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  1. so far testing seems to be working. Does anyone have instructions on how to set up the Google component?
  2. Ciribob if I wanted to use one of the English-Indian female voices from the microsoft set what parameters would I use. Thanks for the input.
  3. Thanks Gromit looking forward to the deactivated unit bug fix.
  4. Ah so spawn them into the BASEZone correct? This worked. Is speed in KM or MPH? You da man!!
  5. Hi Gromit... the function ScanUnits is picking up deactivated units as well. Any way to prevent that?
  6. Hey Gromit... looks like :setspeed() is being ignored. Have you noticed that?
  7. Gromit starting to work with this again. Question. Will the system pick up units after the mission has started. So for instance if I spawn in units during mission play into the base will they be included in the attack
  8. glad to see the leap motion getting love. I have it implemented and agree the precision is a little off. Also I cant figure out how to prevent it from taking over the controls. In the f16 my right hand wants to control the stick and I cant get it to release.
  9. Gromit great to see this is working again. Will have to give it another look. This is a great little program
  10. Admiral your images arent all coming through.
  11. Im using components of this mod for my Syria mission including the toyotas, hescos, tents, barriers and the car bomb. Completely changes the dynamic of that map... Brilliant work.
  12. I'd like to set it so only tactical commander or a specific group can place markers
  13. Is it possible to prevent certain clients from using a map marker,
  14. HI all Bought Combatflite and am having an issue with reference points. For some reason it wont let me place any. I click on CAS and then click on the map and nothing happens. Any ideas. see attached video. Im clicking on the map and nothing happens. Also is there a way to adjust the size of the png file for the kneeboard. It create 4 meg images. My mission size just exploded. no reference point.mp4
  15. Dont know if this has been reported but if you extend the refueling probe all the way in the SU-33 it wont retract.
  16. will this script dynamic block slots for aircraft that have been shot down?
  17. cant seem to get this to work. Can you take a look. My log fileLatakia.mizs reset but I saw no errors. I dont see any ai or statics being spawned. Im using the latest dev version of moose
  18. It was a severe kickingg......... didnt know about that switch
  19. Found the problem..... Historical list switch was on in the editor.... That is a pain in the Fangooooo.....
  20. If I pull up an old mission I can see the Oliver Perry in the selection of ship If I select a new mission the oliver perry is no longer avail. I still see it in the encyclopedia but its not avail. I also dont see some add on ships that show in the encyclopedia as well.
  21. ok this may be a bug. Im seeing the ships in the Encyclopedia but not in the drop down. I also see the perry in the list if I select ships on the left but do not add the ship on the map. Once I add it the perry disappears from the list.
  22. rats I not seeing it my list and I used to. ok just reloaded it to my mods/tech folder and still not showing up. Is there a new location for mods? They even show up here
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