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  1. From what I've seen on Discord, it's in ED's hands, and has been since around October or November of last year. The developers have been very transparent.
  2. Why can we not get this loadout? Obviously, it's documented.
  3. This interview was a great insight to the perspective of a developer. It also shows a great light on this fine simulator that all of us are here to enjoy.
  4. Setting an offset from the TACAN along your landing runway's back azimuth at a distance of 10-12 nautical miles would not be messy, at all. Plus, just turn to TAC and the needle will point towards the TACAN for you to follow in to the runway. Or, if you have a VOR on the same runway, you have the thin needle.
  5. This work is amazing! Any fix to the IC issue?
  6. Great work, love the darker version, it's always blinding to see the bright ones in VR.
  7. Very nice looking skins and I love how the numbers are set by the ME. I have one correction to your narrative, though. I. Gruppe (group) Jagdgeschwader 1 used the black and white stripes and checkerboards. I. Gruppe consisted of 1., 2., and 3. Staffeln (squadrons). These groups used the number colors of white (1.), red or black (2.), and yellow (3.). Your renditions are of 3./JG1 and 2./JG1, the squadrons within I./JG1. The use of roman numerals aren't interchangeable in referencing the different squadrons and groups. This is to not to be confused with II. and III. Gruppen, whi
  8. Nice, good to see more functionality!
  9. Very great detail provided by zhukov032186, just follow his steps. The only thing I haven't seen in this thread of exceptionally helpful people in response to a vague post about issues is to check your keymapping. Even if you haven't changed anything, please check to ensure all the commands detailed above, are working in the options>keybinding.
  10. Please see this thread for some videos of Mirage pilots dropping on CCPL (CCRP) and fixing the problem you are also seeing: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=208695
  11. Didn't use mods, ran repair on the default Russian cockpit numerous times. I will try to switch back when I get home from this trip, thank you.
  12. I would be appreciative of the same limits.
  13. I get it regularly when my DCS is not my active window, i.e. Alt-Tabbed or on the desktop. I find it quite useful to avoid clicking buttons on the HOTAS after changing some sound settings. It consistently goes away when I click on DCS's window.
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