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  1. Radio presents can be changed mission editor...open both missions and check to see if the presets are actually correct.
  2. I'd recommend reaching out to Easypeac3. He's done quite a few skin reworks on AI Assets including the Buffs... https://tinyurl.com/yc9u4zon
  3. Great Job Guys...I have a single observation...NOT a complaint. It looks like the Gear struts are fully extended when sitting on the deck. Not sure if this can be adjusted or not... This was a sorely missed asset even if it's just as Eye candy on a crowded deck.
  4. The LOLA spots have been fixed for some time now. Golf Revets are still backwards...
  5. No you answered it quite well. I've seen videos that show a Suspended launch but I was curious who actually directs the actions. I'm assuming the Shooter hears over the radio if it's going to be worked on or retry?
  6. Just out of curiosity. What are the real steps?
  7. How about an "app version" of the popular Chucks guides. Individual checklists and procedures for each different aircraft...and then a common section of approach plate, comm menus etc?
  8. What are the numbers now? KC-10A MAX TO Weight is 590,000K. Peacetime / Wartime didn't matter. Max Fuel loads in the Desert were about 340,000K. (No Cargo / No Screen Height). KC-135Rs were 322,500K with about 180K fuel loads.
  9. Not sure it would...but I know the Blue Angles use a modified OFP for their Team and I remember an observer watching AR say something about a system not being affected because of their OFP. But that was a long time ago. Possible for the previous blocks they flew.
  10. Dude THIS is outstanding!
  11. Panther... Don't they fly with a different OFP than regular Vipers so they can perform some of their maneuvers without the GCAS Warnings going off? (Not arguing...just something I vauegly remember hearing during a fighter drag.)
  12. Check page 8 of the chucks guide for an explination https://www.mudspike.com/wp-content/uploads/guides/DCS%20FA-18C%20Hornet%20Guide.pdf
  13. Just flew an ILS with no issues...Tacan and ILS are Tuned, Identifed and Monitored? Remember by default now the ILS and Tacan volumes are off. You have to click on them on the intercom panel to identify.
  14. Is it ppossible to place the Osprey with its wings folded. Either via .lua entry or another version of the mod?
  15. This Bar is a real life challenge that real pilots learn to overcome. Its modeled correctly.
  16. So to be clear...You believe ED should write additional code to make the speed brakes function as an "axis" even though there is already code In the game that correctly simulates the speed brake functions?
  17. What is the install path for the S_70B? Can it be used seperately from the LHD/LSD Models?
  18. As you move the mouse you will see in addition to the Lat / Long on the bottom it displays the elevation where the mouse is... However, the easiest was is to simply punch "0" into the elevation box for the waypoint. When you hit enter, it changes to the Actual ground elevation at that point.
  19. Maybe because the question is about flying in the SuperCarrier Marshall?
  20. Report it via your anti virus as not correct. They will verify if it's real or add it to the white list.
  21. The Models are present...just not working...
  22. Hey Admiral, Since you seem to be the only game in town...Perhaps you wanna have a crack at some of these ships that are no longer working? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304473/?sphrase_id=4068507 Have a great Weekend
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