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  1. Great to know that we have more improvements. Thank you Razbam.:thumbup:
  2. No problem BD, take your time, and a big thank you for your efforts, mate. :thumbup: Cheers
  3. I have this same problem, Kappi. And it has nothing to do with the latest update, since it started before.
  4. Glad to know that these problems are being addressed. Just hope don't take much time to get fixed, keep the good work CptSmiley. :thumbup:
  5. IMHO, and regarding what have been addressed on this update, we need a little fine tuning on the air brakes and wheel brakes effectiveness. But overall i'm very happy with the update. Terrific job Razbam, well done. Looking forward to the next improvments. :thumbup:
  6. trindade

    New update

    Thank you Razbam for this great update, and keep the good work, our beloved Mirage well deserve it! :thumbup:
  7. It's updated but just for Betas.
  8. Stunning shots steele6! :thumbup:
  9. Stunning update, looking beautiful. Can we hope for an early access this Christmas? :beer:
  10. Lets just hope, fingers crossed! :D
  11. Thanks for the list CptSmiley, looking forward the update. Keep the good work.:thumbup: Cheers
  12. Thanks for the update Zeus :thumbup:
  13. Chuck's guides are very handy to learn the first steps and to know what is needed to be assigned to an HOTAS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=171646
  14. Obrigado Sydy, um abraço de Portugal. :thumbup:
  15. So I bought the Tiger yesterday :) Time to download your work amigo. Obrigado ;)
  16. trindade

    Mirage F1

    Didn't know about this one. It looks pretty good.
  17. Thanks for the update and for your efforts BD. Cheers
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