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  1. If you interface DCS from a DLL or even from any external application running on the same computer, the code shown below works very fine. First of all, you need the window handle of the DCS window. This is done once with GetDCSwindowHandle(). The naming "DCS" and "Digital Combat Simulator" is critical because DCS changed the window name and the window class name several times over the years. The handle is used to switch the keyboard focus to the DCS window before any key is sent. In SendKeyToDCS the focus is switched to DCS first with the API function SetForegroundWindow. After that, the key
  2. Dear Modders, I need help for the remote control of the pressure setting turn button. What I tried up to now: Export.lua: From devices.lua (included via ‘dofile’) I found the AAU-52/A as index 26 Altimeter = GetDevice(26) From my DLL (included via: warrior = require(‘spinWarrior’) I get the step value to the variable ‘val’, which works reliable. val = warrior.AltimeterSetting() val can be a positive or negative step value, depending on the turn direction. In command_defs.lua I found the only AAU-52/A command as 3000. Therefore, I make the next call in export.lua, text line 51:
  3. towsim

    April Fools!

    Here, what I experienced. Gear setting becomes unreliable and flaps do not work...
  4. towsim

    April Fools!

    Landin Gear Animation Dear ED, please review the landing gear animation in the left MFD. It is not funny when the gear and the flaps do not react in the normal way. Probably a virus in your team?
  5. want to buy... Hi rel4y, sent you an e-mail to mtwsims@tutamail.com 7 days ago an did not get an answer. Are you still in business? Regards, TOWSIM
  6. Unfortunately not...
  7. Today I ran into the following trap: I noticed, that the mouse cursor is not longer synchronized with the screen resolution. To reach a specific button I had to click a position right of the shown button. The first idea was, that the selected screen resolution in the options menu does not match the physical screen resolution. So, I started to play with the different resolutions. Now the trap. By surprise, I configured a screen setup, where all the important buttons are positioned right outside the displayed DCS screen. The most important button, the ‘OK’ button in the options menu, is not lon
  8. I experienced a strange error with the latest version of Open Alpha 2.n: Aircraft: Mirage 2000 Airport: Nellis ramp start Mode: VR on with Oculus Rift As soon as I move my head down to look at switches on the consoles, DCS crashes. This bug is permanent and can be recreated every time. Below the relevant lines of the log file: 00105.043 DEBUG SOUNDER: dofile("GroundUnits/Engines/Tanks/AGT1500.lua") 00105.043 DEBUG SOUNDER: dofile("GroundUnits/Engines/Engine.lua") 00105.043 DEBUG SOUNDER: dofile("GroundUnits/Engines/Turbine.lua") 00105.043 DEBUG SOUNDER: dofile("GroundUnits
  9. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3189705#post3189705
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3189705#post3189705
  11. For those, who have troubles with the HUD visibility against a white background, even seen in VR. I think, I found a solution for the HUD visibility, as long as DCS does not solve the bug: Instead of changing the color values, we have to suppress the alpha functionality. For the A10C: • Open the file C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_definitions.lua. • Set all definitions containing ‘additive_alpha’ to ‘false’ For the M2000: • Open and edit the following files C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS Wo
  12. Hi guys, I am sorry for answering that late. I am bound to the Weekends for private activities. If you you have troubles with the current version, please have a look to the following directories: C:\Program Files\AriesWings\PRCL\ApplicationData And to the Directory, where you started the Installer. Both directories contain a HTML log file. If cannot find a logical reason in the reports, you may mail the log files to support@ariescon.com. I will have a look to it. Sorry…
  13. So, what I found out so far: With the latest version, TeamSpeak changed the entire directory structure for plugins, which is not compatible any longer with Aries Radio. Even the API internals have changed. Since the TeamSpeak API manual is as thick as the cookbook for hot water, it would take too much time for the moment to convert the software to the latest version. Sorry…
  14. Sorry, I did not check the latest TeamSpeack versions since Post 1308. Nevertheless, I will have a look to it. I will post the result here…
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