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  1. Grimes, pls also check if player names can be correctly retrieved. I posted in known scripting engine issues.
  2. Is Unit.getPlayerName( Unit ) bugged in multi player in the latest beta of DCS in multi player? Can somebody try to obtain the player name of a unit using the above API on a multi player server? sven
  3. SNAFU, can you drop me your mission on Discord in a PM? I'll have a look. Is such possible? But please first remove any mod from the mission okay?
  4. Guys sorry for the interruption, but there is something IMPORTANT For those running the DCS world version beta; make sure you do a ROLLBACK to the version The latest beta of DCS WORLD has severe issues with the event broadcasting system in the software. As a result; scripts won´t work properly, including MOOSE. Revert your DCS beta using DCS_Updater.exe update, from the bin folder. Bug report to ED is to be found here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3820282#post3820282 Sorry for the inconvenience. Let's hope that ED is not publishing
  5. Guys, please ... We are very fond of what you do. amazing things. Please appologize for those single ones who are negative; and please endorse those who make DCS thrive. Those who are blasting negativity are either extremely frustrated. But those who keep ongoing doing their stuff (in my case MOOSE) are completely in admiration of what you do. We also wanna show some respect, therefore this mail. Even if ED is not perfect, it is still a great simulator. We earn this respect, as we give respect to your ambitions and achievements. Sven
  6. reported. happens in you´re right. that one needs a fix.
  7. And to be clear, this is happening in version (DCS world beta) If I would be ED; i would put an announce. This bug breaks almost all logic that works with event handlers.
  8. Indeed. I can explain. try to model a task to attack a unit, using the pure mission editor, using a role Transport ... It is modelled like this in DCS. No other way.
  9. Yup. That is possible. Of course. And how would these zones be moving, like airborne planes like tankers or rather moving vehicles and let a helo fly between them?
  10. A small example using APCs... AID-CGO-160 - APC - Spawning of cargo objects.miz
  11. Cargo classes provide enhanced means to handle cargo transportation. Cargo requires a bit more explanation. MOOSE has implemented a separate system for cargo handling. It combines the capabilities of DCS world to combine infantry groups, cargo static objects and static objects as “cargo” objects. It also provides you with AI cargo transportation classes, and Tasking classes for human players, to transport cargo as part of a mission goal. In order to use these MOOSE cargo facilities, you’ll have to declare those groups and static objects in a special way within your scripts and/or within the m
  12. Small feedback question, how do you guys like the cargo stuff? https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Moose_Cargo.html
  13. Release 2.4.0 has been published. On github: https://github.com/FlightControl-Master/MOOSE/releases/tag/2.4.0 Please review and enjoy! FC and FunkyFranky
  14. Prioritization of bug resolvement is the most complicated algorithm that exists my friend. Especially for end-users.
  15. Dear ED, As you know, we've been reporting earlier a couple of errors regarding the multi player mode of DCS world and more specifically with the CA module! There are a couple errors that we see occuring in comparison with SP mode, when running a MP mission on a MP server... These are all related to scripting, and more specifically, we believe to a single thing within the core DCS world MP engine. So a player joins a ground unit in MP mode using RALT-J, we see the following errors: 1. There is no S_EVENT_PLAYER_ENTER_UNIT event triggered on the MP server. 2. The DCS world scrip
  16. Will this ever be fixed by Eagle Dynamics? Ever? Come on guys ... P.L.E.A.S.E. ... We're asking kindly to consider this ... P.L.E.A.S.E. ... P.L.E.A.S.E. ...
  17. @ED, Could you please have a look at this issue. This issue has returned because it was fixed before .... Pls check... Sven
  18. Those who use bitdefender 2019, may experience STUTTER issues with the sim in an active gaming session! It was driving me crazy, so I started to search for the root cause! You notice that during game play, the following lines appear in your dcs.log on regular intervals: [color=#839496][font=Consolas]2018-09-21 15:00:50.585 INFO INPUT: Device [Keyboard] created deviceId = -1[/font][/color] [color=#839496][font=Consolas]2018-09-21 15:00:50.764 INFO INPUT: Device [T.16000M {5A2D3E80-A64C-11e8-8001-444553540000}] created deviceId = -1[/font][/color] [color=#839496][font=Cons
  19. Hi ED team, Don't know if this was raised already, but ... It would be really good if ED would add some world war 2 helicopters to the list for transport ... These could be added to the World War II asset pack? Are some of these planned?An example for use is to make some real good medic rescue transport scenarios :-) Here are some examples: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rotorcraft_used_in_World_War_II Sven
  20. Anybody having a clue why i get these lines in the dcs.log? And when I get them, the game stutters heavily, hangs actually. Also on simple missions without any overhead! 2018-09-21 15:18:57.208 INFO INPUT: Device [Keyboard] created deviceId = -1 2018-09-21 15:18:57.403 INFO INPUT: Device [T.16000M {5A2D3E80-A64C-11e8-8001-444553540000}] created deviceId = -1 2018-09-21 15:18:57.403 INFO INPUT: Joystick created[T.16000M {5A2D3E80-A64C-11e8-8001-444553540000}], ForceFeedBack: no 2018-09-21 15:18:57.461 INFO INPUT: Device [Keyboard] created deviceId = -1 2018-09-21 15:18:57.6
  21. It would be better if @ED could anticipate these kind of changes much more earlier. Now I need to add stuff "quickly", which I could have done with more ease before beta was released. You see, beta is released to all players. So, when beta comes out, the expectations are high for those players (read almost all players). But if the framework is not adapted to the new stuff coming out, I need to quickly add this stuff to test in "beta", especially mission designers are interested in that stuff in beta. Example: new airbase names, new runway locations. Last time it was new events for the markings
  22. It happens when you're designing missions. It happens when you load the run environment. Right in the middle kaboom. And away is DCS. I think there is an issue with the cache. Because the first load always works. Try switching windows. You run dcs full screen? I run it windowed.
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