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  1. Had my Warthog HOTAS since Oct 2011, it has never let me down in any way. Tiny amount of movement (1-2mm if that?) in the throttle but never notice it when flying. I now have the F/A-18C Add on Grip too, that too is a great piece of kit, only complaint is the SCS can be a bit "sticky" at times. Personally i want the authenticity of the TM products in that they are physically pretty much identical to their real world counterparts. I still wouldn't trade my setup right now for any other manufacturer. The only thing i wish is that i'd never sold my TM Cougar years ago!!
  2. @Dauntless Yes, opening the .miz file in 7zip and altering the monitor setup values in the options fixed it straight away. The file wasn't reflecting my correct desktop resolution/aspect ratio or the special monitorsetup config file i have to enable the 3 Cubesim MFD's. It works fine now, thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys, i checked those things you mentioned but the answer was actually very simple! I had only tried the IA mission called Close Air Support with the Viper. The bug seems to exist only on that mission, all other Viper missions work fine just the way they should. So there's something amiss with that mission, at least on my system anyway? I wonder if anyone else has experienced it? Thanks.
  4. I have just installed the Stable version for the first time and the Viper (along with a few other modules). I have a 4 screen setup with a 3440 x 1440 monitor and 3 x Cubesim 800 x 600 LCD's for the MFD's. When i run a mission, at the mission start prior to clicking on Fly the HUD and MFD's are visiible and functional (behind the Briefing screen) but when i click Fly and the briefing screen disappears so does the HUD and the MFD's displays? This is both on the main monitor and on the external LCD's? Everything works fine when i fly in Open Beta on Viper an
  5. Hey, thanks for that! I didn't see the attached jpeg with the error message and also when i opened VA it downloaeded a supposedly new version, obviously not 1.8.7 though?? Downloading now!! Cheers.
  6. Hi, I'm running VIACOM latest build with the A-10C II in Syria map, i keep getting this error and no commands are being sent to the sim from what i can tell? Even with simple commands like "2, go spread" etc. "1:00:06.254 UNABLE TO INVOKE PLUGIN, 'VAICOM PRO 2.5'. DUE TO EXCEPTION: 'VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInvokeProxyClass' does not contain a definition for 'Dictation' Have done a web and forum search but nothing useful found so far to fix this? Any help appreciated. Thanks v much.
  7. Interface Status Report { "Product": "Helios", "Version": "1.6.3308.0", "Items": [ { "Name": "Keyboard", "Report": [] }, { "Name": "Profile Interface", "Report": [ { "TimeStamp": "10/31/2020 03:15:19.606 PM", "Status": "Profile is not yet named", "Flags": 3 }, { "TimeStamp": "10/31/2020 03:15:19.609 PM", "Status": "The monitor arrangement saved in this profile matches this computer", "Flags": 3 }, { "TimeStamp": "10/31/2020 03:15:19.609 PM", "Status": "The profile declares a monitor of size 800x600 at (-2400, 0)", "Flags": 3 }, { "TimeStamp": "10/31/2020 03:15:19.
  8. @derammo Just went onto your Discord as per your link and read the rules etc. Can't seem to send anything to you from there though? What do i need to do please? Thanks.
  9. Hi derammo, Thank you for the kind offer, any help would be gratefully received! My setup is as follows: 5 monitor setup on DCS Desktop PC Main display is 3440 x 1440 on Display Port. 3 x Cubesim USB 3.0 LCD panels fitted to Cubesim backboxes and Cougar MFD's running at 800 x 600 these have a custom MonitorSetup.lua in order for them to work with my current setup, i will attach copy to this post. They also currently have to be arranged in a horizontal row from the top left of my main display to work with the .lua. 1 x Prechen 15" Touchscreen display at 1920 x 1080 (this is what i
  10. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me solve this problem? I am trying to setup a DCS Hornet UFC export profile i have on a remote laptop with a touchscreen connected in order to send the UFC keypresses to my desktop PC that has DCS running on it. So far no problem with the laptop/touchscreen side, the profile works and when i press the UFC buttons on the UFC they are recognised (they derpress etc.) The problem is i do not seem to be able to get the keypresses recognised and active in DCS on the Desktop PC. I have the keypress receiver installed on the desktop and have configured the pots
  11. Hi there CaptKornDog, I had this same issue for years also! I was however able to solve it, albeit by using another piece of hardware i happened to have and some .lua code i found on the web. Even after this solution i still found there are some drawbacks that make it less than perfect for what most of us would want this toggle capability for. I own a Logitech G-13 Gameboard, it's a really great piece of hardware and i use it in many other games and sims. Through searching at length on You Tube and elsewhere i found out there is a Lua scripting capability with the Logitech Gamin
  12. Yeah i see what you mean! all sorts of weird stuff going on as it loads? I'll maybe give that program a run at my install and post some results but as you say the list will be very long and not that conclusive in terms of identifying any workable remedy? Thanks.
  13. So, here are my DCS load time results. Load time from desktop click to Main Menu Screen: With DCS 2.5.4 Open Beta, Flaming Cliffs, jsAvionics and Tacview enabled = 18 seconds. AV8BNA Harrier re-enabled = 18 seconds. F-14B Tomcat re-enabled = 18 seconds Breathes sigh of relief as these are the main 2 modules i currently fly!! So no appreciable difference in load times for these 2 modules then? I left the above 2 modules enabled for remainder of tests. Each of the below modules was enabled, timed and then disabled prior to the next module being tested: F/A-18C Hornet = 58
  14. Ok!! Success!! The very long load times i have been experiencing are indeed to do with one or more of the installed DCS modules i have. I just went into the Module Manager and disabled everything other than Flaming Cliffs, jsAvionics and Tacview and disabled NTTR and Normandy leaving just Caucasus and Persian Gulf terrains enabled. Desktop click to Main Menu screen now...... less than 10 seconds!! I will now be re-enabling each module one by and re-starting to find the guilty modules. Will post results when done. Thanks.
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