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  1. Sorry I guess I missed that part but I will say that when I first tried it, I couldn't get anything to spawn with either command. Only after I switched them out could I get them to spawn with act. the "s" command still wouldn't work.
  2. I tested your mission and I found that once I replaced your Moose and the other scripts with the most current one that are linked at the beginning of this thread your late activations worked perfect with the -act- command. Don't know if it was Moose or one of the scripts causing the issue but I would just download and replace all of it with the most current ones. If you used these to begin with they might be corrupted for some reason and a redownloading would take care of that also.
  3. HI, Tried this out and spawning the units from the templets works great. I could not get a unit that was set for late activation to spawn using either -s- or -act- The line I used was -act-T-90 (which was a group of 4 T-90s with a start and stop waypoint). Tried it with the -s- also with no luck. User error or bug? thanks
  4. Shouldn't be out there anyhow... he isn't wearing his proper protective equipment. There's always that ONE guy!!! :lol:
  5. I started the mission and decided not to carry anything but aim 9s and about 60% ( I think) fuel. Just wanted to see how the launch crew and the recovery process worked so no need for all the hardware. When I launched I was at on 10 pds? more than when I landed and i even turned on the fuel dump to drop fuel to get below 6200. Fuel only dropped 10 whole flight. First track I forgot to save. I did the mission again and made a track file (attached) not using fuel.trk
  6. Mine has a cancel button on both in the lower right hand corner of the box.
  7. Or here for more plane profiles.. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=242416
  8. Check out this thread. It has free voice attack profiles for the 14. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=235766&highlight=baily
  9. I would say once you turn the weapons control systems (WCS switch) from the off position it needs to be on. Standby counts also as "on" for this purpose as the system is up and running its just sitting there waiting until you tell it to radiate something.
  10. Been monitoring this silly thread for a while and decided to speak for my one person part of the COMMUNITY. I play both single and multi. I use it often. I'm an experienced RIO/ pilot now in both arenas and I personally don't have issues with anyone using it either way. If you use it your gonna have a huge workload with all the other things going on that any advantage there is will be quickly lost. ITS A GAME PEOPLE. That several thousand dollars worth of simulator crap you have bought to make yourself FEEL like a real pilot is just plastic and wires. Its not real. It isn't and neve
  11. Noticed some shimmering going on after the past patch but definitely not what we were seeing before. Did the full fix and it appears to be gone. Got to be a shaders issue.
  12. How about they just allow the player to jump back and forth in multiplayer as well as single player and that would take care of it all. Make an option to where a second person cant jump into the plane and that way the pilot can do what he wants, be it pilot, rio , or both in multiplayer. If he wants someone to jump in then he can uncheck that box and open it up for others. Simple.
  13. Don't have both installed only OB so not sure if this works but can you do a repair on the stable version then do one on the OB? Maybe your stable may have the old files from previous flights and for some reason the repair is using those instead of the ones that should go in the OB? Maybe do the procedure to both stable and OB?
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