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  1. Hello, Randomly my dcs crash and in dcs.log i have got this information : DCS: Device unplugged: \\?\SWD#DAFUPnPProvider#uuid:15c55a28-aabd-6f6e-75c8-6109ddf23794# how to know which device is ? thanks
  2. Thanks for you sincerity. For sure, for future modules, i will buy only when they are out of EA. I hope that hornet will be finish not too mate this year, thanks to ed team for the job.
  3. Hi, In the next weeks, we will see many EA coming in dcs world (mariana, hind, ah64), but hornet is still in EA since 2 years. Last year, ED planed the end of EA to fall of 2020. But now, despite many features added since the start of 2021, we only know that it’will be soon….ED what is your estimate to finish the hornet ? Thanks.
  4. Totally agree with you. I hope we will see no more cheater on multiplayer server now
  5. This 2.7 patch looks very good. For players who don’t have enough space on her SSD for OB, I hope that ED can update stable in few days !
  6. Yes, I am sure it will be a good product. But it’s true that the forum is more useful for talking to your customers rather than discord. What worries me, too, is that I haven’t seen any screenshot since December.
  7. it is very surprising that polychop has not communicated anything for months on the project. In my opinion, there must be a problem with Bell and the commercial contract. I'm afraid the kiowa will never come out, it's sad.
  8. Not surprisingly, ED never made good estimates, there was always a delay (remember ex hormuz map and new atc...) Do not wait 2.7 on the stable version before the end of summer.
  9. look my first post, all i was asking is where the hornet was after i stopped for 6 months. Is it difficult to update a roadmap like most video game developers do?
  10. Don't expect an answer about F18c development from ED. History shows us that they are incapable of following a road map or even making one. That's probably why they prefers to ignore us ...
  11. I see that nothing has changed ... development and communication are still chaotic. So I'm not going to reconnect my joystick now!
  12. Hi, it has been several months since I played the hornet. Has anyone from ED updated Kate's first post? Is there a road map for 2021? what feature is finished or still in wip ? thank you
  13. Sorry but it’is not correct, we don’t see any update since end of July on stable.
  14. So I understand that we have choice to fly on stable with very incomplete module like hornet, viper, sc or on OB with very bugged module ?
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