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  1. enter your world? subhole and evil scottshit: you are a couple of closet fags! which one of you wears the skirt? don't answer that. Toadyshit wants to sniff your butt. Hey evilS, see you got a floppy drive in your sig. Guru of 3d gonna whip you with molex cable if you don't upgrade soon. Subpoop, Russians didn't cross over into helos, they invented them you moronic crossdresser. Why don't you girls sniff some glue and go fly Vapor Ops. Guess ED does'nt mind you advertising vaporware. Judging by your warning levels, I guess your sacks really are empty. figures. Thought this thread concerned future, not hasbeens...:Flush:
  2. 16 with one of it's engines missing? 18 with one of it's wings stuck in folded position? pilot with one arm in pit view? Sirius satellite for Radar? 24/7 turkeyshoot? one night, exactly 45 yrs. ago, while on expedition in high arctic,...I saw this strange light...:icon_roll
  3. What a bunch of holier than thou bad corporate "private" club A-holes! It's obvious the guy really badly wants to play the game and is excited/frustrated/gone thru customer service/blah, blah, blah... I mean if it was me, I'd just wash my hands of the whole affair, return the thing to the store. The ones listed in the "where to buy" on this site. I did it last month with F.E.A.R. Couldn't get past install disc #2 of 5, so i exchanged it for a diff title. You can do that at stores regardless of the "exchange" policy because stores value customer/sucker allegiance, above all else. Once you get rid of the Franchise, you never give it a second thought. Now if moderator/webmaster could delete my threads/posts now, I will not complain ever, I promise... Superbowl is on, and I need some beer coasters, those two Lockon Gold discs will do.
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