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  1. I'd buy a DCS tank simulator with a clickable pit (or should that be hull) without a second's hesitation. Of course we'd have to be able to make holes in the scenery in order to go 'defilade' if you intend to do it properly.
  2. Just got Combined Arms. That M1 Abrams came in useful for wiping out the bad guys that I couldn't hammer with the UH-1. Best $11.99 I've ever spent. :thumbup:
  3. I'll check that out, 26-J39. Lots of the Black Sea resorts have many palm trees. Sochi is know as little Vietnam (ok, I may have made that up). There was a Hawaii add-on for FS2002 that had animated (and lowish poly) palms that would sway in the breeze when wind was set in the wx editor. I'd like to see DCS have palms that were scripted to sway in rotor downwash.
  4. How about palm tree objects for DCS World? Or any trees for that matter in the editor. It would be quite useful to be able to place them in missions; I'd like to make a clearing for a UH-1 mission well away from towns and airfields.
  5. I've found that the sim will enter vortex ring/settling with power much more easily since the last update - any chance of going back to the last flight model? Normal approaches to hover in ground effect are now very tricky indeed. I did a test last night and found the only safe way to get on the ground is to arrive at a tall reference feature like a block of flats at 100' agl in the hover and then descend VERY slowly to the surface.
  6. Thanks for the update. Good service from DCS. Nice to see the UH-1 changes, although the maintenance option always seemed to be able to fix the machine from a 'wright-off' condition after a heavy landing.
  7. Just did a FARP test post-update. It gave me a 'hot' refuel/re-arm with all the objects in situ around the site. Of course, without the vehicles, tents, etc nothing happens. It would be nice if in a future update we could get the complete FARP set-up with one click like the SAM sites in old Lock On. Guess we could use the template/rubber stamp tool for planting these sites in mission editor.
  8. Just downloaded the update. Vortex ring/settling with power still works fine for me.
  9. Thanks, TurboHog. Good fix.
  10. FZG Immel, what config are you using? I've set my Catalyst panel to use game settings and turned down the DCS options so it's sub-Lock On. Just tried a session with the free Su-25 and I'm getting 25 fps looking at the terrain, with the frame ratings rocketing when I look at the sky (fps locked at 60 fps). Windows 7; 64bit Intel i5-2320 3GHz; 8GB RAM; 2TB HDD; AMD Radeon HD6670 2GB. Nobody96, tried it with force feedback off but no improvement.
  11. Looking forward to that, PilotMi8. Looks like I will have to give up beer (or healthy eating and soap) for new hardware as I've got DCS World tweaked down so it's not really DCS World anymore.
  12. As a matter of interest, how many polygons are players carrying into battle in the UH-1H model? A training config model would help folk with top-of-the-range budget PCs like me. Without the heat blur on I noticed if you look down the exhaust you can see the turbine turning; I could live without that animation. And I wouldn't mind losing the gunners and some of the cabin detail, too. Windows 7; 64bit Intel i5-2320 3GHz; 8GB RAM; 2TB HDD; AMD Radeon HD6670 2GB.
  13. Glad to see the 'heat blur always on' issue has been fixed. Should be able to get better frame rates without it.
  14. Got just just the line options.graphics.maxfps = 30 in the file. Changed 30 to 2 but no change in game from my usual fps. Tried re-saving the file with various notepad encodings but no luck.
  15. I created the autoexec.cfg as per the Read Me in the Saved Games part of the directory. Doesn't seem to have much effect though: even setting MaxFPS to 2 I'm still seeing the usual 18 to 24 in game. Perhaps I'm missing something.
  16. Just read the Read Me in the DCS World Config folder. Is it really a no-no to edit the max FPS setting in the lua file? I've got latest drivers, adjusted settings etc but flying the UH-1 I'm only getting 30 fps looking out to sea, and more like 18 to 24 viewing towns and airports on medium settings. Basic settings only gives me 1 or 2 extra frames, and maximum settings only gives a modest fps hit. Running Flaming Cliffs 2 on the same graphic settings give me my usual 50 to 60 fps. Is the graphics cfg limiting my video performance? Windows 7; 64bit Intel i5-2320 3GHz; 8GB RAM; 2TB HDD; AMD Radeon HD6670 2GB.
  17. I've noticed that when I crash on the deck of a ship, instead of the game taking the player to the re-fly/mission editor dialogue the Huey re-spawns in the hover at an on-shore airport ......perhaps it's helicopter heaven? Next time I'll look out for angels ;)
  18. Just noticed that there is no field in the Huey log book for the number of landings on ships. Can this be added in the next update? Seem to remember the Su-33 model had a 'carrier landings' total in its player's log book.
  19. I got myself a second-hand copy when Black Shark came out; the book was so fascinating I never got around to purchasing the Ka-50 game :)
  20. Anyone interested in good read about helicopter flight should try and find a copy of Principles of Helicopter Flight by W.J. Wagtendonk. It has more relative airflow/vector diagrams than you can shake a stick at, and it seems to exclusively cover choppers with anti-clockwise turning rotors like the Bell machines.
  21. I'm looking forward to v1.2.4.11855.154 if it will allow me to kill the HEAT BLUR effect on the UH-1 as hopefully it will give me better frame rates. I've tried the auto updater but I guess it isn't up yet. Interestingly, when I click LINK on the NEWS pop-out DCS freezes on me. Windows 7; 64bit Intel i5-2320 3GHz; 8GB RAM; 2TB HDD; AMD Radeon HD6670 2GB.
  22. DPS

    Mast Bumping.

    Thanks, Bear. That did the trick. Full left cyclic as I bunted over and the whole rotor separated as advertised. Full marks for the UH-1 flight model in DCS.
  23. Is mast bumping modelled in the UH-1? I've flown a few hard push-overs and the sim has let me get away with it. Quite a few machines were lost in the 60s by pilots bunting over whilst flying nap-of-the-earth - or in turbulence.
  24. Plenty of trees in DCS World. All we need is a BLU-82 Daisy Cutter to make some nice big clearings to land in. BTW, I like the 1st Cavalry Div markings on the UH-1. Just read We Were Soldiers Once… And Young. Nice touch.
  25. Just did the Ctrl+E x3 and the pilots vanish into thin air. I had hoped that they would at least open their hatches and run away, pistols blazing. I'm only getting 30 fps flying over the ocean or looking up at the sky. Don't really want to turn the settings much lower or it will look like Lock On world. I can't turn off HEAT BLUR but that has already been noted by other players.
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