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  1. Similiar issues here, just watching the development phase and awaiting the solution to those crashes.
  2. I agree about the time involved, I am busy just fixing up all the original A-10c campaigns that come with DCSW, and that takes ages, so I can imagine the time that goes into making missions from scratch, I can't do it, so I do my bit by trying to keep existing missions running as they should.
  3. Played with putting custom campaigns in the User section recently, and found: 1.You should save them for the default ED DCSW in the c:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Dcs\Missions\Campaigns\en\ Folder, maybe slightly different for Steam Version. 2. Campaigns can't be in there own subdirectories, or only one campaign will show up in the USER ingame menu. This means that all campaign files, including *.cmp, *.miz, *.jpg for all your custom campaigns must be dumped into that one directory. 3. Follow the above and all campaigns will show up in the USER Section of Campaigns fine and be playable as normal. Kind Regards, Ian.
  4. I would say it just comes down to how hard each manufacturer tries to push the GPU chips, some overclock from factory, some don't, the bios could be programmed totally different to another brand with different mhz and voltage threshholds. The problem is not new, if you search the internet about the problem, it has plagued Nvidia cards of all models for ages. It may become more of a problem as heat and speed are increased with each sucessive model, the manufacture relies more on power management and mhz throttling to keep the GPU within an operating state, try running a GTX-780 at over 1.2v with full graphics load and it gets bloody hot. I personally dont like to run anything over 50-60c degrees at maximum. I wouldnt' know if you will get the problem with any card, but the only options are if it doesnt work in a computer with a Fresh load of windows, and the apropriate system specs to run the card, then send it back for a refund. I didn't do this as it was bought from a distant supplier, there would have been more freight cost involved, The gigabyte was the only brand that was the only card that had a decent after market fan, was two slots wide and not three or two and a half like the ASUS branded that I would have normally purchased. After monitoring the cards performance under different games, etc. Because it had no problems with other games, except DCS It had to be a reasonably small issue. By monitoring the games as I played, I could see that my GPU was indeed spiking the overclock far higher than it was actually programmed for (1250 mhz) and dropping the voltage to low when DCS had little ot do, such as viewing a single aircraft externally or going to F-10 map mode I found that if temp locked the minimum GPU voltage from (0.9v) to higher than 1.1v all the time and underclocked the factory overclocked GPU from (1071mhz) to 1050mhz, that the issue was resolved. Once I knew this solved the issues, I contacted Gigabyte tech support which give me the run around. So I decided to make the fix permanent with a bios fix. End of Story, card works fine now under all conditions, I would say that its bios programming was faulty, and they were pushing the chip to hard with an overclock as other GTX-780 brands were all at the 980-1020mhz max gpu clock. It is still very important to diagnose your own problem with constant monitoring and experimentation, as you may have a similiar problem, but be caused by another unrelated issue. I just hope that my posts may give you some where to look for a solution. Kind Regards, Ian.
  5. Take note that nvidia control panel settings were getting totally ignored, if video driver had failed and reset, it would go back to dynamic mhz and voltage regulation, instead of the programmed run at maxium perfomance override until you reboot your computer.
  6. I didnt take it lightly, I run the card in two complete different computer systems 1. On a brand new computer with fresh install of windows and DCS only on it. 2. My general gaming computer which had an ATI based card in it, but had thoroughly removed any remanance of those old drivers before installing the nvidia stuff. The only common equipment between the two computers was the graphics card, different mothboards, different 600w psu, HDD, etc. Tried three different versions of nvidia drivers, the one that come with the card, and two newer versions. Even tried, one 620w psu powering computer only, and another external 620w psu just powering the graphics card. Same result each time, DCS faulting the gpu, all other Direct x10 - x11 games all worked perfectly. If others interested, this thread has more specifics on the exact issue I had with my card, that was only fixed by bios update. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2222341#post2222341 Cheers, Ian.
  7. Disclaimer, I take no responsiblity for any failures caused by any of the info given, this can be a dangerous proceedure, dont take it lightly (may void your warranty), I only did it as Gigabytes customer service was useless and I didn't want to send the card back to where I purcased it from . 1. You will have to find the exactly correct bios model and version for your make and model of your graphics card, check here for info about the proceedure, bear in mind that this site is more for overclocking the card, I just changed the min voltages slightly and left them to dynamically change on load, instead of locking them at a constant high voltage. http://www.overclock.net/t/1393791/official-nvidia-gtx-780-owners-club or 2. Save your current bios with GPU-z bios feature and make a copy, then modify it your self and re flash it 3. Use Keplar bios tweaker tool v1.27 (Complex bios info, hard to understand, took me 5 goes to get the card to work satisfactorly, a bit of guessing involved using info from overclocker.net) http://www.overclock.net/t/1452223/kepler-bios-tweaker-v1-26-v1-27-added-tdp-unlock-gtx-780ti-780-titan-gtx770 3a. Read about the recovery process if it all goes wrong and you get no video card on reboot. 4. Use NVFlash_windows_v5.142 to write the new bios back to your graphics card. http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2258/nvflash-5-142-for-windows/mirrors 5. Reboot computer only when told to or Flash proceedure has finished. 6. Retest MHZ and Voltages of GPU with DCS and other games with GPU-z or MSI Afterburner whilst playing them, for my card between 1.1v - 1.2v is normal at 1020mhz and factory overclock 1071mhz. Attached pictures of the elements you that you may need to change in Keplar Bios Tweaker. 1. Boost Limit = Highest clock you want your card to go to when the graphics engine is under full load, I dropped this also as the GPU would also crash when it when beyond the 1071mhz factory overclock. 2. Voltage Table = Main Voltages for different MHZ states, the first 7 are the main ones you have to change. Best of Luck. Regards, Ian
  8. Had this problem with my Gigabyte gtx-780, because DCS doesn't stress card to much it will throttle back the mhz and gpu core voltage so much that the GPU fails, other have this issue but for other reasons that I am not sure of. Solution to try: ----------------- 1. In nvidia control panel -> Manage 3d Settings -> Global Settings -> Power Management Mode - (change this to Prefer Maximum Performance) or 2.In nvidia control panel -> Manage 3d Settings -> Program Settings -> DCS Black Shark -> Power Management Mode - (change this to Prefer Maximum Performance) or 3. Increase Antialiasing and anything that make the GPU work harder, check with GPU Z or MSI Afterburner to see how card is doing whilst playing game (make sure card is running at max MHZ and higher voltage. or 4. Reprogrammed GTX-780 Bios so it doesn't drop the voltage so low as to cause the issue - This is what I did in the end. Regards, Ian.
  9. Glad you got it going, as usual it turns out to be one small step you miss :doh:, you have to be methodical when doing this kind of diagnosis, the windows firewall is the first thing I turn off. Enjoy Kind Regards, Ian
  10. Help me help you, Need specifics as to which campaign and mission number or sortie name within that campaign you are talking about, as they are very similiar between missions. Take note: A10-c CA Georgian Hammer campaign - (you control your ground forces with the Combined Arms modules interface) - they don't have waypoints to follow, you have to control them on were to go and what to do. Georgian Hammer Campaign - AI controlled ground forces, with radio command to call up and activate there advance. Once I know the mission, I can test it to see what might be wrong with it. Cheers, Ian.
  11. Can't help ya with that one to much. there is AutoPilot switch on warthog hotas throttle body - Left throttle button or ('Q' key) But bare in mind the A-10c doesnt have path following Autopilot, just altitude, atitude, Bank.
  12. You will have to (can't quit remember exactly): Tune your Top AM radio to the Airfield Frequency or Open your Canopy Use your PTT mic forward to transmit or R-alt + \ for transmit on Intercom Select Ground Crew on radio Menu If Repairing, Connect ground power or start APU and shut down both Motors L-ALT + ' for refueling and Rearming Most JTAC are set to be invisible and immortal in most missions, so they can't be killed or detected, due to more bugs (Line of Sight and distance to target settings for actual laser and IR lights and and other issues), what you described does happen very frequently. Other bugs creep into mission with each update, I had to go through every DCS mission that comes with DCS World and all of the 3rd party mission that have JTAC and put in the correct Frequencies and Callsigns for the assigned targets as they had all been reset to the default Axeman on 133am. These problems I describe above still existing in all the supplied campaigns and missions, so I keep my own backup set with fixes applied. I suspect this is why there is so much problems with the Jtac, not answering and giving no new targets. Not following his instructions to the letter may also cause issues, but haven't played it enough to say. All up the default missions and campaigns have a lot of flaws, not just the A-10c, I have looked through the programming of the F-15 and Su-27 / Su-33 campaign mission and whilst they give you something to shoot at, they don't play the way the mission is intended to be played. ie, they have CAS or SEAD flights hold at a holding point until you radio for their help, but because they are tasked with CAS or SEAD, they never hold at the correct waypoint, if an enemy is anywere withing a 250km radius, they will make a bee line straight to the enemy and engage, if they kill all the available targets, only then will they fly all the way back to the original waypoint track and hold. (Really annoying as they usually all steam ahead and get killed, when it is you that have to clear a path for them and then call them in). Fixing this needs a few more programming actions to get them to do what should really happen. Woops, got a bit carried away there. Regards, Ian.
  13. If using Easy communications, it has bugs and doesn't work so well If using Real communications, are you using the correct PTT mike button for the FM radio (L-shift+Num-) to talk to him Check this links below http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=133177 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=133219 Regards, Ian
  14. Most important is to know if the port forwarding is actually working on the server, I know you said you checked it, but does that mean you actually checked it by sending data with a testing program. I use the Portforward.com application for doing this, so you know that the data is actually capable of being transmitted correctly, below is the link for my procedure. It is also possible that your ISP (Internet Provider) may also block certain ports, etc, that may be stopping if from working. Check out my fault finding here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?...1&postcount=24 or Others setting up server stuff here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=127230 Regards, Ian.
  15. Check out my fault finding here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2200921&postcount=24 or Others setting up server stuff here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=127230 Regards, Ian.
  16. not much of an expert, but most high drag bombs need to be used in CCRP mode as their release point is way back under the cockpit, hence why you never get the solid line if trying to drop them in CCIP mode. I have same issue with CCIP mode when using the Mk82air bombs and probably applies to the CBU as well, as they use little parachutes as well (high drag). but from your angle and height I wouldn't have thought that would be the problem, but when you switched to guns, you probably cycled into CCRP mode as well. Regards, Ian.
  17. Aires Transmit system Trying to get setup to use Aires properly, but under my current setup I have an issue. I use VAC Voice Control and Voice activation in TS and Aires (Toggle between two different microphones and muting) which works fine when talking on TS Servers that only need voice activation to transmit, but on some TS servers (AEF Squadron) users are forced to use Push to Talk (PTT) to transmit. This was not a problem with just TS and VAC, as TS will work with both Voice Detection or PTT button, but with aires you can only use Voice Detection or PTT. Question is can this be changed in aires config to support Voice and a common PTT button to work the same as in TS itself, that by default it will use Voice activated transmit, but if forced to use PTT then use the common PTT transmit button. Regards, Ian.
  18. It seems to me that the RANGE info is incorrect for each aircraft, it is simply assigned as half of the assigned routes length. It gives no indication at what range the aircraft will hit bingo fuel and need to return or mid air refuel. I would assume that the range should be how far the aircraft can travel before it has bingo fuel and needs to fly back to base - (based on speed, overall weight, amount of fuel, fuel economy and estimated time on target,etc). As a minimum the RANGE info: ----------------------------------- Should have nothing to do with the actual route length and only show half of the total calculated range - based on Total weight, amount of fuel and average speed or something to that effect The RANGE info should increase when you add extra fuel tanks, use more economical average flight speeds, conversely it should decrease with higher average flight speeds and lighter fuel loading. This would make it far easier in Mission editor to estimate where Air Tankers need to be placed and how long a flight can travel, have engagement and return safely. In testing with AI and correcting the SU-27 campaign mission I got really sick of flights getting to target area and returning home just as the are about in range to take on the enemy assigned to them due to bingo fuel situations, both the Su-27 (Shame it can't mid air refuel) and particulary the Su-3x and other bomber / Sead flights. Kind Regards, Ian.
  19. Thanks for the refresh on the Black shark black pit, unfortunately I myself now like all my russian cockpits in blue. I still will give this new black one a look in, I think yours might offer some more nice features.:dunno: Kind Regards, Ian.
  20. Couldn't agree more with your comment above. I love DEVRIM's work also, The english cockpits are a god send when trying to learn a foreign aircraft, once you know the layout and what things are, You might go back to the russian version for authenticity. Devrim's sounds bundles are also amazing for immersion, it adds like 75% more fun to game. To Devrim, don't under estimate you impact on the DCS community, there would be a lot of us out there that use and appreciate all of your hard work, but just don't show it enough.:cheer3nc::thumbup::worthy::cheer3nc: Kind Regards, Ian.
  21. Yep that hang on mission end is a pain. Seems to be a clash with your "RADIO MOD" and the "server SLMOD". Have SLMOD installed, have ARIES RADIO MOD loaded, Load single player mission, play with radio frequencies and generally use Aries interface, Quit DCS = Lockup Have SLMOD disabled, Have ARIES RADIO MOD loaded, Load single player mission, play with radio frequencies and generally use Aries interface, Quit DCS = NO Lockup Limited testing, but it seems if you disable SLMOD, you can use ARIES RADIO MOD without DCS locking up after exiting the game. Hope this might be helpful Regards, Ian
  22. I think it has only just come out with dcsw 1.2.11. I haven't played them, just fixing them to be in a playable state. In the mission editor, to my mind things are really broken, or I am missing something ???? If AI flight is set to CAP or a SEAD duty and has a hold orbit placed in say second waypoint with a not proceed until flag is activated, they will scream to the very first enemy plane (CAP), or radar sam site (SEAD) no matter were it is on the map, can be 200km away and it will make a bee line for it, totally ignoring all waypoints and orbit holds, when it kills the plane or sam, it flys all the way back to its start position and then continues on the waypoint path, and holds at the orbit point. Will have to test in simple mission and report as bug, if I get the time. Regards, Ian.
  23. Few issues with that mission I saw -------------------------------------- Su-25's don't have enough fuel Su-25's don't stay in the orbit before you call them in Su-25's don't follow waypoints properly Su-25's dumping ordinance if come under fire. Su-25's never attacked the assigned targets. Anyhow, mission corrected and attached. Regards, Ian Su-27 Camp 2.5.miz
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