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  1. yes Im having some of these same issues. I see easy comms on in the vaicom control panel even though Im not using it.
  2. here is a copy of the repeating event
  3. HI all having a wierd issue with VAICOM. recently it started spitting out additional and repititious inputs. Anyone have any idea what this is. Also if you do an F18 free flight and change a radio freq away from 305 it starts flooding Vaicom with input request.
  4. HI all loaded Liberation and am playing with some friends. I turned on IADS but no SAMs are launching anywhere whether you coming or going. Is there something else that needs to be done. Also where is the discord channel. Thanks for the info
  5. GROMIT Im running beta. If you break out your code that crashes and post it in the dcs forums Ill bet they will address it.
  6. Hi Gromit. Tried 1.17 and this also did not work. No movement at all. Didnt see routing flags either.
  7. Did you check on the dcs world discord channel. Do you have more detail on how you get units to move
  8. did another test with adding a unit. If you place a unit outside of the starting circle and give it a waypoint it will move on its own. If you place them inside of the starting circle, they get routes but dont move.
  9. ok downloaded the mission 1. mission loads into the editor with no issues 2. Unit gets a route but speed is set to 0 3. unit does not move at all 4. no errors in log see attached. dcs.log
  10. Here is another version of 1.14. this has code in it that doesnt crash but no units move. example-1_14.miz
  11. gromit is 1.15 ready I dont see the main lua. So Ive attached your old mission labelled 1.14. Problem with this mission is you reference a version of your lua as 1.9. If you use this nothing happens. Then I loaded in the lua labelled autogft_1.14 instead. This crashes immediately saying it cant find addgroup in your lua. So not sure what example to give. example-1_14.miz
  12. how do I get voice attack to listen for commands? Vaicom had transmit keys
  13. Mero have you looked at the Moose discord channel... Lots of help with Moose https://discord.gg/y8NdwFPE
  14. Hey Gromit I think the latest update has done something to Autogft. Units no longer advance.
  15. Thanks Sierra... wow that is a thing of beauty
  16. Admiral on your front page you have a static S70. I cant find it in the statics. List. Where is it located
  17. this is an absolutely amazing tool. Are there any training vids for it?
  18. Brilliant Gromit. Now the docs make alot more sense. And thanks for the explanation of the zones. Big help. Now if only DCS could fix the unit path finding we will have a battle.
  19. thank god for a fix. This is a BIG problem because it disrupts all ground movement. You will end up with a series of group leaders stuck on one of their subordinates all over the map. Kills any kind of attack. If you go in and take control of the unit it will separate them, but eventually they will rejoin again
  20. Thanks Gromit for the great explanation. Im still a little confused though between controlzone and intermediatezone. From your explanation it looks like they do the same thing. I thought the intermediatezone was just a way to get units to go in a certain direction without any kind of capture process. Will the units fight over an intermediatezone as well? Also gain the capturetask:new should I worry about this and what are the coalition numbers... Thanks again for this great system and your support on it. Having a blast with it.
  21. Gromit Im a bundle of questions trying to use Capturetask USCapture = CaptureTask:new("CONTROL1", "blue") Is this the right format for the coalition. Im getting a big nil error on its execution. Im assuming that when blue is in control1 the flag will be set to true.
  22. Hi Gromit ok did some testing. It looks like the maxdistance is working but not sure if the timer is working. Need to understand what its doing. Is the timer supposed to gauge how long the units will travel for or is the timer the gap between the next bound. It looks like the units travel for 120 seconds then sit for 30. My timer is set to 145 seconds so if it gauges distance they should make the 4km (assuming setMaxRouteDistance is in km) see attached GROUND_ENGAGEMENT.miz
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