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  1. Hello again, Has this issue been looked at? It appears the Hind is not the cause for this, as I have flown several aircraft over this area with the same results. I have Reinstalled OS clean along with DCSW, file corruption is unlikely in this case. No mods or alterations, Just a clean DCSW install. Flying over this area will eventually throw DCSW out with a 'stopped working' error. ATI Radeon driver also restarts in some cases, but not always. I've set the card to -50% power and underclocked it a bit to rule out any hardware issue, This did nothing to supress the crash.
  2. I suspect the issue described is due to 'auto-start' potentially doing certain proceedures out of order. To check, Wait for the 'auto-start' to complete Use the 'Autopilot Disengage' button Reset trim Reset the ADI using the 2 'Cage' buttons. Re-engage SAS as desired. Set trim Let us know how this goes. The 'Control-helper' feature may have problems of its' own due to the WIP nature. Recommend not using these two features for now.
  3. Hi there, A quick bug report on the 'Air-Speed Stabilize' ACS feature. The buttons are getting stuck [IN] when used with keyboard bindings, Switches release as expected with mouse input. Thanks.
  4. Hi I have experienced a very persistent crash while flying the Mi-24P on the Nevada terrain. Approximate Coords: PV87 N 35'55'9 W 114'55'47, construction area north-east of solar panels. Flight route: Roughly 245' 7km from Boulder City Airport. edit: Here's a quick and nasty track which shows the issue at slightly different times when near the area each time the track is played. I've noted a dxgi device removed error driver restart will follow with most but not all attempts. Setting GPU to -50% power target/underclocking/undervolting had no effect on the crash. Thanks. server-20210701-235507.trk dcs.log
  5. HI, a slight issue with a few of the Sabres switches. Fuel densitometer Generator Emergency air ignition The covers will respond to the mouse, the switches do not. Thanks
  6. When you use the target software, the Hotas is combined into one device. As such DCSW will see this as new/other hardware, and use preset defaults as always. Due to certain limitations with DInput, you will not be able to use every button as defined by Microsoft due to there being to many DInput buttons for the API to handle. You may require some of the Hotas buttons to be keyboard inputs used by target instead. As for the zoom slider, re-check the Axes panel in DCSW with the combined Hotas active via Target program. If you run the Hotas without Target, each device is separate and as such will not exceed max DInput button cfg , requiring it's own configuration not related to the combined Target Hotas. As such you may find 3 Configuration files (throttle,stick,combined) and they are not interchangeable. Be aware, there can be a slight problem with initialization at times which can lead to having all 3 active in DCSW. The solution is to simply disable/enable the combined profile and have DCSW re-detect, however this has been a very rare experience.
  7. If one opens the canopy with MiG 21Bis, flood lighting enabled, look to the left, away from the glass. Flickering gone? sorta?
  8. For me with NV or ATI It is the screen space reflections. Any light reflected back at the canopy may produce a corona effect. This is where i see heavy flickering. Complete showstopper.
  9. Try the Mig-21Bis again. Enable the red cockpit lighting under the warning panel. That's all it takes for me.
  10. Yes, I have this problem as well. The red cockpit lighting responsible for screen space reflections on the canopy seem to trigger this, using the periscope mirror only makes it worse. That being said, i was only able to reproduce this issue on my Radeon. Same test with Geforce card did not seem to have the issue.
  11. Provided are two files modified to 110 degrees fov for most aircraft. This will pass IC check :thumbup: Spitfire, C101, Gazelle ,Mirage, Yak have not been added as i do not currently own them. Place these files in DCSW/Config/View and overwrite. Always make a backup first!. Reference Server.lua, CameraViewAngleLimits for min/max fov. SnapViewsDefault.lua Index [13] for initial Fov. If anyone is willing to provide the /entry/views file for those aircraft listed above, I will gladly add them to the file and upload them here. Please be aware that ED has a rather harsh max limit of 140. This can be verified with status window Rctrl+pausex2. Hope this helps. FOV.rar
  12. Ah, just a random blemish of sorts then. Thanks for the support guys, well met. Those new textures look outstanding by the way!
  13. Hi guys. This one has been around for a while. If the fuel pump switch is enabled/disabled in a short enough time, the sound effects will loop continuously slightly out of phase timing with each other. Is this correct behaviour?
  14. Hi guys, I've noticed a rather nasty issue with the Movenpick hotel. Grid 40R CN 09886 70805 As soon as the window frame texture is drawn (LOD) the FPS may drop by 50% or more. CPU usage spikes, GPU usage drops. Moving the camera one step away (LOD) so that the window frame texture phases out, the FPS/CPU usage returns to normal. Texture and Preload settings were set to lowest to keep Vram in check however this issue remained. If i use Alt-Enter a few times, this problem goes away and "comes good" but not always. It should be worth noting that this issue only seems to occur with my Win10 boot. I havn't been able to trigger the issue with Win7 regardless of how hard i push the system. Win10/7 I7 950 Gtx 980 4gb 18gb Ram
  15. Hi guys, just a quick bug to report for the nevada map. The parking space E11 at Nellis appears to have some issue with spawning the aircraft on the ground. The aircraft will spawn in the air at low altitude, Even if set to ground start hot/cold as selected in the ME.
  16. Which weapon are you attempting to use here? The M64 works using auto mode as intended.
  17. I've switched from my previous configuration of 3x1L to a single 4k at 110' Fov. The sim hasn't locked up since... unless provoked with deliberate intention! And it Will still completely freeze up if you want to touch it there :) Fov is restricted @ 140' I believe this limit is imposed so that ED may isolate the issue more clearly. To that end.. it would a good idea to remove this limit in a future update so that other multi-screen configs do not suffer. During testing @ 140' Fov on 3x1L or 1x4k the sim still locked up when provoked. My previous config required 150 at the maximum endpoint which always resulted in a hard freeze if i loaded a FW-190 in any cold start scenario just by panning the camera around for a few minutes or less. Other aircraft have the same issue to lesser or varying intensity.
  18. Bad news indeed. Unfortunately locking the fov down like this means that i'll likely have to throw away these 3 screens and go out and get a 4k a bit earlier than expected. I'm sure that'l have it's own set of problems too. GJ ED :( Let me know if you need details on how to lock the fov down to lower levels.
  19. Horrible results on my end as well. Using the method i posted above resulted in the usual complete freeze up within 2 minutes requiring task manager to kill dcs.exe. One thing i noted however is that the FOV appears to be restricted to 140 degrees horizontal regardless of what rctrl+enter status tells you. This is not good news for certain multi-screen configurations! The Fov can still be restricted below 140 without limiting your axis with a screw however. :thumbup:
  20. Where are we on a fix for this ED? If testers/developers are having a hard time reproducing this horror of a bug. Here are a few simple steps. Edit the server.lua and extend the max FOV to 150 for Fw-190. Select the Fw-190 cold start quick mission. Use the mouse to slew the camera around to all endpoints for a few minutes. The sim will freeze up in a few minutes of constant slewing. All other aircraft i've tested across all three maps have the same issue. The only thing that changes is the time it takes.
  21. It has been some time indeed. Something happened to my account on steam year ago, which has recently occurred again, resulting in a complete removal of my entire list of players. I've contacted Valve support who in turn reset the account. I can now re-add those players, but only once they've attempted to add me first (which always seems to generate some error message). Try add me once more when/if you have the time, ill have to poke it with a stick to get it working properly though. Is Rotorwash still alive too ? :music_whistling:
  22. Yeah, this bug can make things a little frustrating for mission makers since 1.5. Even using combined arms instead of ME waypoints leads to some odd AI behaviour at the worst of times. However due to the horrid freeze issue with 2.x i'm not sure how anyone can actually test this sim and come up with solutions or workarounds. edit: hi there MD
  23. This is still an issue for me with the latest update. Quite easy to reproduce as well. Load up 'FW-190 Cold start-Normandy' and slew the view in cockpit quickly for a while, after some time it will freeze the sim. For me the RAM usage drops slightly, and the graphics process is updated only once every 5 seconds resulting in a DCS slash screen at intervals. Occurs with either 3 or 1 screen setup. Higher settings, Fov, System load and user device input(slewing cockpit view) appear to shorten the time it would take to resolve to a complete freeze.
  24. Indeed, I've had this issue since the 2.0 alpha regardless of forward or deferred rendering. The issue is easily reproducible by loading up 'free flight normandy' with the fw-190 then slewing/zooming the view with the mouse like a spaz. The sim will start to hitch and just give up at some point within minutes or less. GPU usage drops sharply. CPU usage spikes on one thread, but continues consistent load on the other. RAM usage continuously loads, unloads then repeats. DCS shows the splash screen at intervals. I have no crash logs to report in this case, as the sim never truly crashes. I am running a 3x1L setup at 150' FOV @6048x1080 with GUI centered. However testing the sim @1920 with surround disabled 'may' take longer to resolve the same conclusion, however this may just be a placebo effect.
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