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  1. soulfreak

    F-5E re-WORK

    Thank you very much!
  2. In that threat you will find the links to that mod and description how to install. But you Need FC3 to use that mod. Included are psd files (must be a zip within textures Folder)
  3. I´m not kobra. i guess it will stay on G & S different models, cause those will be not only done for DCS.
  4. Well the plan is st to improve the F-104G model and then paralell to Strike Fighters 2 development but I guess the chances for a TF-104G are very good. But that is all for now, nothing more planned so far.
  5. Please check 56-891 file, it has different colors for the tail number.
  6. From me & I have to know it, cause I´m a part of the team which is working on it. But don´t expect fast results.
  7. That Looks amazing! Can´t wait for the final result
  8. BTW, the F-104G will get an update on the 3d model and maybe in two weeks or so another Version too.
  9. Have you installed the common textures for jocko417´s skins? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314166/
  10. Nope, it was done by Giuseppe Valfrè . He dit it for me (originally for Strike Fighters 2 series). VSN bought it from Turbosquit and brought it into DCS.
  11. Jocko, stencils etc should be all the same for the natural metal skins (basic USAF stencils). If you need references regarding the Belgian Sea Camo sheme, let me know. I have collected a lot.
  12. Great work so far @jocko417 Will you also release your templates? I´m currently working on some German & Italian F-104 skins, would be nice to do them in highrez.
  13. Great work mate! Can´t wait to see em in my sim. Thank you for your work!
  14. The F-18C in this archive has no drop tank textures...
  15. Great work @jocko417 The Turkish F-104s had a wide range of camos.
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