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  1. Cheers Mustang, This is a MUST mod to fix otherwise washed out ED shaders. At least the HUD is readable again Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  2. Can we confirm the EO bug still not fixed for ER behaviour? Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  3. Can we have ED look at air temp effects on engine thrust for some of the F types? F16 doesn't suffer at all from warm weather, while the effects on Redfor AC is like driving a loaded truck vs a sports car. Or maybe the idea here is that Russians made planes for the winter only? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  4. Exactly what the above post says! ECM implementation should be consistent across all platforms. No BS argument can go around this fact. So,@ED please fix. Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  5. Modern ECM RL environment would probably make TWS at long range all but USELESS for both sides. It would probably also make long non STT 120 shots also pretty useless. As seeker lockon range would be reduced greatly. At least we should have some form of ECM effect for REDFOR vs blue systems. The 15sec warmup is a complete joke, done for the sake of NATO fanboy cries back in the day. 0 realism logic was applied by ED. So yes, Tek is spot on pointing out the double standards, whether you like it or not, GGTharos. On top of this, the Russians are the ones constantly updating their ECM tech. S
  6. Of course MP. Why else do we want fixed missiles for!? Guys cmon.... If DCS had no MP I'd never be here to start with. Along with many others.... Priority is MP. That should be the baseline for all testing. Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  7. На счет ракет, это конечно будет хорошо в будущем... но хоть на данный момент поправите реализацию радаров Су и Миг ?
  8. Indeed! We are not even talking about the possible effects of ECM and etc. Seems, 120 in game has a better radar lookdown than a Mig-29. Its actually quite ridiculous IMO.
  9. It is the same for 27/33 radars too! They are underperforming by about 10-15% in lookdown based on manuals data. Will ED look into this? Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  10. Ermm no I think it just got fixed in the patch. Time to enjoy a better FM.
  11. The turn rate of F15 is too good in DCS for the graphs too. Anyway F14 finds its place in the BFM and BVR arena hopefully after all the dust settles. Not as a push one button fighter but actually a very specialized platform (as it was in Rl). Gj Heatblur. PS: will F14A Mach 3 be hotfixed soon? Also what about the silent Pheonixes? Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  12. Cool. Looking forward to new version. Perhaps with a slightly adjusted water splashes as done by the guys in above posts? Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  13. A nice bug to have for BLUEFOR. IMO this should be a priority fix. STT with 120s not giving LW. Thanks Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  14. I don't think Rd 1 was won by blue at any point in time. Was more or less in the balance still. But random failures grounded all our flankers from the getgo in that round. Migs took off with EOS and Engine troubles. It was pretty nuts. However it was still a lot of fun and congrats to all on Redfor for a job well done. Frankly I don't know why some blue ran off on restart especially that it was them asking for a 20z start time! In my timezone that's 4am. But whatever. Fun event guys, and looking forward to more! Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  15. Thanks for the clarification BN. In light of this I propose that we fly this event without ECM and Chaff. I think that would ensure fairest competitive environment for all platforms. Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
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