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  1. I am getting 45-60 FPS with the Reverb. So this seems pretty decent.
  2. I can't imagine what would be the performance if DCS finally had support for Vulkan. It would have allowed us to use fixed foviated rendering with the headset. Hopefully some similar optimizations will be made which will allows us to reach appropriate FPS.:v:
  3. What are the differences between the Standalone DCS World and the Steam version? Steam Version : - Auto-Update without launching the game (as long as steam is open) - Faster Update Speed - Steam In-Game Overlay - Steam Friend List Notifications - Quick Repair Standalone DCS World : - Get all the modules as soon as they are released - Does not require any extra program to be launched - Has every single modules available If you are fine with waiting for most product to be available on steam and like most of the Steam feature, the Steam version might be for you. If you own unsupported products such as Upgrades / FC3 or do not care about the Steam functionalities, Standalone DCS World might be for you. I believe that should be a pretty good answer. Feel free anyone to add points that I could have missed. This is mostly the pros of each version.
  4. Hello everybody, since the same questions are asked a billions time despite being clarified everywhere, let's link them all together. **EFFECTIVE 05/12/2017, STARTING w/ DCS:M2000C and Newer, Modules will no Longer Use Starforce and Will Use Steam's DRM, There fore these Modules Cannot be Purchased and Used with the Eagle Dynamics Distribution** (Easiest Way to tell is Modules that still use starforce will have the 3rd Party DRM Notice in the Features List on the Right Side when You are on Module's/DLCs Page). Can I activate my DCS World Module purchased on steam on DCS World Standalone(Non-Steam)? Yes, you will simply need to retrieve your serial key which can be found within your steam library and right-clicking on DCS World -> "View CD Key" then use this serial key to authenticate your module on DCS World. Another way to view your cd-key is by simply by clicking the "CD-Key" link on the right side menu displayed after clicking DCS World within your library as SkateZilla mentioned Can I use my modules purchased from ED Store on Steam? Note: from 06/07/2014, License Keys purchased from ED, Gamefly or other External Sources will no longer activate on Steam. See: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2085202#post2085202 My Steam DCS World does not show any key! It can sometimes happen that the steam store run out of keys for the games sold on their platforms. Wait until the developers give them a fresh batch of keys and you will be able to get your key afterward. I just purchased a module off steam and it is now in rebate!, what can I do!? This is basically your fault for not waiting on future deals but you can always contact steam to see if they can do somethings about it (which can sometimes happen if it was purchased a few minutes earlier) You can contact them by accessing the following page : https://support.steampowered.com/ I have added my key to Steam but the module does not appear in the game After entering the key of your newly purchased product, Steam will update DCS World. Make sure the game is not active and let the update finish before re-entering the game. I purchased a newly released module and I cannot register it over steam If the module has been released within a month, you will have to wait until the module is published on the steam platform and then wait for the keys purchased from the ED store to be added to the Steam database. If you really want to try to module right away, your only option is to get it from the DCS World Standalone which can be found on the main website : http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/dcs_world/ Can I have both the standalone and Steam versions of DCS installed? Do they share settings? Are there any negative side-effects? You can have both installations on your PC at the same time. There won't be any negative effects due to both installations keeping all their updates / configurations within their own folders. How do I add command line arguments to a steam shortcut? - Right click on DCS World within your Steam Library - Select Properties - Click on "Set Launch Options" - Type your command line options. Every time the game is launched, the arguments will be executed. Why doesn't the game track my time played? Why the Steam overlay is not working? This is currently an issue with the launcher which should soon be fixed. Once the issue is resolved, the time will be tracked as long as you are not playing in "Steam Offline Mode". Are patches/updates for the Steam version of DCS released at the same time as the standalone? Is this a source of potential issues if both are installed and used between updates? DCS World Updates are pushed through ED servers for the standalone and Steam Servers for the Steam platform thus resulting in a delay when using Steam (since Steam has to first receive and handle the new update). The good new is that the updates will be much quicker to download from your Steam platform. The negative side is that you might have to wait before being able to play with your friends using the standalone version on the latest revision. What are the differences between the Standalone DCS World and the Steam version? Steam Version : - Auto-Update without launching the game (as long as steam is open) - Faster Update Speed - Steam In-Game Overlay - Steam Friend List Notifications - Quick Repair - DLCs not present on steam are unsupported Standalone DCS World : - Get all the modules as soon as they are released - Does not require any extra program to be launched - Has every single modules available If you are fine with waiting for most product to be available on steam and like most of the Steam feature, the Steam version might be for you. If you own unsupported products such as Upgrades / FC3 or do not care about the Steam functionalities, Standalone DCS World might be for you. My Steam installation crash / does not work properly anymore, is there any way to fix it? You repair your installation by going in the properties of DCS World which can be done by right clicking on DCS World within your library and selecting Properties. Then selecting the Local Files tab, which allow you to repair or uninstall the software. Feel free to add your own question / answer using the same format below. Please refrain from saying ANY COMMENTS since this is basically the main reason why these questions are repeated so often (visibility) Attachments: View Cd-Key : Redeem :
  5. Hey, I said it was the safe thing to assume unless it was explicitly said by ED and because I am not a forum addict looking at every posts made by the devs I didn't see that they already had mentioned that they would indeed keep syncing the keys. Anyway, you were pretty much off the points since I was simply stating that the steam keys were useable everywhere and that the ED keys were probably not unless proven otherwise. So basically, you could have left the odd remarks alone and just said "ED did say that were going to keep updating the keys with steam"
  6. I don't thinks you clearly understood. You can do whatever you want with your steam key, using the standalone DCS World or the one given by steam. It just doesn't really work the opposite way (ED -> Steam) unless ED says otherwise like they did previously when they first announced bringing all the modules to steam.
  7. well, yeah. The keys received from steam are directly coming from ED. While the keys from ED have to be implemented on the steam platform in order to work which is a long process that will probably never re-occur again since from now on, the customers have the choice to buy from steam or ED unlike beforehand. I say probably because technically, it would favor them to periodically updates the keys for steam because it would encourage the steam buyers to buy directly from ED thus giving them extra profits.
  8. Im actually surprised at the amount of people that are actually buying it off steam to use the standalone client. I mean, I transferred everything on steam for simplicity sake, friend lists etcs. Well, I guess it make sense if you simply play alone and don't really care about who's online or anything. We even have a super group chat hidden in that community hub : http://steamcommunity.com/app/223750 Where everybody can just hop in to talk. Im mostly pointing this out because it has to be the most unknown feature that steam is offering ahah.
  9. my only concern currently is the resolution. I have not tried the rift, however, since the resolution will be 1080p which apparently result in something like 720x1200 pixels (missing pixels due to the area between the eyes not being used) will decrease the amount of detail. While it might seem fine in most game to have a 700-800 pixels width resolution, we are talking about a flight simulator here, where having a really detailed surrounding is really important in order to spot these little planes, tanks, helicopters kilometers aways. I already heard that a lots of people were angry about the 720p version since they could barely see more than a few meters away due to pixels appearing too big, I am afraid the same thing will occurs on the 1080. I believe that to get something as nice as we currently observe on our machine would require at least 1080p per eye, so more than 3800x1200 pixels for the entire display, also heavily increasing the GPU load. Whats the opinion about that from the guys that tried the 1080p version in a flight simulator-like environment?
  10. If you thinks this forum is >50% trolling and you are sad about it, I don't ever want you to see what a real forum filled with trolls look like (even though it can be quite amusing)
  11. I did that for black shark but I was getting tired of getting the stretched multiplayer screen and the "Briefing" dialog box always appearing in the middle of both screen instead of the main screen. So I just changed everything back to where it was before. Unless there is a way of getting these without affecting how the UI / Dialogs are appearing on the main screen? That would be nice for sure.
  12. the only problem are the trees, they used these static 2d planes that always face the camera which completely break everything. Of course, this is a minor detail that is easy to fix. The details on the mesh appear to be very great, I wonder how far the mesh can go with that amount of details though.
  13. very awesome to see the implementation in steam. It really helps increasing the amount of exposures, really a good move from ED. I got one question though, I believe that any mods will get "broken" on every few updates, maybe not since I don't remember it happening with my current DCS World installation, however if it can happen, would it be possible to have perhaps a "Mod" folder within the main directory or maybe some kind of mod manager to make sure that the modifications does not get removed? Somethings cool is that now it is will be much easier to fix a build if a mod somehow damaged the installation :P
  14. The multiplayer section of the game has the game embedded with the MP front end which cause the game to use the in-game resolution and use its proportion / size to fit in the GUI elements. I know this is quite annoying, I for one use a dual-screen setup which cause the entire MP menu to be stretched completly. However I am afraid there is no easy way to separate both and attempting to do so would probably break the smooth screen flow when moving in and out of the servers. However I believe they could probably fix the way the elements are scaled or perhaps add a snippet to force the game to run at a specific resolution when outside of the in-game menu. Otherwise you can probably attempt to fix the resolution of the elements yourself by editing the lua files but that would be a little bit hard without knowing the actual structure of the menu with the files.
  15. Wow wow wow. I would rather say the same for a game like Quake or perhaps Street Fighter which are considered sports due to their extremely steep learning curves (talking about multiple years of training for most players) However, DCS and Quake or any other E-Sport are completly different subject but there is something similar to both of them. They all struggles getting new members since something like 95% of the population is not looking something to "work on" but something to have fun hence why the mindless games such as Call of Duty, Angry Birds are so popular. The only thing we can do is make sure it is easy to reach (via websites, communities or stream like mentionned by the OP) and cross your fingers that some will change their mind and decide to try a new thing to learn. Sometimes I wish a greater portion of the population were into hard games.... by sometimes I mean everyday.
  16. We can see the effect but not the rings, also note how faded it appear in a dark environment, we wouldn't even notice it during a bright afternoon. Also that's the problem, most effects appear "fancy" except this one which is atrocious. It break the entire immersion when viewed in real time. Anyway, I am not really complaining about it (Im not even flying these aircrafts), just reporting the issue in.
  17. this is always the kind of issues I like the most "return to base!, -Copy!" :D
  18. I believe I had the same kind of problem every time I started teamspeak a while ago, and I thinks it was fixed by changing the configuration of my router or disabling services on my machine. I might be mixing a problem with another that I have solved recently but I believe that I had two services attempting to use the same ports resulting in the adapter failure. However even after uninstalling / disaabling most services using my network connections to host or retrieve data, the problem was always there. It only got fixed once I reverted back my router from DMZ Plus mode (which allowed every connection to connect directly to my machine thus bypassing entirely everything from the router) to the default routing type. In summary, I would check for everything that could cause port conflicts and if nothing can be found, I would attempt adding some good firewall protection. (while making sure the ports used by DCS are left open)
  19. Is it marked as a known issue somewhere those static afterburner rings behind most planes as shown below : I mean, as someone else stated, on pictures, the rings are probably visible but in real-time, this would never appear like that. Right now it look like if there was some kind of transparent plastic sheet taped behind the planes. The ring shouldn't be there or should at least move / quickly flicker around no? Edit : I got involved a little bit deeper with the subject since I practically didn't know anything except that it felt incredibly wrong and here's some additionnal details : See this video for references : (For specific time of that rare time where we can experience the same effect as in-game) We can observe the following : - Major heat blur on takeoff, not as noticeable once in the air - Afterburner effect is barely noticeable during daylight (only the interior will appear orange-ish - On low light, the white-ish beams as seen on the screenshots seem to appear, however they are far from making a clear cut as seen in-game, they are barely noticeable, very low opacity (10-20%) - In the dark, we don't even see any kind of blur or rings at all, it look exactly like a propane torch
  20. Apaches and giant birdie in the background
  21. I love how DCS world work overall however it seems to be mainly focused on fast aircraft such as the A-10 / F-15. However with the KA-50 / Combined Arm, it seems like there is a huge lack of proper simulation with the environment not playing its role as it should be in term of obstruction / camouflage with the AI. This should almost be considered as a bug since the environment play a huge role for these slow-paced games and everyone would expect the AI to react accordingly to your current visibility. As a side note, it would also be nice to have an environment that feel more alive : - "Alive" Nature (winds / hovering affecting trees, birds, small animals?) - Better thunderstorm (lighting, better sound effects) - Rain affecting the pilot visibility (there is currently no raindrop on the cockpit windows) Off-topic : I wish more helicopters are planned for production :P
  22. Oh, that would actually make sense, good to know that it is indeed me doing something wrong and not some random system failures going on while flying. I had observed my batteries meters, pretty much all my other electronics were working so I was really out of ideas about what could have caused this. Thanks a lots of the quick explanation, and Thanks ShuRugal for the quick tip, I will try it next time.
  23. Did anyone experienced something similar? Sometimes the Shkval and weapon system seems to suddenly shutdown without any warnings. The missiles type will no longer be able to be selected and even the cannon will not work. Everytime it happened, I have looked for the weapon system power switch, or flight instruments switch and everything was still "operationnal". Eventually the system come back after a minute. It is also nearly impossible that I accidently switch something off in the middle flight manœuvres... I might have missed something stupid that would explain it but so far I have no idea :blink: I also believe I had something similar with the Laser Targeting System suddenly shutting down while the switch were still on... Let me know if you have any clues :P
  24. I really can't wait to try out this interactive mission tonight :P Meanwhile, I got the chance to look a little bit deeper inside the manual and so far, I am really surprised by the amount of work that went into it, DCS really pulled out all the stops on this. There is absolutely no other way to say it. And the game seems to be easily moddable, I must say, I am impressed. It is also rare these days to find games created for a small audiences since most of the big producer prefer going for the mass market which is a "safer" option instead of doing something completely amazing that might only appeal to a few individuals. Thanks a lots for the help guys, it was really appreciated. I feel like I will learn much faster now :P
  25. Oh wow, that is what we can call a proper manual. I didn't know it was available online. Well thanks a lot, now I suppose that I have quite a read to do :P
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