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    My wish is for a "TACTICAL AIR WAR SUPPORT SORTIE COMBAT STUDY SIM" in Single Player!

    Not just a "Military Air Craft Collector Multi-Player Junkie Sim"!

    Its why Falcon 4.0 is a great sim - http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?53

    & http://www.pmctactical.org/f4/falcon-4-pmc-theaters.ph
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    Love Flight Sims
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    Flight sims are dying so I'm moving onto 4WD Clubs more pleasant to meet people face to face!
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  1. @Battlefield ProductionsJust a note with pricing and where things are going why not better sort out a 3rd party developer contract deal with ED and simply add to Combined Arms as a development group instead of selling extra asset packs. Combined Arms is lacking so much that it leaves Single Players wanting. Now consider the development of ED's Dynamic Campaign variant looking from past milsim's it was a hit amongst simmers and then the development of maps towards building a global map its years of work and possibilities to grow in across various eras. E.g.
  2. The joys of flights sims, video games and hobbies in general they cost money. Keep a "Budget or have a Plan" is my opinion, I have good rig but it wont play DCS anymore, so I either use my Laptop or my old Rig for older sims. But I have a plan and Budget as I wait for DCS to come out of BETA or at least 1 to 2 year wait for more finished product to come out like Dynamic Campaign, Graphics Engine improvements CPU and GPU optimizations or just general better core code running better to decide on a new system, then I will be buy it and set it up for at least 10 year build
  3. AGREED! > WAR AIR COMBAT SIM = LIFE! LIFE + IMMERSION + REALISM + DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN + GLOBAL MAPS = AIR COMBAT SIMULATION The way I see it is "Network Interoperability or Asset Integration" with Air Combat Simulation = ALIVENESS Now "Situational Awareness" is really critical to how you play the game/sim and Win the WAR! Where via menus I can instruct or guide or support ground infantry / forces etc........... and win the WAR - think again the soon "DCS DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN ENGINE"! Now Single Player with improved A.i becomes not just
  4. Think............... CHESS.................... not draughts................ if that makes sense! Especially once the release of a DCS Dynamic Campaign Engine comes out....... it will be WOW time!
  5. Sounds cool - ED would benefit if 3rd party devs and as a combined effort or some kind of big picture plan incorporating 3rd party devs to expand on "Combined Arms" to be all it could be adding immersion and realism and tactical/strategic simulation of Air- Land- Sea as the overall sim grows as an all encompassing air combat flight sim with a complete world map in its future............... how many times has it been stated ED-DCS is a sand box. War is in a sim/game if you like divided across Air Land and Sea. Think in terms of organizing air defense from ground forces in heavy thr
  6. Would love to know more about the rotors workings and effects of flight controls in Drones? X-Box version - http://bit.ly/DCL_The_Game_Xbox PS4 version - http://bit.ly/DCL_PS4 Download the DCL Game on Steam► http://bit.ly/DCLTheGame2020_FT_Steam DCL The Game at Target! - http://bit.ly/32s71j0 DCL The Game at Game Stop! - http://bit.ly/37ZXHEf DCL The Game at BestBuy! - http://bit.ly/2TetdJb We go to Europe to see DCL's new, and the world's first manned aerobatic racing drone. This 12-motor, 24-battery giant drone carries a
  7. Hi Battlefield Productions, my 2cs so from what I understand it would be assisting the combined arms module there is decades of wishlist's and wants in this Thread - https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/85-dcs-combined-arms/ Please go through it if possible and add to your development ideas in hopes you get a contract with ED as 3rd Party Dev Team. My desire as a single player is to be able to "Control Combined Forces against Bluefor vs Redfor Battlefield situational awareness in areas where either support or eliminating threats to achieve tasking orders as a milsim where I th
  8. Heroes of the 354th Fighter Group - YouTube Channel is very entertaining for aviation enthusiasts - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHH7JcHxGVoQWmMOdAE4COA
  9. I haven’t got DCS loaded up for now but that level of detail is great for later on I believe in another post in Forum I think Combined Arms thread the talk about controlled ground forces ..... albeit it would be great for ARMA type realism and sim emersions. Thx for video!
  10. Oh, I love the "DARK THEME" choice setting down below Forum page option.......
  11. Nice..... I like it! Its for the future crowds and next generations who will also embrace "Flight Sims" looking forward to happier times and new members coming on board!
  12. WRAITH

    Members age?

    :thumbup: For me 2 but most of the time 49:megalol:
  13. Any good for sims? Its under $2000 for a buddy of mine, Specs are - https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GF65-Thin-10SX/Specification
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