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  1. Make sure that the WMR settings in windows are 90 Hz not 60 Hz. With 60 Hz at the moment a cross eyed feeling happens.
  2. I find #define MASKSIZE 0.600f to be ok for me in the Reverb
  3. Nope, nothing wrong in my bindings as far as I can tell unfortunately :(
  4. Thanks for the reply. Must be something wrong on my end then. I have to push the stick all the way forward to keep it level. Have to check the axis bindings for any error. This is the only module I have this phenomenon in.
  5. Hi mates, I have an issue with my Anton. It seems I cannot get rid of the enormous tendency to pitch upwards even though I have trimmed forward as far as it goes. Is this behaviour correct or is this a glitch ED are working on? I searched the forums but can't find anything about this. Regards // HJ
  6. ED has stated that native WMR is on to do list
  7. Strange, I still have default.vrsettings file there.
  8. Yes, SweViver has disclosed being an Pimax employee long ago.
  9. I have just received my Reverb and I don't look at FPS counters. I tune it to where my brain perceive that it's smooth. Perhaps that is the wrong approach from a scientific view :D However, getting rid of ghosting is impossible in some fast moving situations but that is something I'm willing to live with in regards of the performance and graphics overall.
  10. I have Oculus Rift CV1 and in the headset i set IPD 64 (my true value) but for the world and cockpits to look like the correct scale I set IPD in game to 72. Don't forget to tick the box in front of in game IPD setting (I did and wondered why nothing changed at first :D) High in game numbers reduce size, low increase. At least this is my take on it.
  11. Hi, I get a positive for virus from Bitdefender. It says infected with "Variant.Ser.Johnnie.2761"
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