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  1. Can confirm. They switch once, but never switch back although named a 'toggle'
  2. Good to hear! Tip: You'd need some outer walls that can be breached and buildings that can be destroyed individually, so not just one target. If you destroy the walls, but keep the prison building intact you win the prize!
  3. As discussed. Quite important for low level strikes...
  4. The location is well inside the current map boundary. The Mosquito is next aircraft to be released (beta), yet no mention of this very obvious target? Or waiting for winter season version of the map? New Unique Objects England: Leeds Castle The Parish Church of All Saints Birchington St Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate Holy Trinity Church, Broadstairs St Laurence's Church, Ramsgate Deal Castle St Mary The Virgin Church, Ashford South Foreland Lighthouse St Mary's Church, Dover Dover Town Hall St Mary and St Eanswythe'
  5. Thanks. Then it's Firmware_vpc_200204_[CNT-ATMEGA32U4].hexc
  6. Strange, I can't see firmware version in the tool. But yes, I did update a couple of times. The latest firmware I have is from feb 2020 I think.
  7. I have the same throttle and have seen similar behaviour: -After PC boot sometimes the buttons won't work, but the axis will. You can quickly check this (in my case) by turning the selector knob: If the LEDs don't turn on/change color then I know this is happening. -In Elite Dangerous after I start I sometimes have the same: Axis work, but buttons don't. however, this is an issues in the game: When I go into controls settings and hit 'apply', everything works again. To solve the problem after boot I have set the USB boot delay to the max setting of 8 sec. It's somewhere in the Profile s
  8. Can refuel in the Harrier. This is sort of a mandatory skill if you want to fly from ships or farps since you can’t take much fuel with you. I fly mostly SP.
  9. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=180 See the link: Encoder Configuration Software (it's not clear this is a link). Also make sure you connected diodes according to the diagram. Works flawlessly for me.
  10. It's a true classic and I would definitely want to fly it. Fighting F-86s? (Pakistan-India) I watched it flying on an airshow last year for the first time of my life and was really impressed!
  11. Just finished my own project using BU controller and rotaries work fine. Are you sure you wired the diodes (correctly)?
  12. I really like the chosen area. Amiens is on the map, so now we only need the Mossie. Also, if ever some 3rd party decides to make WW1 aircraft, we already have the map ????: Lens, Douai, Arras, Albert...
  13. Can confirm. Came here to report.
  14. I have the exact same issue. I assume I’m doing something wrong, so I hope someone can shed some light on this.
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