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  1. Huey guide has been completely overhauled on January 20th. Enjoy!
  2. Tough to know. I think he meant a training campaign like the L-39 Kursant campaign or the Maple Flag stuff for the A-10. That's the answer that would make the most sense to me, since depriving players of the classic in-cockpit tutorial/training missions is pretty much akin to the devs shooting themselves in the foot.
  3. A new overhauled version of the Huey guide is now available! See first post.
  4. I think there are much more pressing matters to attend to on the DCS WW2 front than a trainer... especially since the environment we fly in is so barebones. IMHO we need stuff to shoot down / attack first.
  5. Agreed. The Mosquito needs fuzes appropriate for its mission type.
  6. Doesn't look like a typo; the switch is set just like in the RL flight manual and ED manual.
  7. No, it's always been there since as long as I can remember. I don't get FPS drops with Amraams or with HVAR rockets.
  8. In the Viggen, I've noticed that there is a significant framerate drop/stutter when launching all rockets at once. If I go by smaller salvos, the framerate drop is manageable (not that bad), but a full salvo with 4 pods brings you in the 10 FPS range when rockets are fired. I have a pretty beefy setup (64 gb RAM, Nvidia RTX2070), and I think it should be looked at.
  9. I appreciate the kind words!
  10. Wondering if an english cockpit version will be available.
  11. Hi, At the moment, the real life UH1 manual and the ED UH1 manual both state that the UHF radio procedure should set the SQUELCH DISABLE switch to OFF. It kind of makes sense since you don't want to keep having static noise in the background. However, when you set SQUELCH DISABLE to OFF, you hear all the static noise in the background. Shouldn't the static sound logic be reversed? In DCS, static noise is filtered if you set SQUELCH DISABLE to ON. The SQUELCH DISABLE switch is also set to ON both for in-air spawns and using anto-start procedures.
  12. Works from my side. The "Preview" function in google drive does not work for files that are this big, so you have to download the pdf and then open it using a pdf reader like Acrobat Reader, Foxit, etc.
  13. I plan to update it in 2021... can't really say when though. I've got a lot of stuff on my plate right now.
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