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  1. Hi guys...i am trying to configure the x65 static joystick as close as possible to the real viper force input and curve. can any of you guys share any knowledge regarding this issue.?
  2. if you want to enable always on reprojection replace auto with motionvector and save like this: "motionReprojectionMode" : "motionvector",
  3. in game PD vs steam SS from our calculations and experiments it seems that 200% SS is in correlation with approx 1.45 in game PD with odyssey. I was able to reproduce the clearest image with maximum of 208% or 209% SS and 1.0 in game PD. important thing to notice is that when WMR reprojection kicks in limiting the output to 45 frames - the image quality is affected as well. its artifact is a very slight blur that disappears when you get back to ~90 fps. so guys with constant motion vector setting be advised. note - msaaX2 wont disable the clear image even with 208% SS. it may look a bit softer in game but the odyssey still delivers its best available image which breaks when going over 209% or so or choosing higher than 1.4 in game PD with SS on 100%
  4. I wonder how can I run the debug tool again...anyone? I did a couple of tests later with the generated saved games settings file and it appears that changing it affects the main menu screen but when i enter the cockpit it snaps back to some other setting. it runs fine without issues of any kind its just that i wonder what does the generated settings file actually do..
  5. this tweak has to do more with the clarity of the image or the sharpness like in the image attached (not the actual effect in the image but rather an illustration of what you should be looking for) my settings and relevant specs: pd ingame 1.0 steam ss 200% rendertarget 2.0 no ingame aa steam wmr beta evga gtx1080ti odyssey 1 hmd wmr very-high (beta) in windows control panel
  6. If you don't have any sharpness issues forget about this post and live your life to the fullest as you are one of the lucky ones...
  7. tuck the nose flaps under the lenses and move the padding slightly away from the edges %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/9fo4Of7.jpg[/img]
  8. Gryzor great job!!! Oh and that guy that bashed you the other day on the forum because he did not have a clue whats up hehe ... thumbs up for sticking through the bash storm!! sometimes I wonder why such an important tweak would be hidden in the cfg files and not available as an option in the wmr interface or settings...its ridiculous but i guess the devs know what they are doing...I hope its not some intentional order from above
  9. yes you can disable any form of AA and bump the steamvr supersample to 200% by ticking override. note that steamvr SS and dcs pixel density do not correlate. 200% SS is not 2.0 PD I use the steamvr SS and not the ingame PD. I have a 1080ti and the effect is immediately noticeable. a friend of mine with odyssey hmd wasnt able to spot any difference. I had to try his vr for myself and it worked like a charm but still he couldnt see it. this tweak tackles the clarity or the sharpness of the image first of all..the supersampled image is just a result of going higher on the steamVR SS slider but its not the primal intention of this tweak.
  10. If you own an odyssey or the plus version wmr set you must be frustrated with the odyssey hazy blurry display while playing dcs via steamvr. the following tweak was discovered by this amazing dude Gryzor on the steamvr forums. I will paste the instructions and you will be amazed with the clarity it produces. * I have tried this method couple of months ago with different SS settings in steamvr and I wasn't impressed so I forgot all about it until this Gryzor dude discovered the sweet spot so all credit goes to him. I am not sure whether it was already published here somewhere so here goes. * there are extra WMR tweaks that improve overall experience with odyssey and other wmr sets like optimizing the reprojection method via "motionvector" reprojection enable and steamVR windows mixed reality BETA program but I will not post it here as it belongs to another thread and Im pretty sure most of you are pretty much aware of all these methods by now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Improve HMD clarity & sharpness hack Samsung Odyssey Hi, I found a tweak that improves clarity and pixel density in steam VR a LOT in steamvr apps: Modify the following files: A) \\STEAM\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\resources\settings\default.vrsettings and edit the file, changing "renderTargetScale" : 2.0" (instead of 1.0) B) apply 200% or anything above 150% supesample in steam vr settings under video tab...best is 200%) With this hack, you will reach the same image quality in SteamVR apps as you have in cliffhouse. Its incredible the difference of quality, now and before is like the night & day. I hope DEVs could implement this in a easier way. close all applications and preferably restart your pc if you wish --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** edit : wmr for steam has been updated since this original post so rendertarget is 2.0 by default now. I have tried many combinations of steam supersamlpe and dcs PD but for me and my odyssey 1 set the most noticable and clear result was steam SS:208% /dcs PD 1.0/ dcs msaa off bumping up one of them introduces slight blur. *** *** edit 2 : motion vector reprojection introduces a very slight blur on image when 45 fps kick in. image clears when returning to ~90 fps ***
  11. the performance is much much better in vr after the last update ..I ran without the mod and i thought i had it installed lol
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