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  1. You need to run it from the command line : C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe With correct arguments it will not crash.
  2. I did the CDDS packaging using TexToDDSd.exe (the command line tool coming with CDDSStudio). To extract textures you need to use the same tool like this : TexToDDd.exe -dump <CDDS FileName> <OutDir> ++ Barbs.
  3. We scheduled it for December, here it is! :) We really wanted you to enjoy it before, but I can assure you that the last few weeks have been extremely intense and particularly busy. Thus, we are extremely happy to (finally) deliver the mod that absorbed a big part of our free time, and to be able to thank our entourage for the patience and the support they gave us, testers for their help and their implication without fault, modders for their eagerness and their love of work well done. The Ada-Mod V2.00 for Lock On FC2 can be downloaded here : http://www.ada-mod.org/adamod/forum/v
  4. Good evening. As usual in the world of IT projects, the initially scheduled development time has been multiplied per Pi to obtain the final result (x 3.14...). The requirement level of our testers, the amount of 3D models and skins, the new possibilities available with FC2 (compared to FC1), never stopped to increase our workload to finish the project. The more we did, the more remained to be done. To see the greatest aircrafts of the world fly in FC2 eventually took 4 years of development, thousands hours of modeling, skinning, integrating, coding, documenting, testing, brainstorming phone
  5. Hello john_X You have this behaviour because your exhaust texture size is not a power of 2. 392x392 texture size is not suported by Lock-on. you need to choose 256x256 or 512x512. Barbs.
  6. This bug is only when you create a flying IA plane in the mission editor. When I compare the file from the 2 mods the size in byte is exacly the same. So even if they comme from the same source model "GMAX Academy L-39" without any modification, you have to add animation to import it correctly in Lomac. So if this work is made by to different person it's impossible to have an exact file size matching. :music_whistling: Cheers. Barbs.
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