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  1. That Air Combat Sim podcast was 15 months ago and a lot of water has gone under the Razbam bridge since then. Razbam seem to be working on everything but the kitchen sink so perhaps expectations should be recalibrated downwards somewhat about what modules will be available in early access anytime soon.
  2. Cover of It’s the final countdown by Europe. Seriously channeling the 80’s in ED’s release trailer video. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The above sums up my view on what should be done. :thumbup:
  4. 3090 is a Titan card but if you look at its price compared to previous Titans it is actually pretty decently priced. Also I would not be surprised in the slightest if Nvidia release a 3080Ti or something down the track with more VRAM as you suggested. That is standard Nvidia SOP.
  5. I feel sorry for 2080Ti owners right now, sort of. The 30 series is the biggest jump we have seen in performance since Pascal. While in the past I have always gone for the best bang for buck which has been the x70 series of cards like my 1070 this time around I think I will go for Nvidia's most powerful non Titan card being the 3080 which I expect will be a huge jump over the 2080Ti and certainly a far greater jump than the rather pedestrian performance increase we saw from the 1080Ti to the 2080Ti while also incurring a ridiculous price hike. So glad I gave Nvidia's Turing architecture a miss.
  6. That's what I have done and will continue to do so until the Harrier finally comes out of early access with a full manual and the aircraft being feature complete and in the main bug free. That meant no purchase of the Mig-19 and will mean no purchase of the Falklands Map or the Mig-23, or the F-15E, or the Pucara, or the Lightening and all these other modules in the elongated pipeline of Razbam. I wish them every success in bringing to fruition these over the horizon modules but I will not own a increasingly burgeoning stable of incomplete modules.
  7. Konovalov

    ee lightning?

    3d models look great. But can I please have a completed Harrier?
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Not to worry. Really looking forward to the next batch of Hornet [emoji219] updates to come with the next patch and hopefully the Super Carrier will also make an arrival soon. Fingers crossed that ED team manage to work through the showstopper issues with the Super Carrier and the performance issues within the latest Beta release. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. A completed one, specifically the Harrier.
  10. God knows what they want. What I would like is for everyone just to take a little step back and chill. It is in the grand scheme of computer game/simulation things a small delay of a couple of weeks or so. Big deal. Do something else with your lives. It's not as if we don't all for the most part have a little extra time on our hands. Fly the Hornet and improve your skills so you don't look like a total ass like me when the SC module is released. And before you know it the SC will be released. And for the record I am content with the attempts by ED to be as transparent in its communication to it's customers as is humanly and commercially possible. Is it perfect? Probably not but what is in life.
  11. Load up DCS. Click on the Module Manager at top left of screen. Click on the Installed tab which should then show you list of modules installed. Hopefully you will find the F15c and SU27 listed there. If they do show up just click on the trash basket icon for each and they will be deleted. Hopefully this solves it.
  12. My guess is by the end of this year. ED did say they plan on having the Viper and Hornet out of early access and being future complete by the end of 2020 so with that being said I think my guess is fair enough.
  13. 100% spot on. :thumbup: We have been complacent if not arrogant and that goes for governments and their populace whose repeated actions have shown we have been very slow to take this threat seriously. To think that one man or woman picked up this virus from an animal and now look where the world is, at a virtual standstill.
  14. For the record I am a big classical fan and have been since my teens however I am also a huge fan of other music and recently have been pounding Tool's latest album. One day it's Tool and the next day it is Dimitri Shostakovich. I guess that is what you call eclectic. :smilewink:
  15. My best wishes to all to stay safe and sane. Please listen to the experts, the medical health professionals who are the soldiers in this global pandemic/war. We the general public are the conscripts and all we need to do is to follow the medical advice of social distancing and hygiene to aid in wining this war. Do your very best to NOT be the spreader of this virus and then you will be doing your fellow citizens and your country the best thing you can do. We will get through this in the next 6-18 months. Let's all do our bit which is quite frankly in my view our obligation to each other, our country and the wider world.
  16. For anyone who enjoys classical music and/or right now misses the experience of going to a live concert performance then the good news is that the Berliner Philharmoniker has free access to it's Digital Concert Hall online and it is free for 30 days if redeemed online by 31st March 2020. https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/home Something to perhaps take peoples minds off things a little and get out of the Corona virus bubble. :)
  17. I am really looking forward to this interesting cold war aircraft. Hopefully we see this in early access release some time in 2021. As far as my wishes I am just looking for the raft of aircraft I already own to come out of early access.
  18. Not to worry. I can wait. May give me a chance to play the new Doom Eternal release in the next 24 hours.
  19. I'm more than happy that progress is being made and welcome the patch coming out this Thursday 19th March. ED is heading in the right direction with the major focus on the DCS World and it's core features while existing early access modules also make continued progress to being feature complete.
  20. Correct. Really looking forward to the overhauled sounds for the Harrier.
  21. Yes. It has been a long standing gripe for many regarding the apparent excessive dispersion of the A10's big BRRRRT cannon. This will be a welcome fix for me.
  22. Good luck Brixmis. I loved the Artic Freezer Pro 7 back in the day with my Core 2 Duo E6600 where I managed to overclock from stock 2.4 to 3.2Ghz. That little cooler cost me I think around 12-15 quid. I did have to do some lapping of my CPU IHS and the cooler base so they were both flat and had better contact.
  23. Thanks Sunstag for the excellent video. Nice to know some fixes improvements have been made and noted do not set wind speed at or above 21 knots to avoid AI harrier sinking on vertical take off.
  24. I would suggest take Bits advice given your nice but demanding monitor specs. So yes upgrade your CPU, motherboard and RAM now while holding off on the GPU. Nvidia should be releasing their new generation graphics cards under the Ampere architecture while AMD with their "Big Navi" cards should also be making an appearance late this year. This should mean some significant performance gains while also hopefully brining some better value and importantly choice in the graphics card market. As an owner of a Nvidia Pascal GTX 1070 I just haven't been able to bring myself to cough up stupid money on the RTX series of cards that don't bring performance gains that I would expect for the price. So I just turn down some graphics settings and tinker to get DCS to run how I want for now and when the next generation of cards arrive in another 6 to 12 months then I will take the plunge and crank up the graphics settings again.
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