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  1. Stunning job, I really like the details, very well done. Another great fan of dirty birds here!:D The only problem is that I don't own the F-5. Let me know if you have other similar repaints of other aircrafts. I'd love to grab them, if possible, of course. Keep the good work.
  2. Thanks for the update CptSmiley, looking forward the improvements. Our beloved Mirage well deserve it. Thank you. Cheers
  3. It's just the 32bit version. I believe most of us are using the 64bit.
  4. Good post. I recently started to fly the M2000, a beautiful bird but the FM problems are quite obvious. So i did just like you and tried to adapt my style of flying to his limitations. Lets hope for a quick update release. Razbam did a great job, just need some polishments. This beauty well deserve it.
  5. Excelente iniciativa, obrigado pelo esforço:thumbup:
  6. Good fun last friday flying with two buddies. We had no problems, the mission is quite fun and it's serves quite well his purposes. My only suggestion would be the addition of a sort of "hidden threat", let's say a MANPAD, SA-8 or a SA-15, for example. This "hidden threat" could be placed near the target but without the exact position like is given for the normal targets. Thanks for your work!:thumbup:
  7. Thanks for your reply and for the mission Chris, I'll give it a try online tonight.:thumbup:
  8. Great work as usual, thanks! :thumbup:
  9. Knowing that's in beta state and that needs some polishing (which is perfectly normal) i'm another happy customer! Congratulations Razbam you guys have done a beautiful job on this little gem, i'm really enjoying her, keep the good work :thumbup:
  10. I'm not much of complaining but I've to agree, right now TGP is almost useless, I really hope ED give some attention to this problem.
  11. Thank you for your generosity and i'd like to try my luck! :thumbup: and Merry Christmas and a great 2016 to all:drunk:
  12. What I thought after your post, unfortunately he didn't make it..
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