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  1. Sounds AWESOME! Can't wait
  2. Wow, sounds intriguing! Will be the first thing I test next time there is a free for all (yes, this issue is THE reason why I am not an owner of the F-14 just yet :)). From what I have now googled, apparently one can run a server and a client on the same machine in different instances of DCS .
  3. The other way is to open the canopy on the ground, use mic switch to bring up the DCS radio interface. Then select "Ground crew" and "Request rearming and refueling". Rearming can be done without turning off the engines. Ground crew will confirm the command and rearm the plane.
  4. Ah, changing loadouts is not an airplane skill, just DCS user interface. On the initial mission briefing screen click "Mission Planner" button in the bottom centre. Then find your plane on the map (zoom onto the airbase with lots of icons), click on each plane until you get "player" (see pic 2 below). Now click on the icon that looks like a missile frontal aspect and you'll be taken to the loading screen that is self explanatory. Once you've done the changes, exit and choose "NO" when asked if you wanted to save changes. Screenshot pics:
  5. You may try the mission with a different loadout - just a thought. I remember that I had to do that in mission 10 (?) with a submarine as default strategy/loadout was too frustrating.
  6. I see, that is weird then... I can't try the mission again unfortunately as I no longer have the F/A-18 (the free play period is over). Rising Squall made me think long and hard about getting it, but as much as I have enjoyed the campaign, I just do not love the plane and will stick with my beloved FC3, F-16 and the Harrier.
  7. Having played through the recent Rising Squall campaign, one long missed feature that surprised me is the automatic checkpoints that respown the player if he screws up at some point later in the mission. Will this feature be adopted in the future Baltic Dragon campaigns? Could it be added retroactively to the current campaigns? Enemy Within 3.0 with its massive missions would be my first candidate (I've stalled my playthrough on mission 3 where I died 2 hours into the mission)
  8. I remember practicing the laser mavs in the default PG Hornet 65E single mission where you destroy some tanks on an island, lased by the ground based JTAC. I suggest trying it first there as it is much quicker than the campaign mission. And yes, I do not remember having any issues with the mavs or the mission 5 in general. Latest DCS beta patch here.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I hope you will find the culprit. The F-14 is made for cinematic replays and to me personally there is no bigger bug/issue/problem with the module
  10. Part 2 of the experiment, now with multicrew L-39C - as a follow-up to IronMike's comment Multicrew L-39C had 4/4 synced replays, and, with another added quick flight here, the F-14 has the total of 0/6 synced replays on the same identical mission. TIMELINE L-39C (two seater) 0:00 1st Takeoff and Landing 05:56 1st Replay 08:39 2nd Takeoff and Landing 13:25 2nd Replay 15:46 3rd Takeoff and Landing 19:30 3rd Replay 21:47 4th Takeoff and Landing 25:36 4th Replay ---------------------------- F-14 29:21 6th Takeoff and Landing 33:02
  11. Continued in this thread with an experiment involving several DCS modules
  12. In continuation of this thread that was marked "[DCS ISSUE]" by the devs See my experiment video below. TL:DR is that on replays of an identical simple mission (no AI, middle of the desert, take off and land at the same base - so very short time wise) the F-14B had 0 out of 5 working replays versus 4/4 for the F-16C, 4/4 for the AV-8B Harrier (including two STOLs), and 2/2 for the F/A-18C. The experiment was done over two sessions with no editing whatsoever. While long and complex missions may corrupt replays for ALL modules, this experiment shows that the extent of t
  13. Прошел шикарную кампанию Rising Squall в DCS, сделанную кучей фанатов Ace Combat - всячески рекосендую! Музыка Кейки Кобаяши (композитор АС), отличный кастинг голосовых актеров, сейвы игры посреди миссии (в ДКС!), крутой босс файт в конце. Персонажи прямо живые из АС. Если есть желающие, можем скооперириоваться и перевести кампанию на русский. На фоне написанного выше купил АС7. Первым делом установил мод убирающий идиотский эффект горячего воздуха на скорости на форсаже: https://www.moddb.com/games/ace-combat-7/addons/no-heat-distortions-for-afterburners Установка элементарн
  14. I'm intrigued! Pease tell more, via pm if you prefer to avoid spoilers. I've treated the mission as a video game Boss-fight and gradually found a way to beat them. Slow down and pull to the left to let the front pair become easy prey to your 2 aim9x. Then cannon kill one of the behind pair that is passing you by by that time. Now its one on one vs the remaining Su-27 and he has a free shot with his missiles. You have loads of altitude, engines idle and cool, lots of flares - his R-73 has no chance. Spiral to the ground and get into his pocket for an easy kill. Awesome
  15. [SPOILER ALERT]I've played the credits mission to the end, the plane went dark and crashed into the water. I assumed that I was supposed to exit it earlier. Will play it again tomorrow. Beautiful, beautiful campaign capped by a beautiful ending! Bolivar
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