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  1. Ive created a mission for MP with about 60 ground groups that move using detection. I find the mission keeps crashing and sending off error reports. So three questions;

    1. Do large numbers of moving ground units overload the server.

    2. Is there a place to catch the crash log. 

    3. Do we get feedback on the crash report.


  2. HI all having a wierd issue with VAICOM. recently it started spitting out additional and repititious inputs. Anyone have any idea what this is. 

    Also if you do an F18 free flight and change a radio freq away from 305 it starts flooding Vaicom with input request.





    This mission works as it should for me. Units gets routes and moves as they should.


    Let's take a different, minimalistic test mission (test.miz attached) for debugging. This mission works 100% for me. The unit gets a route, and it starts moving towards its target.


    Please test this mission, and answer the following questions:


    1. Can you load this mission to the mission editor without any error?

    2. Does the unit get a route? (Play as tactical cmdr to see the route)

    3. Does the unit move at all?

    4. Are there any error messages in the log?


    ok downloaded the mission

    1. mission loads into the editor with no issues

    2. Unit gets a route but speed is set to 0

    3. unit does not move at all

    4. no errors in log see attached.


  4. I did some "hierarchical" changes to the code, and built some new docs for it. Now the Setup class only contains appropriate functions. Other, more "background-code" functions are moved to other classes.


    Here is a link to the new docs: https://birgersp.github.io/dcs-autogft/Setup.html


    Brilliant Gromit. Now the docs make alot more sense. And thanks for the explanation of the zones. Big help.


    Now if only DCS could fix the unit path finding we will have a battle.

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