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  1. Thing i am afraid of is that the new models will simply be invisible to people that didn't download your mod. Which may lead to problems and or confusion when playing online.


    We will see if ED has any tricks up there sleve to prevent this though.

    Nice work on the models BTW Beczl.


    (given the name of the package, there's also a #2 3 etc on the way???)




    Im sure this will be a problem. We just need to encourage ED to take these on or encourage people to download them :thumbup:

  2. Bezcl I just contributed to your mig project mainly because I saw the beautiful job you did on that ground vehicle pack with the Smerch, Scud, BRDM's etc. They are simply gorgeous and I hope you will continue to bring a wide variety of badly needed vehicles including a wider variety of BMP variants including command and recovery vehicles.... Fantastic work. ( I hope you get a chance to fix the scud.. it wont reach its target :-) ). Keep it up.

  3. Im making a template that will hopefully work when Combined arms comes out. It consists of all the combatants that fought in the Russo-Georgian war. It breaks down what I can discern there TOE's based on information on the web. Needless to say this is a lot of units. I have them placed into groups based on the vehicle count of a particular unit. So for instance a Russian tank company has 10 tanks in one group. They are named with what I believe to be the proper unit designation.

    So with that said this creates alot of groups. Now the unique piece of this is no groups have movement waypoints. They are placed based on where they started on Aug 8th 2009, but the idea is when Combined Arms comes out human commanders will be moving them into battle. Im hoping to allow people to come in as battalion commanders to control their forces.


    So my main question is, how many groups can I lay down before the game chokes. Im hoping the server will have some efficiencies, for instance having graphics turned off etc. Has anyone pushed the limit of how many say 10 unit groups they were able to place in a mission and still have it work. Also does deactivating groups help with system overhead or does the system still have to account for them? Im trying to minimize the number of AI controlled moving objects like aircraft etc. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Beczl

    I just recently downloaded your pack for A-10 and I have to say it is brilliant. Your work is first rate. I even got the scud to launch at a target some 32km away. Question now is I know your using the parameters from grad system for this, is that correct? When the missle took off if took off at about a 40 degree angle, went low and fell short a good 15 km away. Any ideas on that. Do I need to move further back? Keep up the great work on all your projects.


    Quick update. Tried it two more times from 130km and 48km away from target and both times it takes off at an angle that will only get the missile half way to its target. The closer it is to the target the lower the launch angle. The motor burn is too short to give it enough speed to get to the target based on the takeoff angle. Spectacular to watch however. The longer shot climbed up to 31000 ft and about 4100 mph. Once the motor cuts though its speed drops extremely quickly and it falls way short.

  5. All of these things are very important in real life for the preservation of life and assets... This is a simulator. If ya get task saturated and fly into a mountain... Ya restart the game and try again... Nobody dies or anything drastic. I'd rather train people with exactly the procedures and equipment that will be used verses teaching equipment and procedures in one aircraft before moving onto the "real thing"


    Sierra I think you hit this whole thing on the head. We have to remember we are flying a simulator which gives us the leeway to make mistakes. The reason why I fly the A-10 is to get airborne and blow stuff up. If I want to learn the proper technique for using Tacan or Wing break or buzzing the admirals daughter I can do all of this in the A-10 and at the end of day I can still go and blow stuff up. Why would I pay for a trainer that has a very limited bandwidth when I can do all the training functions (if I want to) in a front line fighter. And best part is ..... I can blow stuff up crash into a mountain... dust myself off.... and do it again!!!!! Now if the trainers are free as many addons are free in Arma because the community does it for the love of the game.... then I will download the trainer fly it around for 20 hours to see what it can do then shelve it and go back to my A-10 so ..... I can blow stuff up with all the other people that want to experience the combat environment. I think what we are all concerned about is with all of the hoopla about new aircraft going on right now, we understand there is limited bandwidth out there to get exciting things done in a reasonable amount of time. Why not focus on planes that will have long lives (or deaths depending on how you fly)...I will pay for that!

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