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  1. this occurs for me as well with the mfd's. Somehow the values are linked to the HUD so if you make adjustments the MFD's look ok but the HUD disappears because you have to thin out the lines to much.


    Adjusting MDG_strokesDefs.lua




    stroke_thickness = 0.9 this impacts both MFD and HUD

    stroke_fuzziness = 0.15 this impacts both MFD and HUD


    if bakeIndicators == true then

    DMC_stroke_thickness = stroke_thickness

    DMC_stroke_fuzziness = stroke_fuzziness


    -- Currently is used for DMC generated fonts black outline

    --DMC_outline_thickness = stroke_thickness * 3

    --DMC_outline_fuzziness = stroke_fuzziness * 0.15


    -- valid for cockpit view, but looks overdone at HUD only view

    DMC_outline_thickness = stroke_thickness * 3.5

    DMC_outline_fuzziness = stroke_fuzziness * 1.4


    DMC_stroke_thickness = 1

    DMC_stroke_fuzziness = 0.15


    -- Currently is used for DMC generated fonts black outline

    DMC_outline_thickness = stroke_thickness * 3

    DMC_outline_fuzziness = stroke_fuzziness * 0.15


  2. ok got helios working again and playing with the settings in AMPCD_init.lua. Has anyone been able to thicken up the font on that. Its so light when the map is on you can see anything.

    I tried updating

    shaderLineParamsUpdatable = true

    shaderLineDefaultThickness = 0.8

    shaderLineDefaultFuzziness = 0.5

    shaderLineDrawAsWire = false

    shaderLineUseSpecularPass = true


    but it doesnt seem to change anything.

    Also running into this now with the new DCS build.


    the HUD and MFD's seem to be tied together now so if you adjust the thickness and fuzziness, hit fixes the MFD but you lose the HUD


  3. So I bought a new computer and installed my current two monitors of which one is a touchscreen and the new system works great. Helios however is not functioning anymore. For some reason its not recognizing my screen layout and I cant reset it as it sees the old and new layout the same. Any ideas on this. The larger screen actually shows as sceen two when I display my desktop



  4. big leap forward for the Tarawa. AI Harrier are doing a proper landing now and taxi to parking spots. Id say about 95% there. Halle... frickin.... luya!!!!

  5. Im absolutly downloading this, hopfully he does a LPD next also so we can make a proper group for the Tarawa!


    Skickat från min D5503 via Tapatalk


    Hopefully they will get the AI working properly on the Tarawa soon

  6. I agree this is a much needed ship but if I had a vote I would pick LPD 4 Austin class over the San Antonio. It just seems more period correct for the planes we currently have in DCS. But I will take whatever Admiral decides to make.



  7. I using Moose exclusively due to the variety of things I can do with it.

    It has a great object orientation to it and once you get he hang of it there is alot there.

    Zone management is very good.

    Many predefined classes for CAS, Arty, CAP, AI Control, spawning, air traffic, carrier ops etc.


    Moose all the way

  8. Love the way DCS is talking up the AV-8 on the newsletter. To make this truly viable, you need to fix the fact that the AI cant land on the Tarawa. That needs to be fixed ASAP. You can see LSO messages on the Tarawa but they do not land correctly. Its a mess.

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