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  1. Also confirming - click on BUY and then AFTER you login with your account - it'll change the amount to $9.99 - but BEFORE you pay. I paid - but don't see it on my modules list. Someone wrote I've got to be on beta - running 2.5.6 - isn't that beta? How can I tell.
  2. When I start up - it does say 2.5.6 - isn't that indicative of OPEN BETA install. Is there something else I can look for? Does that mean - I've got to uninstall and do a fresh re-install of open-beta. Thanks.
  3. I'm running DCS 2.5.6 and start with the DCS_installer.exe executable. How can I make sure the installer is working - has been a while since I saw it install something on startup. When I go to the modules page - this new A10C module is not listed.
  4. Possible to play track back without the info bar at the bottom?
  5. Thanks - getting better now. The biggest problem is the lack of documentation. Thanks for the ~Lctrl tip.
  6. Ok i've watched a few videos. I enable autothrottle and can move up to the droke (sp?) slowly. The problem is when I get close, the plane goes up and down 10/20 feet - very unstable vertically. I think when you have the re-fuel probe extended the plane goes into an auto-pilot mode - it seems to disable (at least the lights go out) if you're already in altitude hold mode. Any tips?
  7. My question was really how do you select a landing runway, carrier etc. seems like you have to nav to LNDG mode and then press LCtrl-~ to select a zone. No input of airport runways etc. If choosing a runway - does the system auto dials the ILS frequency. About about selecting a specific runway end. Thanks.
  8. Is ther a definitive guide on setting up to landing on a carrier? e.g. do you have to dial in a radio freq. what to look for, desired speeds etc. - absolutely no doc. Same thing for a land landing - ILS freq etc.
  9. I tried "practice auto rotations" by setting the the throttles to idle - but i don't see the needles split - the engine rpm is still high. any help?
  10. For practice rotations, you just cut the throttle to idle right? I tried it and there wasn't much of a needle split between engine and rotor rpm? Are there some instructions for the huey? I've been trying to level off around 70 feet and seems to be way too low. Also, actual engine out behavior (fuel off) and practice seems to be quite different in terms of performance.
  11. Are there some simple sling missions to be downloaded. What are the commands to pickup, drop and the camera - couldn't find it. Thanks.
  12. The problem I noticed in the replay was about half way thru - one of the AI tanks moved to a different location. The missile hit the original location and of course missed. Then after that it was completely different - I was hit and crashed - whereas in the original mission - played out to the end with no hits.
  13. No - let it play at 1x - I did change view modes frequently. I would love to save these files for posterity but useless with this bug. Re the wind issue - the funny thing is that the original wind was almost a direct tailwind. I would think direct tail/head wind would have minimal impact on the accuracy.
  14. Went into the mission editor and set wind to zero...the vickers were straight and true. I did save the track file - but got screwed up half way thru - completely different ending. Very disappointed with this ED bug!
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