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  1. Has anyone used the onAfterSmoke FSM for designation. If so has it worked?
  2. My understanding is the next big update is 10/14. This one was just a hot fix
  3. HI Admiral Any chance of getting a ship like the USS Ponce? old style LPD?
  4. wont work for russian aircraft?
  5. how do i get the latest version
  6. Ran into the same issue with Hot Start
  7. Is it possible to use the boom on the KC-135mprs with F16's in Multiplayer. If so how do you get it to operate.
  8. Brilliant Work Pene I hope you share this with FunkyFranky to they can incorporate this in to the Moose Lua... Wow.
  9. Now that is Awesome. Good Job PeneCruz. Have you shared this with the Moose team so they can incorporate it into the main module?
  10. I thought I read some where that there was a plan to remove all the airfields in France that the allies built to get a pre invasion version of the map. Is that correct?
  11. tested this out with a two ship flight. jet1 in the flight has no stores, Jet 2 in the flight has stores. Jet1 will taxi into position, then take off vertically and leave. Jet2 will taxi into position and park with wheel chocks in place.
  12. Merkva has created a mod including infantry based ATGM it at-14 and tow I believe https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/139471-at-soldier-mod/
  13. Im in complete agreement with this. We need a way to calibrate the hands. It seems like every time I go into this something is different with the hands. Sometimes all the fingers move like real hands, usually they dont, once I had the laser pointer coming out of the middle of the back of the left hand. Also need a way to release the hand from the stick or throttle when they get locked on. Dont want to fly the jet with the AI hands.
  14. Doesnt seem to want to accepts a W116 or @115 coord in the F-16 steerpoint in the Nevada. example It wont take this N 37°27'3.16" W 116°08'18.65"
  15. https://discord.com/invite/mhWUXhhN
  16. discord address invalid
  17. Admiral the harrier couldnt do a rolling start?
  18. Hi Admiral, if the jet has a weapons load the normally cannot take off vertically. They need to use the deck as a runway to launch. The AI would be able to do that. I do fly the harrier in game. if you need testing let me know.
  19. dont forget to check rolling start with weapons loads ... great work Admiral Now all you need is working elevators and you have the full monty
  20. Brilliant work admiral how is the aircraft ai looking for landing and takeoff
  21. Gromit I wanted to show you how Im using this awesome script. Ive created a library of routes in my battle area that I can call using Moose Functions. One would look something like this; NWRoute = gws_Setup:new() :setCountry(country.id.USA) -- :addBaseZone("Battlefield Base") :setSpeed(10) :stopUsingRoads() :addControlZone("Dywayminah") :addControlZone("Bir Muwaylih") :addControlZone("Nasriyeh") :addControlZone("Shu ayb Dalaq") :addControlZone("Al Dubriyah") :addControlZone("Abu Susah") :addControlZone("Harmalah") :setAdvancementTimer(300) When I spawn in units with the right prefix using the moose warehouse system I can send them on the select route using NWRoute:scanUnits("Co3"). So depending on how the battle progresses I can change the flow on the fly. Awesome work on this. I Hope you continue to develop it.
  22. if you want to do multiple lines of speech is there a way to put a delay in between requests. right now they step one each other
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