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  1. 1. When you pull down the helmet visor you no longer get a shaded view. Looks the same up or down. 2. In MP the other wingman does not see the Tpod attached to the aircraft. The Tpod looks suspended in space under the aircraft.
  2. Hi all New to this software. Got it installed and fired up the av8... Saw the kneeboards on my knees. looking at pdf. Its very light. Is there a way to darken the text on the pdf. it looks washed out.
  3. HI Alll Took the plunge on this and ordered one. I have a reverb g2... Do you have to mount the device on your vr system or can run sitting on the desk.
  4. Admiral I hope your not spending too much money on turbosquid
  5. hi all Interested in trying this server. How do I get in. Im on discord but can comm with anyone. I only see the rules section. Thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks Claw. I didnt have the latest version of the system.
  7. how do you get a carrier in here I dont see it as an airport?
  8. Freq has been requested. Turns out its real important cuz you cant refuel in current missions. At least the one we tried didnt work.
  9. wow great work on this. Can I make a request. when a mission is generated, can you put the tankers and awacs on different radio channels. That would be great keep up the good work.
  10. I have this same problem. If for instance Im in game and go from cockpit to f10 map and back frames drop. If I quit mission and go back in frames drop. Have to leave game.
  11. super simple mission. Strykers try to cross the river. 2 units use the bridge, go over it, go under it. Get stuck stuckvehicles.trk destructiontest.miz
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