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  1. Hello All, The v65th AGRS is looking for a few dedicated JF-17 pilots to augment and support our primary Viper operations. These various operations will include but are not limited to the aggressor role, BVR, SEAD, Surface attack, and CAS. Applicants are expected to have a base line understanding and ability to taxi, take off, turning rejoin, formation station keeping, and landing. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate these proficiencies with a go/no go safety check ride with one of the v65th IPs. Please see the attached safety check guide below. Upon successful completion of the safety check ride, the applicant will enter an IFF pipeline to learn the tactics and procedures that the v65th uses in each of our operations. This will allow us to all operate on the same page. All of this will be completed in the JF-17. If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to DM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 65th_vAGRS_Safety_Check_Guide.pdf
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. It seams to me like for the most part the wake turbulence must be a little out of whack. Until otherwise determined I will most likely just fly with it off for now.
  3. Hey All, I've noticed recently that the wake turbulence while flying the Viper seems to be much stronger than it used to be. For example, when doing an approach to land, after an overhead break and proper spacing, I (wingman) would hit wake turbulence that was strong enough to almost roll my aircraft completely over on short final. Now, I am no real world pilot so I can not say for sure this is incorrect. After discussing the issue with others in my group (most of which are real world pilots or were at one point) they all suggested that the wake turbulence on the Viper may be a bit over exaggerated. I'm curious if there have been anyone else who has experienced this issue and if this is correct behavior or should it be corrected by ED. I would like to note that I have always flown with wake turbulence on and know what it used to feel like as I often experienced it. At that time it was much more manageable. I would appreciate any feedback or discussion on this. This is also specifically talking about the Viper, I have not tested any of the other modules to see if they experience the same thing. Thanks!
  4. Hey Dojo, Great write up! I'm trying to do the same thing you explain in your post but I am trying to do it using the dedicated server software. I'm wondering what needs to be edited in the options.dlg and the optionsDb.lua to allow this to work. I have tried editing a few things that would make since to allow TV to record individual sessions for each individual with no luck. Anyway you can give me a hand or point me in the right direction? Would be much appreciated.
  5. Hello All, I run a dedicated server for my squadron, the actual dedicated server software not just another copy of DCS. The server seams to do really well with upwards of 12 individuals connected running missions with many assets and all in individual aircraft. But, when we try to run a mission with 10 individuals sharing 5 cockpits (L-39 and C-101) we end up with a lot of de-sync issues and the server's CPU tends to spike. Is this a known problem (I tried to search the forums) or is this new? Would appreciate any input or help. Thanks.
  6. Hmm ok, well thanks for your help everyone. I was hoping to see a Semi-active A-A missile for a specific profile my group and I want to fly.
  7. Hello All, I was just wondering if all the weapons that are available for the JF-17 now are all that will be released or are there more weapons to be released down the road? Thanks for any help on this question.
  8. Hello, For my stand alone server, I would like to disable the play back delay for Tacview. I know how to disable it in the full version of DCS but I can not find a setting or option to turn off the playback delay for the stand alone server. I looked on the Tacview website and could not find anything. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I was working on off bore sight shots today with a pair of AIM-9Xs on stations 1 and 9. After firing one missile, the F-16 would begin an aggressive up and down oscillation with no input on the stick. I was moving at about 500 kts and was not pulling heavy g’s. I recovered by reducing speed and leveling off and waiting for it to stop. After it stopped I pulled around and shot off my second missile under pretty close to the same conditions and after the missile left the rail the oscillation started again. After correcting the same way as before I looked for any FLCS errors and seen nothing. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  10. ......Yep I'm an idiot. lol Thanks
  11. Hello All, I have two questions. The first, is Tacan broken right now on the F-16? I can't seem to enter a channel and I just get a large font OFF in the TCN spot on the DED. I'm wondering if TCN is broken because the font of the OFF is very large and seams out of place. ILS will toggle on and off but TCN won't do anything. Second question, this is more of a personal inquiry of weapons development on the F-16 but does anyone know if were going to get the GAU-13 30mm gun pod for the F-16? for reference I've included a link to an article where it talks about the use of it in testing. It seams to have pretty much been a failure but would be cool to have it in DCS. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-f-16-gun-pod-that-tried-to-shoot-down-the-a-10-wart-1597577525
  12. Ohh man I would love to see a CH-53E Super Stallion
  13. Thanks for the update! Take as much time as you need to have it at the quality you deem worthy for release.
  14. I think I would love to see the Mitsubishi F-2.
  15. Awesome, Thanks for the reply's and the info!
  16. Hey Everyone, I'm tired of getting kicked for shooting down a team mate on the 104th when flying the A-10. Is there any way to find out who's who in the A-10? I know from what I've read that IFF isn't functional in the A-10, so does that mean I'm SOL until there is a fix? I don't fly the other aircraft that often, is there a way for the other aircraft to IFF? I wonder because the most resent blue on blue incident happened when a F-15 shot at me so I went defensive, then the F-15 over shot me and that's when I fired on him. After he was hit I was told that it was a team kill. Is it possible that the F-15 couldn't ID me as friend or foe or was this just bad luck for both parties. I would very much like the communities input on this and thank you ahead of time for what you have to say.
  17. ok thanks thats good to know.
  18. Hi, sorry if this question has already been asked but i couldn't find any thing about it. Dose any one know if or when DCS:F-86F will be available on steam?
  19. thank you, i changed my resolution and it worked like a champ! :D
  20. Hi, ive been haveing an issue for a little wile where i start dcs and try to start a mission of some sort, weather it be multiplayer or quick mission it always goes to the load screen for a few seconds the a window pops up saying dcs has stopped working and i have to shut it down. has any one else been having this same issue or can any one give me some pointers on how to fix it? ive compleaty uninstalled and reinstalled DCS world and all the modules. I havent been able to play for a wile and would like to be in the cockpit again soon lol. thanks in advance for any help.
  21. I dont think you can do it because of the way the TER's step you would have to load the bottom position then the left position and the right position would be empty.
  22. Were in the states and sorry we dont speak German although ive always wanted to lol. Also i agree all the unprotected servers dont have serious missions going on which is kinda why im looking for serious players, its much more fun that way IMO.
  23. Hi, Me and another one of my friends play DCS: A-10C alot and were having troubles completing some of the user created missions with just a 2 ship flight. We were wondering if there are any groups out there that would like to take us in or any players who would like to join us. We have a lot of fun with just 2 of us but i feel like we would have a lot more fun with more players. Thanks, and hope to play with you all soon.
  24. Yeah it had been awhile since i got to play last and completely forgot about boost pumps.... thanks for the help i felt stupid after you guys told me what to do >< thanks again for the help :)
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