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  1. What kind of throttle do you use? Most top tier equipment has a dedicated switch for these things.
  2. I got myself a Monstertech mount for my Total Controls Multi-Function Button Box
  3. Продолжаем знакомить вас с новичками на рынке авиасимуляторов. Сегодня у нас «железный» разработчик Total Controls. На своём сайте они разместили предзаказ на свой дебютный продукт - Multi-Function Button Box. Устройство, созданное в первую очередь для DCS World (для F-16 и для F/A-18) тем не менее может быть весьма полезным и в «гражданке». Мне особенно понравилась их идея с размерами устройства, которое полностью соответствует блоку РУД Thrustmaster Warthog, что позволит разместить его очень органично. Узнать подробнее и оформить предзаказ можно на странице производителя: www.totalcontrols.
  4. Less than 100 units left! Be sure to pre-order now.
  5. Pre-orders now available! The release of the Multi-Function Button Box is near and the web shop is finally open for business. You can now pre-order the Multi-Function Button Box from Total Controls on the Total Controls homepage. The first batch is limited and it will be first come, first serve. We hope that the first deliveries can be done at the end of April. Thanks for your patience. Sincerely The Total Controls Team
  6. Awesome! I have to try this out. Regarding the HSI since there is no limit to the turn of the CRS-nob I don’t think this ever will be possible.
  7. Frankly I’m getting more and more disappointed when it comes to the A-10C II. I thought we were getting a brand new version of the airplane. Instead we got the exact same thing with a HMCS and some new weapons. All other new ED modules have light axis. I think we can demand such a feature in a new module.
  8. Door gunners shoot strait down into the ground when set to free fire.
  9. Hi and thank you for supporting us! The only way to reach out to our backers is via Kickstarter right now, so i suggest you keep the account for a little while. We hope to release in the first half of 2021.
  10. Not funded. Now we move on! First of all, thank you to all our backers. Your support means the world to us and it's thanks to you we came as far as we did. We really believed in the Kickstarter concept, but as it turns out there was way to much resistance against Kickstarter among the flight sim community. We have learned a lot since we launched and we are confident that our product will fill a gap in the hardware market. What now? As some of you already nay know we will proceed with the production anyway and all of our backers will receive a discount in the upcoming web shop.
  11. Just 1 day to go! Tomorrow the Kickstarter will come to an end and as you might have figured out we won’t make the goal. But this is the last chance to get your discount in the upcoming web shop. Back us now, before it’s to late and you will receive a discount when we launch the shop. Remember, if the goal ain’t met you won’t be charged. Risk free deal I would say.
  12. One week to go! And we now have a Discord channel: https://discord.gg/qnzwqTd
  13. The cable is detachable and you could use an angled connector if you wish. That would reduce the space between the boxes.
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