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  1. Hi I reverted to the previous beta version and everything worked fine. I also tried the syncing of the clock as well. Defo a problem with latest update. Neal
  2. Hi on the last update on 27 Jan 21 I get the above error. I cannot access DCS. I attach my logs for any help please? Neal dcs.log
  3. I feel your pain, fortunately i get 1 hour a day!! A counter to the soaps watching!!
  4. Hi Mordants, Did they indicate any likely delivery/availability?
  5. Hi anyone know where I can pre order a G2 from in the UK? The only site I could find was https://systemactive.co.uk/online/hp-reverb-g2/ Thanks Neal
  6. Hi, this format is awful. I cannot navigate to my own subscriptions. This for me is unusable. Please revert, its a real shame as I actually enjoyed this forum.
  7. The new forum is awful, seriously I cannot even find my own subscriptions. Please bring back the other one. If this stays I am afraid I cannot use it. Sorry
  8. Hi I have been using Viacom Pro for a few years now, just started flying the Huey, but for some reason I get no recipient response from my transmission. I do get a repeat of my request I.e. request inbound, but no response. It only seems to be with the Huey other modules work well. Please help???? Neal
  9. Hi Viacom Pro works fine in all my modules except the Huey. I get the read back of my message, but no response to my calls. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Neal
  10. I for one am very keen on the A10c II, I don’t fly the soulless beasts F16 and F18, I like a sassy ride!!
  11. Hi I received mine on Friday, 10 days from shipment, very impressed. The collective is very well made, free movement and solid buttons and switches. I have set up in DCS for the Huey and will be practicing tonight with RAFAIR 60 Sqn. On my initial flights my flying (landings mostly) improved significantly. So far very happy with my purchase. Thanks Neal
  12. I would agree with the 2020 image, its a little to bright on the Gamma for my taste, I have mine normally 1.4-1.6; but thats a personal view of course! Neal
  13. Hi Guys Check out this thread, no affiliation https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=260026 Neal
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