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  1. The DubaiTraining mission fault: The "FAC" advanced waypoint command appears to be broken, it will not detect any enemy targets automatically, even if right next to a target. The "FAC - Engage Enemy (xxxxxx)" advanced waypoint command how ever works fine, I tested with A-10c, so if not working still, might be the plane your using, or using incorrect radio push to talk button. I removed the "FAC" command as it has priority over the "FAC - Engage Enemy (xxxxx) command" (It will not run the second command) and then added the "Set Callsign=Axeman 1" and "Set Frequency=133am". Fixed version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhq5g92xwckj352/dubaitraining_fixed.miz?dl=0 @BIGNEWY, might want to look into the "FAC" command being blind as a bat and not detecting valid targets (I might be incorrect on it use, but the jtac reported no targets detected and clear to depart when contacted, when it was parked next to the enemy tanks) Regards, Ian.
  2. Don't think it is a bug, on a disconnect you have to cycle the "air refuel reset / disconnect" with the TARGET LOCK command (ENTER KEY) before it will reconnect again (NOSE WHEEL STEERING BUTTON with the A-10C). Regards, Ian.
  3. The mission editor can cause you a lot of grief at times (Things can get broken with DCS patches), but sometimes it is a lack of knowledge of the requirements of military specifications or a combination of both. The encyclopedia, has the BUK TR at 5 minutes to deploy into combat ready state, and 26s seconds for the BUK LN. I just google the real deal to find out specs I need to know usually. The BUK system as a whole would be much more agressive earlier if it had a constant clean line of sight to your chopper, so the higher you fly obviously, the earlier it will prepare and missile, If you took off straight up from the airport so that you were higher than the mountains in front of the BUK, it could shoot you down from there. Also about the advanced waypoint commands, I realize you didn't have any in there, it was just a passing comment, that might help you in the future. Best of luck with it. Regards, Ian.
  4. First UP: All configs related to all types of input devices that have been modified from defaults (Keyboard, Joysticks, Mouse, TrackIR, etc) are stored here: IE: c:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.stable\Config\Input\ So if you wanted to restore DCS controls to defaults (Losing all your customisations) for the MIG-15 (sim mode) you would delete the following: c:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.stable\Config\Input\MiG-15bis\ You may also want to try: Renaming / Backing UP your whole Saved Games folder and let DCS recreate a whole new one for testing. Second: I know you have re-downloaded DCS, but run the Cache verification tool on DCS to verify it matches the defaults. Third: I am assuming you aren't running any 3rd party MODS, if you are remove them. Forth: Check MIG-15 module is actually activated in module manager. Fifth: Post your DCS.log file (c:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.stable\Logs\DCS.log) so we might be able to get some clues as to the problem. All of the other issues are minor, only have to resolve this one first. Regards, Ian.
  5. You have everything correctly setup, how ever Tracking radar and launchers all require time to deploy, detect, aquire and lock a target, the launchers are 29 seconds, but can take a bit longer than that. You can shorten their reaction time by placing an option in the advanced waypoint command (Alarm State=RED), this puts them on high alert with radars and launchers already deployed and scanning. So your altitude and terrain masking can all affect those parameters, where they will lose lock and have to re-aquire and lock you. Check out the attached mission: You can make the human flight into an AI for testing and viewing as it is programmed to do the mission. I have found that having certain commands in the advanced waypoint section can cause some strange things to happen with AI that shouldn't happen, this may be one of them (Very random at best). Best to make several versions of a mission whilst editing so if one stops working correctly, you can fall back on to the last one that worked, I have to do this quite regulary myself, because of the anomalys that happen with the ME. Updated Mission: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzpu1gqy7n40obx/gazelle%20test%20mission_fixed.miz?dl=0 Regards Ian.
  6. Waypoints and commands for all P-51-2,3,4 flights, they will need to have a complete flight path the same as P-51-1, After the WP3 Follow command you need a switch waypoint command because once they complete the follow command they will either go back to base or go back to the next waypoint that was after the follow command, ie WP4 then WP5: Waypoint 3 -> Follow P-51-1 and Switch Waypoint - WP 5 Waypoint 5 -> Search and Engage or Attack Group xxxxx If you don't understand the instructions, post the mission and I will have a look at it. Regards, Ian.
  7. You can go down to 5°C on that map, You have to change the month to around MARCH -> MAY, but as stated you will not get snow textures. It is strange that you can't get temps down to 0°C or even colder, their winter is roughly NOV - MARCH with JANUARY being the coldest month (sourced from real weather data). So having coldest possible temp for the spring (MARCH -> MAY) seems to be off. Regards, Ian.
  8. Welcome back, I am sure I have used your mods before and greatly appreciated your efforts. Great to see old wounds healed, all the best for what ever the future holds for you. Catch ya round. Regards, Ian.
  9. Getting the Huey on DCS 2.5 Standalone might be tricky to impossible: It is possible to transfer some modules from steam to DCS standalone (Keyless ones), but not all (Older modules with starforce) and I think the Huey will be in the later, absolute last option would be to repurchase it when on sale from the ED DCS store. Seek more advice from BigNewy or ED themselves, a link to forum on the matter below. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=229207 Also the HAWK module is no longer supported from the developer and is only available in an older DCS v2.5.3 or thereabouts, and is not usable at all in later builds. Cheers, Ian.
  10. Don't worry about the other two errors, they happen on everyones system. The ones listed here are the real issue and are usually fixed by renaming the SAVED GAMES or MissionEditor Folders as suggested previously, to allow DCS to recreate new defaults and remove any faulty files that may exist from MODS. (Warning you will have to move over some files from your backup to get controls, logbook, etc back) Cleanup and repair will not fix any issues that exist in your SAVED GAMES folder, such as MODS or Bad Config files. To be clear, are you now using a Fresh Install of DCS 2.5 or an upgrade from 1.5 to 2.5, if the later I suggest to start fresh with a DCS 2.5 install, there are just to many things to go wrong with upgrading from 1.5 to 2.5, a lot of differences in config files and the like. Regards, Ian.
  11. C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Logs\dcs.log you will need to archive into a zip file or change the name to dcs.txt to upload it. Cheers.
  12. I would do a quick test with a program that shows you which key was pressed after your press the SPACEBAR and its ASCII code in Decimal, such as the one in the link below. If pressing the SPACEBAR is actually giving you the ASCII code of 32 (International code for SPACEBAR) then it should work fine, if is showing a code other that 32 then your keyboard and / or Windows locale (Non English) versions may be translating it to a different ASCII code and that is why it isn't working. Also your original message was so misspelt, that I assume english is not your native language or that you keyboard is so out of whack and replacing characters at random, D instead of S. https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/keyboard_state_view.html Regards, Ian.
  13. Log attached is still showing signs of unofficial MODS (VPC) in the tech folder, so was this before you did the cleanup and repair, if not the issue is not resolved, bearing in mind if MODS are stored in your "saved games" folder as they are shown here, no cleanup with DCS will fix them as it only works on the main games installed file structures, you will have to manually delete them from these directories. Exert of DCS.LOG: 2019-12-06 04:51:23.723 ALERT Scripting: loadfile: [string "C:\Users\Vincent Proxy\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods/tech/main/..."]:6: '=' expected near '-' 2019-12-06 04:51:25.147 WARNING EDCORE: Source C:\Users\Vincent Proxy\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods/tech/Barbwire/Textures is already mounted to the same mount /textures/. 2019-12-06 04:51:25.161 WARNING EDCORE: Source C:\Users\Vincent Proxy\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods/tech/Civil_Objects/Shapes is already mounted to the same mount /models/. 2019-12-06 04:51:26.019 WARNING EDCORE: Source C:\Users\Vincent Proxy\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods/tech/main/Textures NATO/VPC_NATO_textures.zip is already mounted to the same mount /textures/. To test: Rename and backup your complete C:\Users\Vincent Proxy\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\ directory and let DCS recreate a default one, run DCS and see if problem resolved, if so slowly introduce settings from old backup you just made previously. Alternatively remove the sub directories under the TECH Folder that don't belong there (Applied MODS). Recommend you change your windows pagefile size to match a minimum size of your physical RAM (24390 or higher) as what is showing is way to low. 2019-12-06 04:51:17.508 INFO DCS: CPU cores: 4, threads: 4, System RAM: 24390 MB, Pagefile: 3584 MB Regards, Ian.
  14. @All, Just had a look at some of the missions reported 8, 20 and 21, have adjusted some things to make them work as described. Mission1: Changed the AI P-51D flights landing pattern and height so landing into the wind. Mission 8: Cleared trees and adjusted some gate positions and heights. Mission 20: Added in missing second enemy helo to match briefing that there is two and not just the one. Added simulated systems failure of enemy helos when damaged enough to cause their death. Changed scoring triggers to give mission complete 100% when both helos dead. Mission 21: Changed the Helo flight starting height as to not hit trees. Added simulated systems failure of enemy helos when damaged enough to cause their death. Changed incorrect pilot name on dead condition in win conditions so mission complete 100% when both helos dead before batumi area. Whilst not giving any assurances these will be added to game in general, I have put these early release versions here for others to try and let me know if they are ok. I have now bundled the complete 25 missions as all of the missions have been corrected, but some might still need a little extra work at a later date. https://www.dropbox.com/s/untnmu7gxwrv08r/dcsw%20-%20p-51d%20campaign%20-%20challenge%20%28patch%20to%20game%29%20%28v2.5x%29.zip?dl=0 Regards, Ian.
  15. I am in a similar boat, having to buy a new card since old gtx-780 died some months ago: I see it this way: A GTX-1660 super or GTX-1660ti is pretty much the same performance with only 6gb of vram, ok for all types of games, but not DCS, I wouldn't go lower than these models. Any of the AMD RX-580 - RX-590 are ok for general 1920x1080 gaming, but not for DCS as they are slower than Nvidia GTX-1660 series of cards, A RTX-2060 Super or a RX-5700 with 8gb of vram would be the bare minimum performance wise for playing DCS (needed for larger resolutions or triple screen especially). A RTX-2070 super would be the one to get for all round performance in most games and DCS (Shame they are so damn expensive though $800 - $1100, heavily priced gouged). As for the RX-5700X would also be ok, but my opinion on AMD drivers and their general software leaves a bit to be desired, and these cards look good on paper spec wise, but can suffer from thermal throttling from poor cooling, hence they don't reach there full speed as specified. If you want to compare quickly the relative performance of all GPU's in relation to each other try this link below. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gtx-1660.c3365 Regards,Ian.
  16. The answer to your problem is at the bottom section of this link, you need to delete the current registry keys for the A-10 and Ka-50 (Download the correct files to do it for you), you should have deactivated those modules before upgrading, you will now lose one activation on each module. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/564/ Regards, Ian.
  17. Plenty of space all round. Those files in the torrent folder should be in the "_downloads" folder (This is where the updater puts its torrent files normally), which is off the main E: drives DCS install directory. But it may be best if you just forget about the torrent folder you already have and just run a "DCS_Updater.exe Repair" command to find the missing pieces and re-download the complete "Nevada" map again, or remove the Nevada module with the module manager and then re-enable again. Happy to help, should be an easy fix, just no sure how smart the autoupdater is, its pretty clever, but it my be slightly confused due to the way you moved things to the new drive. ;-) Regards, Ian.
  18. Might be one for BIGNEWY, But I will try: It is obvious by your log that the nevada terrain is not totally installed at (E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\Terrain\Nevada), (Full install should be roughly (33.8 GB (36,378,853,507 bytes) = 1,316 Files, 95 Folders) as is reporting missing components. Post your "autoupdate_log.txt" from the DCS root folder (E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World) so we can see what the updater is doing, and where it might be pointing to put the downloaded files. May sure there is enough free space available on your C: drive as DCS does make some temp files on there every time you run a mission (A few hundred megabytes or more). Look for a "_downloads" folder in your DCS root folder (E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\_downloads), this is where the updater should install all update files temporarily until it completes the update successfully. You may have to delete this "_downloads" and / or the "Nevada folder from "E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\Terrain" and then run the DCS repair tool to re-download the whole nevada map again, but this is why I want to see the "Autoupdate_log.txt" first so I can see where it is likely to put the downloads. Regards, Ian.
  19. Weight of a single soldier is ether 80kg or 100kg from memory, and their weight is added to the gross weight of the chopper once embarked. Regards, Ian.
  20. To remove all MOD required delete all of the BOLD text: ["requiredModules"] = { ["WWII RDF Radar Station by BFVG (British Fighting Vehicles Group)"] = "WWII RDF Radar Station by BFVG (British Fighting Vehicles Group)", ["Medicina Radio Observatory"] = "Medicina Radio Observatory", ["antenna_array"] = "antenna_array", ["radome_tower"] = "radome_tower", ["telescope"] = "telescope", ["UHF Radio Telescope Array"] = "UHF Radio Telescope Array", ["Jodrell Bank Observatory"] = "Jodrell Bank Observatory", ["super_antenna"] = "super_antenna", }, -- end of ["requiredModules"] It should look like this: ["requiredModules"] = { }, -- end of ["requiredModules"] Otherwise just delete the lines of the mods that you don't have. Regards, Ian.
  21. Heaps of Lua code errors in log relating to the Mission Editors core working files. Remove ALL unofficial MODS, such as "Ranger pack" and "VPC" as a first step, these have caused issues in the past. Backup and rename your "Saved Games" folder and test with a fresh default version to remove any other MODS or code that might be interfering with the new DCS versions. Run "DCSupdater.exe Cleanup" to help identify and / or remove MODS. Run "DCSupdater.exe repair". Regards, Ian.
  22. There is a random bug in the mission editor, which causes your issues, I have had same problem fixing missions, can't nail it down to a specific method of creating it though. The trigger methods being discussed should work and have worked, but I have found that using: "Mission Start Event", No Trigger = Less likely to work. "Once Only Event", No Trigger = Less likely to work. "Once Only Event" with Trigger -> "Time more than 5" = Greater chance of working, but not always. Seems that the more you edit a mission and re-save it, the more likely that "Scenery remove feature for trees" will not actually work. If you get the problem when missions editing and testing, you have to close DCS down completely and reload and then it has a greater chance of working correctly, that is until you re-run the mission more than one, or edit the mission and run again. I have no work around for fixing it either. Regards, Ian.
  23. Sounds like a hard one to figure out, how are you determining if the modem is crashing, does it reset itself, go offline and recycle into a self test and re-connection cycle or some other symptoms. What type of internet connection do you have ADSL / NBN, I have NBN Fibre setup with IPV4 and IPV6 dual stack provided by Internode. Just two days ago, the DCS updater decided not to work, it would download a small piece of the version checking data and then just hang and download at a very small rate, something that takes seconds normally now takes 5-30 minutes as an estimate. Solution: Long story short, Deleted all directories and files under the default "Windows temp" directory where the DCS install creates stuff for the updates, re-run the updater and it worked, but downloads very slowly, 2-500kb/sec when normally between 2-5mb/sec. Regards, Ian.
  24. Would like to see: The preservation of all preset radio settings set in the ME for player / client aircraft if those planes are changed to AI temporarily (For testing the mission) and when the flights are set back to "Player / Client" mode (Have all the radio frequencies restored back to their custom frequencies set by the mission designer originally instead of the ME default set). The preservation of all preset "Target point" and "INS" coordinates for the KA-50 set in the ME for "Player / Client" aircraft if those planes are changed to AI temporarily (For testing the mission) and when the flights are set back to "Player / Client" mode (Have all the "Target Points and INS Points" restored back to their custom coordinates set by the mission designer originally instead of having them all deleted). In "Battle commander" mode, have it so all variants of "Sounds to XXXX", "Radio Transmission to XXXX" and "Message to XXXX" are all played though to the commander as well, no matter which Coalition or flight they may be transmitted to. Regards, Ian.
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