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  1. Hi Chuck:

    Since you are closely involved with the development of DCS aircraft for your manuals, I want to pass on some still exclusive information.


    In a previous simulator life, many years ago, I was on a development team as the Armaments and damage model guy. As such, l had  much historical and factual information at my disposal.


    Recently, in discussion with NineLineNorm, (Norm), I had occasion to go over the statistics and loadout options on the Spitfire both during the battle of Bitain and in closing hostilities.


    Norm, tested these loadouts including my recommendations and detailed info on specific bullet composition including their audio and visual effects. After initial testing, Norm advises that they appear to be much improved and what is more expected from the Spitfire.


    At the moment, I believe that he is recommending changes to the devs. to accomodate these loadouts.


    Time will tell.

    Just an FYI in case it matters to you.


    (ps - convergence was also discussed re: box pattern - U.S. .50 cal. versus point conversion British and Allies.)


    Cats . . .

    1. Charly_Owl


      Very cool!

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