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  1. There is currently a max airspeed of the target for the sensor to keep tracking it. The missile should be able to track targets travelling up the 450 km/h (240-ish knots) currently, assuming it stays in the seeker FOV and slew rate. At least we have the missile able to track airborne targets. No problem tracking helicopters and slow flying aircraft. Might tweak the value a bit. However, it is not a air-to-air missile, even if it is tremedously fun to use it that way.
  2. Thank you for reporting it, seems to be a program priority issue.
  3. There was an animation issue. Just the cover over the flare section of the missile.
  4. We are working the problem, and hope to improve the mavs soon.
  5. Updating the light strength is on the list to fix.
  6. Was referring to the AJ(S) series rather than the JA (which had different outer pylons), but yeah no outer missiles on the AJ. We are rather fortunate that we avoided the rb28!
  7. We do, there is just a hard-coded oddity with DCS that prevents us from using the maverick guidance. We are working with ED to fix that.
  8. It should be possible. It is just that the rail (rb-24 skena, might be the Aero-3B) does not fit on the inner four pylons (different attachment system entirely), but requires an adapter (Lavett 24) or just the newer type of rail (Lavett 74) that came with the AIM-9L. So, the image shows the outer rails seperately from the others, not necessarily completely loadout schemes. We haven't found anything systemwise that would prevent it, unlike other weapon combinations. Whether they would ever use 6 sidewinders on an AJ is different however!
  9. There is sometimes a desync in DCS between the visual damage model and that of the flight / system modelling, wherein the aircraft looks more damaged than it is. We will have a look at it and see if this can be improved.
  10. I am glad you appreciated it! It was a lot of fun to make and even more fun when other enjoy it!
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