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  1. Gromit I wanted to show you how Im using this awesome script. Ive created a library of routes in my battle area that I can call using Moose Functions. One would look something like this;

     NWRoute = gws_Setup:new()
     -- :addBaseZone("Battlefield Base")
      :addControlZone("Bir Muwaylih")
      :addControlZone("Shu ayb Dalaq")
      :addControlZone("Al Dubriyah")
      :addControlZone("Abu Susah")


    When I spawn in units with the right prefix using the moose warehouse system I can send them on the select route using NWRoute:scanUnits("Co3"). So depending on how the battle progresses I can change the flow on the fly.   Awesome work on this. I Hope you continue to develop it. 


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  2. 6 hours ago, gromit190 said:

    Hey guys,


    Sorry for being so afk. Been really busy lately with house remodeling and taking care of my kid.



    I guess in theory it could be anything, but when testing this I used a couple of buildings.




    Short answer: no. Long answer: it depends. Usually (unless you scripted otherwise), "scanUnits" is triggerred on mission start. So only the units that are present when that happens will be used. But for staging, you could send units to the staging area and they will be used if they match the type that is used for reinforcements.

    Ah so spawn them into the BASEZone correct?





    No. Keep in mind that you need to use setSpeed before using addControlZone etc. Maybe you could post your script where the error occurs?

    This worked. Is speed in KM or MPH?





    That should be an easy fix. I didn't consider that when I coded scanUnits. Will fix this.

    You da man!!




  3. glad to see the leap motion getting love. I have it implemented and agree the precision is a little off. Also I cant figure out how to prevent it from taking over the controls. In the f16 my right hand wants to control the stick and I cant get it to release. 

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  4. HI all

    Bought Combatflite and am having an issue with reference points. For some reason it wont let me place any. I click on CAS and then click on the map and nothing happens. Any ideas. see attached video. Im clicking on the map and nothing happens. Also is there a way to adjust the size of the png file for the kneeboard. It create 4 meg images. My mission size just exploded. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, Ghostman said:

    I use OVgme to put my files in 

    they are moved to C:\Users\stron\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta

    stron would be what ever your primary user is

    I place my ships in

    L:\Finished Mods\JetstreamServer_USShips\Mods\tech

    so just unzip the ship and place its folder in the tech folder

    works for me

    that is where they are sitting


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