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  1. Thanks, much appreciated, good to see them still working, I apologize about the radio voice, I was feeling sassy that day and I can't even try to do a russian imitation. Coodos to you for your F-15 training missions, I haven't tried them as yet (I don't fly much these days), but others have them in high regards, so well done. Regards, Ian.
  2. Eric963 is on the money, usually coming from the wrong direction, he will yell ABORT ABORT if you are flying directly towards the JTAC and would or could fly over him to the target, you must always approach with ingress and egress directions JTAC gives you in compass headings, this will guarantee you fly perpendicular to the JTAC's position (from his Left or Right at a 90 degress intersection) so you can't accidently drop bombs on the JTAC causing friendly fire. Regards, Ian.
  3. Good to know, I just tested it in OB after update and all worked fine here.
  4. Moving Zone: Most likely you made the moving zone to small, the zone centers on the middle of the carrier with the diameter having to be the real total length of the carrier (1092 Feet), and not just fit over the mission editor picture of the ship. Speed detection: Should be fine so long as ship is doing 50 knots and the trigger to detect speed is also in knots (not KPH or MPH) and less than 50. I can't test this at the moment to test if any faults with triggers have been introduced with patches. Wiki: USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) is the fourth Nimitz-class, nuclear-p
  5. I compared my original Campaign mission files to the ones on the ED download site and it looks like I stuffed up when I uploaded the file set, I put the original non Super Carrier missions in the archive instead. I have re-uploaded the correct Campaign mission set now, so re-download the Su-33 campaign and all should be good. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, can't believe that 400 others that downloaded the campaign didn't leave a comment mentioning any problems with the Super carriers (KUZNETSOV) not being present. Kind regards, Ian.
  6. Hi there, glad you are getting some use from my work. Not sure why your having that issue, works here with new KUZNETSOV (2017) model: I know that some mods interfered with the supercarriers module, can't remember what their names or issues were (one issue was either the Supercarriers wouldn't display at all or may only show the older models), you should check the DCS.log for errors or post to me and I can have a look at it. Check that you don't have the little clock icon enabled at the bottom of the Mission editor screen (Only shows Units based on time Period, so as
  7. Zip file with just about all aircraft liveries directory names. Mostly untested and with no actual liveries or textures in each folder. Place them in your DCS Saved Games folder and place your skins and cockpit textures into the correct folders as needed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_WbgfvUae-ecimZ7RLnVXBVH0M59N_Ap/view?usp=sharing How to find the directory names for future modules: Regards, Ian.
  8. Glad I can help. I had a play with JTAC again with my testing file, and it is still a very hit and miss proposion, just doesn't make sense when it doesn't work. Best vehicles are the Hummer Tow, M1134 Stryker ATGM version, Not sure how well their ranges for optical IR / Laser are modeled, but IRL they are about 4000 for TOW and 2000-2400m for the Stryker if I remember correctly. DCS still gives you the Line of Sight is OK (<=5km) but the opticals may not even go that far, Ground vehicle placement seem best positioned less than 2000m and at an elevation th
  9. Might be new bug, as the Predator Drone should work with out issues. But when I was having similar issues some time ago, I changed the ground JTAC vehicle from the standard "hummer armed or tow vehicle" to a Stryker that has advanced laser and IR equipment to make it work (Ground JTAC vehicle always has to be an armed unit and for night ops, must have optical, so Stryker is best bet). I also had one ED mission that suffered from the same issues you are describing, ground JTAC had clear line of sight, was in laser / IR range <5km, but I had to reduce the distance to t
  10. Tracks will not work between major version changes, in fact tracks rarely work after minor patch update versions, and more often tracks just don't work at all even in the current version they were saved in. In other words, Track files are broken more often than working. Regards, Ian.
  11. I would forget about the multiple outcome senarios until your more familiar with the basics of campaign design, as it is a more complicated procedure and I don't think you missions are suitably designed to take advantage of the feature. If you don't manually put any "Mission Goals" into mission it will never move onto the next stage or mission. Each unit you kill in mission is your score usually 5 - 10 points each, but have no effect on you progression in the Campaign or stages. I have edited your original first posted missions, to demonstrate how you would go
  12. If it only happening with mission 1,2,6 then it is probably due to those missions having track replays imbedded in the .miz file forcing certain view modes, you will have to remove the "CONFIG" directory from each of the "0x_A10Sturm.miz files (Miz files are just zipfiles) to correct the behaviour and follow you DCS local settings. Regards, Ian.
  13. Stages works as such: When you play a mission and complete it with a score of 0-49 you will go back a stage, with a score of 50 you will have to redo the mission you just played, with a score of 51-100 you will advance to the next stage. A stage containing multiple missions with the "same weighting value" will allocate a mission at random. A stage containing multiple missions with "different weighting values" will allocate a mission based on the score from the previous stage. Example of mission setup: First stage: Set with only one mission and has a trigger so that it
  14. Seems that ED may have updated there A-10c single mission set (Most likely multilanguage) and have reverted to old broken missions in 2.5.6 Openbeta, where as in the Testers nightly version they are still my fixed versions they introduced some time back. If you want working copies feel free to download replacements from the DCS User files Section. Regards, Ian.
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