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  1. Eh beh... Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. It will ;) Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Here is a quick update on the DCS MB-339: after achieving full damage, hydraulic and electrical simulation, our coding team is working hard to complete the rest of the package - since pretty much needs to be written from scratch in DCS, it is not an easy task... and we'll show you the new functionalities once they are ready. In the meantime, our art team has improved a number of small details while the external model textures have been remastered for better detail and visual fidelity. Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. This is in our "to do" list Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. Blind Flying Hood - Work In Progress Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. DCS version will be study level with all systems and funzionalities entirely reproduced as real aircraft. The version of the other sim uses the base sistems of the sim which have been customized to be adapted to the MB-339 (it is a medium fidelity add-on) Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Our DCS team is working hard even during the holidays, and now we finally have wing flex on the MB-339...
  8. The MB-339 with Air-to-air capability is the CD version which has also digital avionics and can be equipped with ECM pod. The MB-339 version we are going to reproduce will be the A/PAN version (it is the version we have access to real aircraft and more technical information). The MB-339 is a little faster than the C-101. General aircraft performances are public available on internet.
  9. Our intention is to make it functional, at the moment it is only visual Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Hi, sorry but unfortunately we cannot provide any release date yet. Hi, we are working to reproduce all system like the real aircraft. The other IFE MB-339 is a good aircraft with a good level of realism but the simulation level will be deeper in the DCS version. I like when my overseers beat me Anyway, please have a look to my last message for more info on our progresses. Best regards, Duke
  11. Hello everyone, we are pleased to share with you our new development report regarding DCS: MB-339 project. Please click on the following link to visualise the entire document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r3Ohj0wfWWA4IrA56JusuV5lpaT3_ylN/view?usp=sharing Best regards, Duke IndiaFoxtEcho Dev Team
  12. Durandal Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Training bombs - work in progress Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. Landing gear improvements for our MB-339 Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. We are reworking entirely our project, in our opinion the mod wasn't at payware standards (compared with the work done with F-16, F-18 and F-14).
  16. Se qualcuno avesse piacere di unirsi al nostro discord, può farlo da qui: https://discord.gg/WN33hps9EQ
  17. Hi everyone, during these last months, we have been a lot silent, so with this post we are going to share with you some information regarding the module under development. Today we show you some screenshots but during the next weeks we will go deeper describing the new features that will be available with the official module. Cheers, Duke from IndiaFoxtEcho Dev Team
  18. Hello everyone, we would like to invite you all to join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WN33hps9EQ Cheers
  19. Hi, maybe your friend has some special characters in his windows username. Try this procedure to fix the problem: 1. Right click on saved games 2. Click on properties then select path 3. Modify the path of saved games folder as C:\Saved Games 4. Click apply and confirm 5. Windows registry will be updated 6. Then launch DCS 7. Open a mission with the MB339 8. It should work Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  20. This is an interesting article which explain the history of sidewinders on the G91R (it is in italian but you can use google translate). Although several test was performed, the sidewinder was never operative on this aircraft https://www.academia.edu/12111956/Il_G_91_con_i_Sidewinder_sveliamo_la_storia_che_non_fu Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  21. Purtroppo non possiamo dire nulla a riguardo Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  22. 6S.Duke


    The beauty of trainers and "simple" aircraft is the availability of huge quantity of unclassified docs which allow the developer to reproduce a more faithful simulation. However, the MB339 is our first project that will help us understand how to develop high quality addon for DCS World, then we will use our experience to work on more interesting projects. Inviato dal mio SM-N975F utilizzando Tapatalk
  23. Hi, the user manual already included in the public free mod could be a good reference to get some interesting information about the version reproduced in DCS World.
  24. 6S.Duke


    The C or CD version are not only a simple avionics upgrade but it is a totally different aircraft with several difference on 3D models and systems. Yes, it is true, in DCS World there are already two similar traininers (C-101 and L-39), as indeed there are already several multirole aircrafts with similar weapon capabilities and performances, but this cannot stop the production of modules. Our choose to make the MB-339A/PAN versions as first commercial project is due to for two main reasons: huge quantitly of unclassified documentation to make a module with a excellent level of simulati
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