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  1. simple solution. From one vid it looks like it is taken from the perspective of a Tanguska. So to simulate the radar give us a revolving radar screen in the upper right corner of the same view to identify target location and to lock on. Then we can simulate the radar guided systems like the tor and Tanguska and even shilka.

  2. Yes I agree its tough watching the aircraft mania that is currently going on in the DCS boards. Everyone and their mother is coming out announcing a new aircraft. Some of them I dont comprehend why they want to model other than the pure love of making models. I cant imagine there will be enough demand for some of them. I think the biggest hurdle that will need to be crossed is the electronics of the aircraft in particular the radars. This area I believe is what separates DCS from FSX. Both groups can model the aircraft, Flight model, and cockpit, but DCS is looked at to take aircraft to the next level of Realism. I hope these groups start focusing their limited resources to bring a few quality aircraft vs a shmorgusboard of non-functional aircraft so we can just fly around in the DCS world.

  3. bought the full version of tacview and it works great in a-10 and ka-50. I dont see another icon for world in the bottom right corner. Should I be seeing something. I havent tried it yet flying the su25. Do I need to do the manual install with the purchased version as well for world?

  4. Another question. Will the combined arms commander have the ability to command units that activate after the game has commenced. So let say a unit does'nt activate for 15 minutes after the mission starts. Can we take command of them?

  5. Ive found the autopilot modes to be extremely important in this aircraft. Fortunately I have a Logitech keyboard that I have mapped the autopilot modes to. In particular the mode that autocenters the aircraft is extremely helpful if your aircraft get totally out of trim. Learn the autopilot mode young padawan and you will become one with the Frog.

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  6. Well I am thoroughly enjoying the SU-25 these days. Its a challenge to fly with all the ordnance on board and a challenge to find targets but with a little practice it can be done. Ive finally got my cougar set up to handle all the intricacies of the plane. I would love to see this aircraft looked at again in the future and brought up to DCS standards. Id be the first in line to buy.

  7. HI all

    Searched hi and low through the forums and cant find how to use the LLTV. Ive seen post that say you use it at not etc but no instructions on how to activate it. Do you just turn on the schval with the lltv pod and it automatically goes to Low light/IR?? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi all

    Thanks for the replies.

    Point 1: It is all up to the mission creator to make it clear in the title & description what planes are needed for a missions. Also for single player missions it would appear there is a file system to allow airframe specific missions to be located so they only show up under that airframe type tab. Missions creators could make auto install exe to place files in the correct location. (i haven't looked into this file system, but that is how it looks)


    Ah yes I did view the new directory tree and it does look like there are discrete entries per airframe. Duly noted. Look forward to seeing how the data resides when BS2, A-10, and Mig-21 integrate. (Im a huge fan of the first two and in particular BS2)


    Point 2:.. are you implying the systems on the DCS products are sub standard? You won't find a higher fidelity representation that the A10c or Blackshark. Everything from Flaming Cliffs is effectively a legacy product and should be viewed as such. The su27/29 must be 10 years old now.. need to wait for the yet to be announced fixed wing fighter under development for higher fidelity systems.


    No not implying substandard at all. Your right those previous titles are very old and Im sure at the time there was a conscious effort to present the electronics as is. My interest is most definitely in new aircraft at the fidelity of both BS2 and A-10. My worry on A-10 is wasnt that purposely built for a military client then ported to civi use thus giving us a huge gamit of systems that might not have otherwise been included? Will others have access to the resources that DCS had in making that sim as far as how systems work etc. in particular radar. Id hate to see a new version of the Flanker come out with the same 10 year old systems. Anyways just food for thought. Look forward to flying with everyone on the net.

  9. A couple of thoughts came to mind as I get my mits on the new DCS world. First of all I love the idea of an open world. I think its going to be great for the community and this brand. Two things that Id like to get more clarity on however.

    1. Mission making. Will there be a clear mechanism to let people know what vehicles are in a mission. Im sure in the near future there will be a cornacopia of jets and planes to choose from but how will we know if we have the right ones to fly in the mission. Since we will be buying aircraft piecemeal not everyone will have the same set of aircraft. Mission making could get tricky.

    2. Aircraft quality. Is the technology available in this system to bring the electronics closer to real world level. As we know the Su-27 and 29 radars were very rudimentary compared to other products such as Falcon. I hope people will take the time to model their products carefully and bring them as true to life as possible. Otherwise this product will turn into a re-dress MS X.


    I love it so far and its a nice opportunity to fly the SU-25 again. Keep up the good work. DCS.

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