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  1. Hi, i had same issue. You need to switch transformers mode 115V and 36V to "main" i think it is right click, they are located on the eletrical panel with generators. Step 32 in manual. And yes, this is not shown in the video from Wags afaik.
  2. Yeah i can also only speaks about what i have seen. Cockpit in that particilar Mi35 was in black color. I also got chance to sit in heavily modernised Mi 171sh and it was also translated to English. Probably translation of labels is not top priority for armies
  3. Well, for the Mi24 is it not as common as you might think. I was sitting in the cockpit of Mi35 which is export model of Mi24V. And it was quite young one. Our Czech air force received this one aroud 2005. Whole cockpit was in Russian so i asked the pilot "Do you really need to know Russian language?" And he replies to me " Yes, even flight and maintenance manuals are in Russian". And it will be probably same for Polish air force nad Hungary air force, they even have P models, our Czech army has only V models. For other countries it might be different story
  4. I can confirm this bug. It happened with FW 190 A8 during launch also. I managed to get a screen shot. I was flying level and really there is no chance to fly so fast in the P-47. Multiplayer game on Virtual Aerobatics. Devs please check it :thumbup:
  5. Hi, during my first flight i noticed strange thing. Speed on the tachometr was too big so i changed to F2 view to see indicated speed and it wasn't very close. My altitude was only around 250 meters and dial shows almost 700 km/h but in F2 view you can se 610 km/h. Screenshots attached. I tried an other run in D9 and i didn't notice this behaviour.
  6. Belgian F16 called "Dark Falcon" I really like this one.
  7. I wasn't dissapointed. I was even surprised how long the "stream" was. Why i wasn't dissapointed? Those who watched AJS 37 Viggen TWITCH "reveal" would know why :lol: I really like videos posted by Heatblur - even pre-recorded ones. Keep up the good work Heatblur! :thumbup:
  8. Hi, it seems you are not using Open beta instalation. Yak-52 was released for Open beta only at this time. So switch to open beta or install whole DCS world Open Beta. If this is not the case then contact customer support.
  9. Mobius_cz

    NVG Gain

    I have already made a topic with no response from the devs. I will also be glad for sensitivity setup.
  10. I suppose you are right i have never tried NVG in real life. But this is still a game and the other moduls have the capability to adjust gain and i will welcome this settings even if it is not realistic.
  11. Mobius_cz

    KC 130

    Hey guys, :) i have two questions. 1. Which version of KC130 do we have ingame? 2. Sounds - on my DCS build KC130's engines sounds more like turbofans than turboprops. I just add track. There are C130 and KC130 next to each other. To me, they sound quite different. Maybe it was discussed or it is only in my DCS. build. If not i hope it will be changed :) Thanks C130 vs KC130.trk
  12. Hey guys :), today i tried to mount NVG (changed it for visor) everything worked well but i have little request. I think it will great if we get ability to change the sensitivity of NVG (brightness). Sometimes it can be handy. Cheers :music_whistling:
  13. We will get JA 37 as an AI unit but we will not get full module of interceptor variant.
  14. Lonewolf Callsign: Mobius_cz Side: RED Machines: Mi-8, A-10C, Su-25/25T, SU-27, KA-50
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