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  1. running into an issue with this as well. Ive got the new A-10c profile working perfectly other than I cant pull up the UFC, but my F18 profile doesnt work now. I did a fresh install on it as well.

    A question I have on this is in the F18 profile it says a-10 interface. There is no F-18 interface. Is this correct? Is this an issue?


    New update the helios scripts in the F-18 zip are not compatible with the new a-10 scripts.


  2. upon looking through the manual a very interesting system is the ATHS that is used to coordinate Artillery fire. This could open a whole new venue and push cooperation between air units and the combined arms module to a new level if properly implemented. Imagine integrating the Kiowa with Paladins so arty fire can be targeted via an air unit. Wow!!!! Lets see how Polychop addresses this.

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