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  1. :lol:Hehe, I still have Flanker 1.5 SCE! Clasic game.:pilotfly: Mine didn't come with a manual though:huh:
  2. I always thank the people that help me out and those that make awsome Lock On movies that they put a lot of time and effort into and share it with us.:thumbup:
  3. Yeah, I still have it too. Great movie, I remember when I first got 2.5 that movie got into it and I couldn't wait to start flying. That's why Lock On needs a movie, so it can bring people into the game more. :joystick:
  4. Yeah, I agree, Lock On could use an intro movie. Anyone remember the intro for Flanker 2.5? :pilotfly:
  5. Why do we have to recycle old names and put a II after it? Can't we come up with something creative and unique?
  6. Hey Glowing_Amraam, Great movie!:thumbup: Those were some pretty awesome shots in there! The little clip at the end was funny too. lol, those noobs:megalol: Keep up the good work!:pilotfly:
  7. I use Fraps and I take a little hit when it comes to FPS. What is you usual FPS?
  8. Yeah, I saw that too. I found it very interesting. It was great!:pilotfly:
  9. Well for one thing the United States Air Force and the Russian air force have often been called the rich man's air force. Since some European countries don't have the massive amount of funding as the U.S. and Russia, they have to watch how much money they spend more closely. Therefore, they're going to go with the less expensive tailess delta wing over a conventional wing lay out. The number of drawbacks of delta wings has been greatly reduced with the use of canards with the delta. But some still exist such as the plane becoming a big speed brake in tight sustained turns.:pilotfly:
  10. Hey Glowing_Amraam, I love your movies. They are so well done and always look so professional. Keep up the good work.:thumbup:
  11. This is an interesting topic because I love to build rockets. Nothing too advanced though, just the kits you can buy in the hobby store. But it's lots of fun and very educational. I need to get some more parachutes, I accidentally melted the one on the last rocket I launched. lol:doh:
  12. Hey, looks awsome so far! I like the idea of bombs just starting to explode. Can't wait for the movie! Keep up the good work.
  13. I got into aviation when I went to my first air show and saw the Thunderbirds.
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