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  1. The 1/05/2021 version should be up to date.
  2. That's one badass plane. Day one buy for me.
  3. That's going to be one badass plane. Can't wait to write on it.
  4. @rossmumGotcha. By the way, the guide update is now live!
  5. The MiG-21 guide overhaul is now live! See first post.
  6. @kotor633 CCRP symbology updated and CM-802AKG logic corrected.
  7. Despite all their shiny toys, Hornet drivers can't capture airfields or FARPs in Blue Flag... I see modules in terms of mission capability, not airquake potential. This is where the cool missions are at.
  8. Paragraph and page? Couldn't find information that the pneumatic system is directly linked to the braking chute...
  9. FYI that'll be fixed in the June 1st guide update... which is going to be a massive overhaul.
  10. The reflections look pretty realistic to me.
  11. Odds are very, very unlikely I'm afraid. I just have too much stuff on my plate right now.
  12. Oh so THAT why I had such different results online vs in single player! That's pretty annoying...
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