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  1. Mission is flawed and fix is here - Major problem with missions these days, if AI aircraft are even slightly attacked they will dump all their ordinance for better manuverability. Also the SEAD and STRIKE aircraft are suppost to wait at a waypoint before BESLAN and only continue mission once you call them on the F10 Radio (Sets Flag 1= true), Problem is there is also a Trigger that will set (Flag=1) when any blue force enters any of the 6 CAP zones, so as soon as your flight, the bomber flight, SEAD flight or STRIKE flight enter one of these zones, it orders the push (same as F10 radio call). So they all steam into the frey and get attacked or killed way before you might have called the strike in normally. Fixed mission here http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2232559&postcount=4
  2. By any chance do you use the AIRIES Radio addon. I have had no crashes on exit from DCS until recently, when I installed the AIRIES radio addon for realistic radio comms, I have tried several things to find a work around but it still continues to crash just about everytime I exit DCS. DCS has also started to crash out of whilst playing missions, one was the Asset Extraction 1.24 mission and another whilst playing with squadron online. No solution as yet, I suspect it may have somthing to do with either, the Teamspeak overlay / hotkey (keyboard / mouse) settings which aires requires to be set to (default / directinput), I can't run at default because of other issues with SST for saitek joystick, it could also be related to MSI afterburner FPS overlay and Aires. thought I would mention it. Cheers, Ian.
  3. Having a look in the mission you mention, mission 6 I believe. FLAWS Timings and trigger logic I also think that the enemy fight CAP groups detect and engage fighters outside of their assigned target radius. Strike and sead packages are engaged by enemy fighters even before you can take off from the runway. The sead packages and strike packages will dump all of their missiles and bombs if engaged by enemy planes and or Sam sites, so even if they survive they have no armament to finish the mission , ie bombs to bomb the runway to finish mission. Changed Mission No strike or Sead packages sent up until Player is on station at Fence in at Wp3 (Gives you a little time to take out Enemy Response team) Player stays on station until SEAD and STRIKE meet up at WP3 Once all flights in area near WP3, send radio command Do mission as advertized, Strike package will bomb runway so long everything is dead around airfield and they have not been attacked. Attached is edited mission. Regards, Ian.
  4. I must add, I recently come across your old tutorials and really enjoyed them, and yes I think you might be a legend:worthy::worthy::worthy: Shame we couldn't have them in high resolution. Appreciate all that you have done, and that it is to much to ask to do the same again. Kind Regards, Ian.
  5. Sorry, now docs to go with them, I don't use the mode rotary at all. Standard clutch settings in SST, so that you can load a profile on the fly. I use the pinky and mouse button switchs as a mode shifts. Pinky switch, is for less essentual / time critical functions. Mouse button on back of throttle body, is used for anything to do with lights, NVG, HUD, Maverick, etc. Combat and flight essentials on primary mode They are mostly work in progress as I dont fly FC3 aircraft much, just run up some quick profiles, trying to keep similiar functions on same controls for all aircraft were possible. I thought it is usefull for all x52 pro users as 90% of all aircraft keyboard controls are available for programming on any button (You will have to do some work - assign the keyboard commands to HOTAS buttons to your liking). I have programmed it for the way I think, others may not like that style, as I don't like the style of the other profiles others have posted. By doing the work yourself, you learn the setup better anyway, than just trying to use someone elses setup. Cheers, Ian
  6. 1) In DCS controls, wipe all configured buttons on joysticks and HOTAS controllers and only setup flight control axis's. 2) LOAD all SST profiles into the c:\Users\Public\Documents\SmartTechnology Profiles\ folder 3) Runs Saitek Profiler and choose profile for aircraft x52 pro SST profiles attached. Regards, Ian. DCS FC3 x52pro Profiles.zip
  7. Checking it out, might get some ideas on how to do things Thank you for bringing it to my attention Regards, Ian
  8. Sorry for very late reply, must have missed this some time back It is a reasonably simple script, that is why I can understand it ;-):thumbup: More work would be required on script to give it the capabliites you require, past my pay grade I am afraid.:cry: I would also prefer: Respawn Flight Group - When all planes have landed back at a base and have powered down, simulate a reload and go again, or simulate re-enforcements for a tired flight crew. (Looking for a way I might get that done with out using a trigger zone and to much code). I have started to look at LUA coding a bit more, have added a little bit to the script since, only very minor, but works better. Mission setup: AI Flight Groups - (Set Options - RTB on out of Ammo, RTB on Low Fuel) AI Flight Groups - Advanced waypoint commands (flag 999 to true) as a STOP condition on all CAP, CAS, Orbit commands and return to base. Mission Complete Trigger - (Flag 999 set true) Script: SCRIPT - Respawns AI Flight Group when they are all dead SCRIPT - Respawns AI Flight if Leader is NOT IN THE AIR - CRASHED, KILLED or has LANDED. (To be Disabled when I figure out how to check all flight members have landed) SCRIPT - Respawns AI Flight only when All of group have landed and powered down. (WIP) Disabled - RESPAWN on LOW FUEL SCRIPT - Will not RESPAWN any GROUPS once Flag 999 = 1 New LUA Predicate code for DRAGONS the DAM ---------------------------------------------------------------- -- Condition --> LUA PREDICATE: local groupName = 'A-10C #1.1 AI' -- MISSON EDITOR: FLIGHT GROUP NAME local lowFuelThreshold = 0.08 -- RTB when less then this amount of fuel (10%) env.setErrorMessageBoxEnabled(false) -- Message Box on error: FALSE=No Box, TRUE=Show Box -- *********** -- Add 1 to Group Name for new Flight Group when it respawns if barons_respawn_script and barons_respawn_script[groupName] then groupName = groupName .. barons_respawn_script[groupName] end -- Set Flag 999 to true in Mission when Mission is Completed and No more waves of AI Aircraft are needed flag_999 = trigger.misc.getUserFlag('999') -- If the Whole Flight Group is DEAD respawn replacements until Flag 999=1 local group = Group.getByName(groupName) if (not group and flag_999 == 0) then return true end -- If Flight Groups LEADER is DEAD or LANDED respawn replacements until Flag 999=1 group = group:getUnits()[1] if (not group and flag_999 == 0) or (Unit.inAir(group) == false and flag_999 == 0) then return true end --[[ -- If Groups Fuel is below Threshold send out a replacement Flight Group until Flag 999=1 if (group:getFuel() < lowFuelThreshold and flag_999 == 0) then return true end ]] Cheers, Ian.
  9. Re: your video card issues, have a look at my posts here http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2222341#post2222341
  10. Update on my previous post. By lowering your MHZ or voltage, you are lowering the Wattage requirements from you PSU, which may be the case of the problem. My best guess (theory) is that the video driver is trying to boost the clock MHZ higher than the default 3d mode is actually programmed for (maybe too high at a spurious rate - my highest boost clock speed is set at 1071 for a factory overclock, but I have caught it going higher than that, bios has the boost table at 1389mhz as its highest boost clock possible). So my own problem seemed that the low end was under volted, and the upper end was over speeded, Changed the boost table highest 1389mhz to 1071mhz and made video card rock solid. or Your Power settings for a gtx-780 (example) are set to a certain maximum Wattage (225-300w, 250w std) max, if you try to exceed that wattage by running the GPU faster, one of Two things will happen the driver will throttle down the GPU to reduce the wattage load or the power supply will fail in some way, not being able to deliver that wattage (video display corruption, reboot, blank screen problem). So the limits your seeing are that you can't draw anymore more wattage / power, as PSU is not able to supply it, so the driver is keeping it within operating limits. So in summary: Have a 600w minimum PSU - that has the extra 2 x (2x4pin) Pci-e power connectors, and not the 2 x (2x3 pin) - this is what limits your wattage available. M/b with PCI-x 3.0 Slot Nvidia Drivers can vary - some work better than others Side note I run a 620w corsair psu, with only 2x3pin Pci-e connectors with 2x4pin adapters, so I am limited to (75+75+75w=225watts), as the card needs 250watts, I should expect it to be throttled or have issues. I have tried the GPU with a seperate 620w psu with 2x4pin pci-e connects just running the GPU card (75w+150w+150w=375w) but card still played up the same as before I reprogrammed it, so was at factory defaults. PCI-x Power specs http://www.pcisig.com/developers/main/training_material...
  11. Have a read of my Fault diagnose reply in a similiar forum http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2200921&postcount=24 Regards, Ian
  12. real quick answer. In the mission editor for the aircraft group you don't want to start when mission is started, either: Tick the box called LATE ACTIVATION or Change the groups start day at the end of the time fields to a day higher than actual mission day. Time might look like 8:0:0/1 you want to change the figure after the / Now the group will not startup at mission start, You will now need a trigger set up to ACTIVE GROUP when needed. Cheers, Ian.
  13. Very general help, as I don't do it often. Open the missions .miz file with a zip viewer, and you should see several directories listed, there will be one for the CDU and quite a few other aircraft systems like radios, etc. Open the CDU directory and then open the .lua file within with notepad ++ or other editor and find the setting you need to change, change it and then save. Cheers, Ian
  14. I find BUNYAP's "A-10c on the range" videos very helpful for explaining different stuff, he goes more indepth than most videos and has a nice style. Suggest you give them a go, start with the CCRP and CCIP videos Cheers, Ian
  15. Sounds like you have not set utility vehicles at your farp. - Farp / airfield can't be neutral or enemy, must be in control by your faction. - You will need one of the utility vehicles listed from each resource class below for each type of service you wish to have at your farp, and they must be placed within a 90 meters radius of farp. - [RUSSIAN_FARP] = { groundCrew = { [RESOURCE_AMMO] = { "URAL_4320_B", "SetkaKP" }, [RESOURCE_FUEL] = { "URAL_ATZ-10", "ATZ-10", "ATZ-60", "GSM Rus"}, [RESOURCE_ELEC_POWER] = {"Zil_APA-80", "URAL-APA" }, ATC = { [RESOURCE_ATC] = { "Zil_SKP-11", "KP_UG" }}, FARP = { [RESOURCE_NIGHT_ILLUMINATION] = { "Zil_SKP-11" }} [WESTERN_FARP] = { groundCrew = { [RESOURCE_AMMO] = { "M-818" }, [RESOURCE_FUEL] = { "HEMTT", "GSM Rus" }, [RESOURCE_ELEC_POWER] = { "M-818" }}, ATC = { [RESOURCE_ATC] = { "HMMWV_M1025", "KP_UG" }}, FARP = { [RESOURCE_NIGHT_ILLUMINATION] = { "HMMWV_M1025" } When farp, airbase setup properly, you only have to open your cockpit door on landing to talk to ground crew (you can go through the intercom via switching the radio position if you want) Rearm, refuel - Don't need to shut down or stop engines (just leave her idling). Repair - You do need to stop the engines / rotor blades (I just cut the fuel flow via the two red levers next to your left hand and turn off the fuel pumps on the right panel(, when repaired you have to enable the APU , turn on fuel cut off valve and Fuel pump for left engine, set engine selecter for starter, ignite left Motor and watch left engine rpm until it reaches approx 40-50 and then repeat for the Right engine, once both engines above 40-50 turn off APU. Cheers, Ian.
  16. Had a look at missions in mission editor: - To contact an of those SEAD, CAS flights using real radio settings you will need to tune your radio to 127.5mhz am in your Blackshark, by default the radio is on 124.0mhz am. - Ralt\, F10 to call via radio, F1 - F4 (most probable) to call each specific flight available. - SEAD flight is called it attempts to attack some SA-9 and SA-13 radar guided missile launchers, it may be successfull and it may not, Current AI behavour I have seen in other missions is very flawed or gives up an runs under any sort of threat. - What ever that SEAD flight accomplishes, there is no feedback messages of any sort programmed in mission to say that: it is confirming you request, aborting mission due to being fired upon, is running in, Launching the missles, egressing out of area, splash one, Returning to base. - CAS flight is tasked with taking out some T-72 tank columns - same again no direct feedback messages programmed as to what it is doing. However if you are on there 127.5 frequency, you may very well get radio feedback on what they are doing, not sure. To check what the SEAD and CAS flight are up to, you can park you ka50 out of harms way, go to the F10 map, and click on their flight and then press F2 to jump to their camera view, If they launch a missile, press F6 to follow the missile in with the camera to see if hits the target. Cheers, Ian
  17. I feel your pain brother, it is a great way to waste hours and get nowhere. Shame the state of DCS regards the Mission Editor and AI. Regards, Ian.
  18. Same idea I have been working on, I have patched up a mission using my limited skills, using other lua code and such. (so wish I was good at programming). As Eno suggests, it requires a lot of time and complexity, I am trying to get it down to the simplest method so that I could use it as a module to plug into all of the missions I play. Senario: Mission requires Human 8 x A10c, 8 x ka50. - 2 extra AI flights added for each type of aircraft with AI logic At mission start, start counting humans pilots that jump into cockpit of each aircraft, giving humans 10 minutes at mission start (use flags to count for each type of aircraft). After 10 minutes of mission start, Activate Ai flights to fill slots that aren't taken by human pilots, ie If you want to test mission logistics or for 0-1 person = 2 flights of 3 + 4 AI, if 4 people = 1 flight of 4 AI, 8 person = 0 Flights of AI Lua code that monitors the AI flights to see if the whole group is dead, landed, or out of fuel, if either of these is the case old flight is either told to return to airfield, refuel or decommisioned and a new Flight of the same group is relaunched automatically with same objectives - simulates out of ammo / fuel and RTB for reloading, etc. Want to program it further, so that as humans join in later into mission and become airborne / active in attacking objectives, that the AI Flight would be recalled and decommissioned on landing back at airbase so as to keep the overall flight groups at the required level. (Haven't figure out how to do this yet,LUA code I suspect) - I need to be able to continuously tell when a human enters a aircraft and when they die or leave the aircraft and what type of aircraft it is. - Want to be able to increment a Flag counter for each type of aircraft that gets a human pilot. - Want to be able to decrement a Flag counter for each type of aircraft that gets a human pilot that is dead or left. Here is a mission with work so far, may not quite work as intended, but pretty close, if you want some ideas. Cheers, Ian. DRAGONs_TheDam_v73.1210.21.miz
  19. You will find the mission is broken, as are all mission with jtac, 1.2.10 broke most jtac target commands in the missions, it has reset all the callsigns and Frequencies = "Axeman on 133 am" assigned to targets, They should be renamed to there assigned callsigns and usual 30+ FM frequencies, so you could go in with ME and fix them as I have done. cheers, Ian
  20. Cant suggest to much more than others have offered, but us KISS principle. For SERVER: -------------- Disable any Windows or third party Firewall. (temp while testing) DCSW Server must have: ----------------------------- Ports 10308 forwarded and working. - Put the port forwarding into your router and forwarding to the one Internal address of your dcs server. If using a router DCHP to give your computers an Internal IP address, make a reservation in there for you main computer you are using for your server so that it always going to be the same IP address , other wise it is possible that the IP of the server may change after a reboot or the like, this did happen to me after a computer rebuild. (ie I had my IP as and had all port forwarding to that address, but on a reboot, DHCP assigned it so obviously the port forward was now sending the info to the wrong computer IP address. Test that the port (10308 is indeed open): ------------------------------------- Using this Program to do that: http://portforward.com/help/portcheck.htm The PFportchecker is a trial, but you can use the open ports check part for free. If this passes on the UDP and TCP port 10308, you will get your external internet IP and an indication that the port is indeed open. Attached are some screenies of what is needed. Next run up your DCSW server, making sure it has the port 10308 as default and the public box is ticked. Clients Computer: -------------------- If they can logon to the eagle Dynamics master server and see other servers and connect to them and play, they should not have to do anything different their end to connect to your server. If they can't do this, then they should be looking at their Software firewall on Windows and either disabling it to just test if that is blocking or make sure it has allowed DCSW access. They are not required to port forward 10308 in their router, but you could try it if in doubt. Hope it helps, I know how frustration networking can be, lot easier these days, than it use to be. Regards, Ian.
  21. Good mission for A-10c, easy to hard, I would get the Dragons training and missions Pack, I will attach some corrected mission (Sorry but uploads not working) with this post, as originals most probably will not work correctly with current DCSW due to issues described below. Dragon Training Pack http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=68802&highlight=dragon+mission+pack Dragons Mission Pak http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=71655&highlight=dragon+mission+pack ****************** Just let you know that DCS 1.2.10 has serious issues with its missions at the moment, which will be affecting nearly all missions. JTAC - seems to have problems with line of sight, using the roving camera I have positioned myself in mission at jtac position, can easly see enemy target and with in range, but when call jtac to call out enemy he reponds no target, if change mission to not use LOS he works fine, but with no mark capablily. JTAC - All callsigns and frequences for targets in all mission got reset to the one default - Axeman 133 am, stuffing mission. Vehicles - Bridges are a real problem, vehicles will get stuck on bridges, particularly any bridge going over train tracks, they look super magnetic and any vehicle going underneath them is then sucked up onto the top of the bridge were it will stay all mission, so tank columns and convoys will not do there assigned routes stuffing mission. General Missions - Have come across some groups of vehicles, aircraft, infanty set to late starts and activated later in mission, seem to have the "Late activation" reset to false, so all of these groups now start at mission start, ruining the mission. Complex missions are totally screwed because of these bugs. Regards, Ian
  22. In the same boat, I like the new features ED and Modders provide and also upted graphics detail with terrain mods, however I dislike the constant low frame rates especially with large battle scenes, but can't live with the standard terrain graphics anymore, also the amount of bugs that get fixed and then reintroduced in later patch versions is disheartening. As much as I love the DCS franchise, ED will have to be very convincing with their future work to get any more cash out of me. Performance, stability, realistic view and distances are what is required for me. We all hope that EDGE brings all of this and more, but I fear that it can never live up to our expectations (I hope that I am wrong). Cheers, Ian
  23. PM Sent alternatively check out the AEF guys at TS: DCSTS.AEF-HQ.COM.AU:9988
  24. +1 for me This has been discussed before and a many fellow forum users have stated it is working as it should ie Read up on - colliminated huds, I am no expert and I also need to be educated like I was a 5 year old as to why I have to sit in a position were the flight joystick would be positioned up my butt to be able to see all of the HUD Display correctly. Huds should be easily readable / usable with you sitting far back in your seat with your head resting on the seats head rest, after all this is were you would pilot from in real life, so you could monitor you cockpit guages and have good situation awareness. I have played endlessly with snapviews, default view using both the track-ir camera zoom in and out and normal FOV zoom. Every cockpit proportion only looks correct to me when I have fully pressed R-ctrl+R-Shift+numpad/ to put my virtual body/head right back into the seat, Then used Numpad/ and Numpad-* to position the normal zoom FOV to about halfway or 80-100 degrees (this for my Single Screen Setup). IF you look behind, you can see you are firmly resting you head on the head rest, when you look down, you can view all side panels easily, and not have half of them positioned behind you, when you look left /right there is also no cockpit / view distortions whilst changing point of view. But in this position the HUD has scaled to the point that you can only see one or two altitude markers, thus making the whole HUD USELESS whilst at this position. It seems that to use the collminated HUDS properly, that you have a set eyepoint position, where you have to place you eyes a certain distance from the glass to see the image in it entirety. Therefore you must either simulate leaning forward from the waist or slip you seat forward to position yourself closer to the HUD, ie R-ctrl+R-Shift+numpad* or lean forward with TrackIR. This is how it works at the moment, but like you I can't believe that by sitting in the correct seating position of real life that the HUD has no use what so ever. Regards, Ian
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