbers directly on the livery, and change the texture name for DECAL to empty_ser, and true. {"MATERIAL_NAME", DECAL ,"empty_ser",true};
  8. There are many missing; not just China. We have many different new nationalities scheduled to be released once they are all finish.
  9. I've chatted with the EDM plugin program lead. He has a working build on his side and says he'll talk to his guys to push a new build soon. No date yet.
  10. If you have a small resolution, the 4 button panel may appear in the far right upper corner; cut off. Simply click on the double arrows, and then click on the hamburger button.
  11. Recent activity of stealing models from DCS have caused the dev team to update their export and game engine code to read a new EDM format. You will need the source model to re-export with 3ds max for 2.5.6
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