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  1. blast, at 1 nm from tanker open your airbrake +- 50% and keep him open, I've found much easier to fine tuning my speed with the airbrake open. Try it and see if it help you out.
  2. Indeed. Thanks for sharing those pics Lemans224
  3. It looks more than ready to me! :thumbup:
  4. I've made a backup of my config folder before doing the update. Haven't test it yet but would be possible to use the old config settings instead of rebind everything again?
  5. Sexy shots, thanks for sharing :thumbup:
  6. Many thanks for your replies guys. I'll get it and take advantage of the great price. :thumbup: Cheers
  7. Hello, With the recent sale I'm considering purchasing the Harrier and my question is simple (maybe the answer isn't!) What is the current state of the Harrier? Bugs? Any showstoppers? It's playable as it is? Thanks for your input. Cheers
  8. You're the man Chuck, HUGE thank you for your efforts, mate. Cheers
  9. Great to know, thank you for your time. :thumbup: Cheers
  10. Thank you BIGNEWY, appreciated. :thumbup: Cheers
  11. Thank you for the update Cpt! :thumbup:
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