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  1. More like completely. This thread is in the wrong category.
  2. Yep, but they have been making it more annoying to make an Offline account. It's now to the point where once it asks to sign into Microsoft you have to pull the ethernet cord and then hit Back for it to recognize you have no internet.
  3. The official insider preview is now available.
  4. No but I'll consider it. I was hoping they would have made some effort to overhaul or optimize the virtual scene rendering because FPS was horrible if you kept adding high-poly units, and adding water probably still isn't possible.
  5. Are you supplying the extra bandwidth and storage space in addition to the added loading time?
  6. I noticed there is no coalition for the RSAF. F-5S F-16C/D F-15SG KC/C-130B/H KC-135R E-2C S-70B A-4SU UH-1H AH-64D CH-47SD
  7. To make it more simple... Let us choose between Headset Cursor or Mouse Cursor. Choosing one disables the other.
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215875
  9. Mine stays hidden every time I launch. It only appears after first install and it saves enabled/disabled state. You should try a clean reinstall of the mod and delete your options.lua and any config files this mod created.
  10. This still isn't fixed. It would take 5 minutes for someone with access to the 3D model.
  11. Did you JUST install it or was it working and now it isn't? The error is not able to connect to Twitch. Try generating a new oauth code and restart DCS after changing it in options. If that doesn't work try disabling your firewall.
  12. Then you have a duplicate Twitch folder inside the main directory cause DCS shouldn't be looking for a manifest file. If you'd like me to troubleshoot for you, PM me your Discord name or something.
  13. I've been an advocate for compression for a while now so I can agree. Remove all extras leaving a single Default for each coalition. Let users download and install their own. For campaigns just supply the liveries on install.
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